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Saturday, April 13, 2013

130413 [Videos/Caps] MC TaeTiSeo goodbye stage on MBC Show Music Core and MC cuts

130413.MBC.쇼!음악중심.티파니.태연.서현.MC편집.태티서.안녕.1080i.HDTV/ by YoonA1895 magnet:?

130413 MBC Music Core MC TTS Cut by Yoonyule magnet:?xt=urn:btih:F79CD6F6876F433C6660DB7B77581280197C09BA

130413 MBC Music Core MC TTS Goodbye,Hello by sonehsun  magnet:?  xt=urn:btih:EB53298CE4FB60AA6EA657E83368D8F9885B23CB

English Subbed

cr. ilovep10

MC cuts

Goodbye, Hello

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cr. dcsjh
cr. as tagged

[Trans] 130413 Music Core TTS goodbye messages (FULL):

Tiffany: We have come to the last stage of today's Music Core.
Taeyeon: That's right, seems that we really have to do the last greeting now. Today is the last day for us being the MCs of Music Core.
Seohyun: Yes.. In the 1 year and 2 months when we've been the MCs, every moment that we have spent with Music Core was really happiness to us. Thank you xx unnie, xx unnie, xx unnie, camera directors, all staffs and PDs for creating these unforgettable and beautiful memories for us. You must not forget us, TaeTiSeo. If you forget us, we will appear in your dreams.
Tiffany: For me, in the 6 years that SNSD have been doing activities, I had been in this position for 4 years. Thank you all staffs who believed and entrusted me who was young and clumsy. Thank you fans who have come to support us unchangingly over the 4 years. Thank you to our good-looking MC Yuri, who comes a lot to my mind especially today. And also all our members, our MC Tae-Seo, thank you very much.
Taeyeon: Tae-Seo!
Tiffany: If there is an end there is a start. As we will be back as more hardworking SNSD, please wait for us.. Wait for us, and wait for us. Sarang hamnida, I love you I love you I love you.
Taeyeon: My thoughts are similar to Seohyun ssi and Tiffany ssi, we've made beautiful memories at Music Core and will come back with as greater people. Thank you very much.
Video: link
Trans: imwhywhy

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