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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

130326 [News] SNSD Wants to be Called Artists, Not Idols

It appears Girls′ Generation (SNSD) wants to shed their idol image and be seen as artists.
MBS’ Jounetsu-Tairiku has been trailing SNSD with its cameras as the girls travel back and forth between Korea and Japan for their promotions, and the documentary featuring the girl group aired on March 24. 

As the charm of the program is capturing the real side of stars, from the flashy performances onstage to their everyday lives, the episode featuring SNSD showed the girls speaking candidly was enough to grab the fans’ attention.

The girls’ response to the film crew member’s question on where the members place themselves between ‘idol’ and ‘artist,’ was of particular interest. 

When asked “Is SNSD an idol or an artist?” member Jessica expressed her disappointment at what the word ‘idol’ has come to mean, saying “The word ‘idol’ (whom teenagers consider an icon) itself is an honor. But it means something different these days. If you’re young, you’re called an idol.

Sooyoung added, “To be honest, we want to be called artists” and Yuri said, “I don’t think you yourself can differentiate yourself as an idol or an artist,” suggesting that the right is given to the public.

The episode also featured footage of the girls preparing for their Japan arena tour as well as promoting I Got a Boy in Korea.

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