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Monday, February 25, 2013

130225 [Video] CNBLUE: KBS Backstage Chat

The group that aspires to be a long-lasting band like the Rolling Stones

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When they first debuted, CNBLUE was considered just a new form of the typical idol group. However, the more they create great music, that perception of CNBLUE is changing. They started the group because they genuinely wanted to make a band, and they dream of being a long-lasting and legendary one like the Rolling Stones. As long as they continue to take joy in creating good music, there’s no doubt they’ll reach that dream. We meet with the band of good-looking and talented guys that debuted four years ago, CNBLUE!

We have selected the following winner from the listeners who sent in their interview questions to win a signed CNBLUE CD:

French broadcast listener, Nezha Fennassia.

Transcript Interview

Please say hello to our KBS World Radio listeners.
(Yong-hwa) KBS World Radio listeners, Hello! We’re CNBLUE.

Please tell us about your new album with the title song “I’m Sorry”.
(Yong-hwa) First, there’s a total of six songs. All the songs we wrote ourselves. We’re currently in the midst of promoting our title song “I’m Sorry”. We hope you’ll take much interest.

Could you tell us about your music video and any memorable incidents that happened while shooting it?
(Yong-hwa) Well, first, we were so happy that our music video was filmed in London, the home of rock music. We had a concert first, and then shot the music video the next day, but it rained more than we had anticipated, so that our shoot kept getting delayed. Thus we were able to spend a longer time in London shooting the video. The rooftop scene, we were originally supposed to have finished shooting that a day earlier [than we did]. Because it rained so much, we had to extend the shoot by a day and had a very rushed shooting, but that scene came out the best. If we hadn’t decided to shoot that day, we would’ve regretted it.

What artist(s) are you influenced by?
(Yong-hwa) For me and Jong-hyun, we both love Bon Jovi and the guitarist, Richie Sambora. Min-hyuk likes Maroon 5, Jung-shin too loves Maroon 5. And we listen to all types of music and so it’s hard to say that we’re influenced by one artist. We love all music.

Do you guys face musical differences? If so, how do you solve them?
(Yong-hwa) Jong-hyun writes lyrical ballads very well, but there are times when he writes more rock-style songs than even I do. Because we each have a different musical style, we think that our music is more diverse. So rather than try to solve or get rid of musical differences, we’re more about encouraging them.

The more hard rock music featured on your Japanese album seems a bit different from the music on your Korean albums. What’s more like CNBLUE?
(Yong-hwa) I think our style is to have lots of diverse music on our albums. Our style can be described as, for example, groove rock, alternative rock, and modern rock. And we like to think of ourselves as a very mainstream band that the masses can enjoy.

Where do you get your musical inspiration?
(Jong-hyun) Because we’re usually so busy with work, there are often times we receive indirect or vicarious inspiration through movies or TV dramas. These days, we most often get inspiration from our daily lives. We’ll just be walking down the street and thoughts will pop up in our minds. We tend to include them in our songs.

Jung-shin, do you personally like long hair or short hair?
(Jung-shin) I like long hair, but I like my short hair now too. I think there were a lot of annoying things that came with having long hair. But I am thinking about growing it back out these days. I guess I’m 50-50 [for both].

Min-hyuk, you have such a great voice too. Any plans on singing?
(Min-hyuk) Yes, well, you can’t sing just from having a nice voice. But since you’re saying it is nice...

(Yong-hwa) So you agree? You yourself agree?

(Min-hyuk) No, I don’t agree. To sing you need to have the vocal skills, and after hearing Yong-hwa or Jong-hyun sing, I don’t think it’d be a good idea for me to sing.

Jong-hyun, do you have any memorable or interesting experiences with your fans?
(Jong-hyun) Yes, an interesting experience...I think the best experiences were meeting fans at our concerts. When we see our fans at our shows, I feel close to them even thought it’s the first time seeing them. And like I see them all the time. That’s how it is.

Yong-hwa, when you sing, we can feel the pain in your voice. Do you use your actual personal experiences to help you sing?
(Yong-hwa) I hurt every day, everyday. Ah...But [seriously]...I don’t know. Though it’s not like I’ve been in love many times, I do try to take advantage of my experiences to the fullest. There are times when I slightly exaggerate my actual love experiences too. Because of that, I guess the fact that it’s my own experiences is the reason why [the pain] emerges.

All of you have acted. Who do you think is the best actor out of the group?
(Min-hyuk)Yong-hwa’s very good at emotional acting. I know because I’ve acted with him in a drama together. I think Yong-hwa’s the best out of the members.

Do you have plans to take part in other projects this year too?
(Jung-shin) Yes, I’m in the middle of shooting “My Daughter Seo-young”, but it should be ending within a month or so. And then from March onwards, we have our world tour, so our focus is simply on the tour and our concerts. If a good opportunity arises, we all do want to act again.

Tell us about your plans for this year.
(Jung-shin) We are currently making plans for our world tour that starts in March. There are countries that are confirmed [to be included in our tour], and countries that are yet unconfirmed. We are trying our best to go to as many places as possible, and especially countries that we haven’t been to yet, like Indonesia. Please show us your love and support.

What are each of your hopes or goals for 2013?
(Jung-shin) My personal hope for CNBLUE in 2013 is that I’ll end the shooting for “My Daugther Seo-young” well, and the four of us will pull of a successful world tour, and return to throw a great concert in Korea, making great memories with our fans.

(Jong-hyun) We get to have fun promoting as a band every year, I hope that this year nothing really bad will happen and we’ll continue to receive a lot of love like we are now.

(Yong-hwa) Uh...first after promoting in Korea, after doing our best promoting in Korea, the world tour...I hope we have an enjoyable world tour. If opportunity permits, I hope we get to release albums often.

(Min-hyuk) Yes, firstly, I hope promotions for the first release we’ve made in 10 months, “I’m Sorry” ends well, and our planned world tour ends well. I hope that we do our best for every project that we take on, and end each day, and the year well.

A final greeting please!
(Yong-hwa) KBS World Radio listeners, happy new year! Please be careful not to catch a cold, and show us much love and interest in CNBLUE’s song “I’m Sorry” and our album <Re: Blue>. We’re in the middle of planning for our world tour, and we hope you will all come. Anyways, thank you so much. We hope to see you again soon. This has been CNBLUE. Thank you!

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