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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

130410 [News] Why Do CN Blue′s Jung Yong Hwa and SNSD′s Seohyun Live in the Same Villa?

Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun, who were once a virtual couple on MBC′s We Got Married, live in the same villa. What could this possibly mean?

According to tvN′s enews, nothing.

Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun have often been targets of various love rumors ever since they appeared as a virtual couple on the infamous(?) virtual marriage show. The rumors intensified when fans found that they often wore similar clothes, bracelets and rings, and practically launched fans into a frenzy when it was rumored that they lived in the upper and lower floors of the same villa.

While looking into the stories of stars who were involved in ungrounded love rumors, enews also got to the bottom of the rumors surrounding Jung Yong Hwa and Seohyun.

Producers found out that the two do live in the same villa, but not in floors so near to each other.

It is true that they both live in a villa located in Cheongdam-dong. It is also true that Seohyun lives on the fourth floor, while Jung Yong Hwa lives in the first. The catch, however, is that Seohyun lives with her family, while Jung Yong Hwa also lives with someone else: his entire band.

Residents who live in the area said, "Seohyun lived here, and CN Blue moved in later. The band started to live here when FNC Entertainment moved nearby."

So much for romance.
Enews also uncovered a possible explanation to the items the two seem to share. Fans apparently presented them with couple items as they started appearing in We Got Married, and those could have ended up in the stars′ favorite items list without their knowing it.

One fan told enews that she once gave the two matching accessories, apparently in hopes that they will end up as a real couple. It could be that the two unknowingly started wearing the accessories and clothes.

Of course, no one knows what goes on among idols behind the scenes, but still, it′s apparently a bit too early to be jumping to exciting conclusions.