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Monday, March 25, 2013

130325 [Video/Trans] SNSD cut on Jounetsu Tairiku Show

cr. dkwzetecs2 

 (just the korean) hyoyeon: let's make good eye contact, okay? (…)
interviewer(?): have you heard of this show before?
sooyoung: I like, and watched it a lot.
interviewer: you've seen it before?
sooyoung: yes
yoona: I've seen it before, too
interviewer: really?
yoona: yes
sooyoung: i watched boa sunbaenim's, too
yoona: i saw her watching it, so i just watched it with her
interviewer: (something in the beginning) people call you idols. do you think of yourselves as idols right now?
jessica: calling us idols, it's a term that is a very honorable to be called by. but these days, it's a bit…
taeyeon: if you're young, you're automatically an idol
jessica: and they say that idols are different from artists. for me those things are…
sooyoung: we want to be called artists, to be honest.
yuri: but, in actuality, you can't differentiate whether you're an idol or artist by looking at yourself.
taeyeon: i'm curious about what the standard is when differentiating idols and artists.
(…) sooyoung: it's something we always thought about
(05:32) tiffany: as if i'm studying for my college entrance exam. the pink parts are my parts, the blue parts are what's sung by all of us. there are a lot of our songs that we sing for the first time, too, so i practice them for the first time. it feels like i'm studying for an exam
(09:44) tiffany: i have a cold. it's a a popular cold right now, but they told me i have some kind of virus in my throat, and they told me to rest. when i'm alone, i think 'i need to rest', but when i'm with my members, i laugh it's fun
(10:32) taeyeon: tours or concerts like this are what i desire the most, and what i like. of course, when i think about it now, i'm really happy. i think my head is complicated right now with many things like wanting to do well.
(12:47) jessica: are you having a good christmas? why? because i'm not there.. did you eat? (…) yeah, i'm getting to see a lot of snow. it's really pretty here. (…) coming to japan to promote was a dream that i had since i was little, even before debuting. but once that became a reality, and i actually started doing it, i'm really happy. i will continue to work harder at studying japanese, and i want to reach out more to japanese fans.
(16:40) sunny: because we go around so much, it doesn't even feel like it's been a while, and it just feels like we come everyday.
yoona: the food is good, and i just like this atmosphere/mood.
(17:35) yoona: she hasn't been able to sleep much lately. having to practice everyday after schedules are over…
(17:56) hyoyeon: i practiced without stretching, so my muscles got knotted up really fast
(18:37) yoona: because we're so active. since we keep dancing like this
(21:21) sooyoung: the members on the sides are already in position, but if the members standing (can't here where she says) come in later, wouldn't it look messy? if the girls in the back stand at the ends, and we have our positions held first, it would look like we're coming in walking in a straight line.
seohyun: that's why i stood at the very end in the back, but i still couldn't come out in time for my part.
sooyoung: but jessica stands on this side of me
sunny: couldn't you put out more smog at the beginning? we'll crawl up there and sit [waiting]
sooyoung: i think we need to set the speed of how we get up. are we going to stand up right away, or--
cr. ch0sshi

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