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Sunday, August 5, 2012

120805 [Fan Account] Part 1 : Fan Account of Sharlin Unnie

[PART 1]
Trying to remember what happened in Korea… mind you I didn’t drink soju during all my time there!

I bought my ticket last July of last year with double birthday in my mind. Unfortunately, I had to ‘abandon’ Yong Hwa’s birthday because of personal reason. Therefore I arrived in Korea on the 24th June 2012.

Most of you would have known now about the two-day volunteer work. The first one, where five onnies (elder sisters) from Dreams of Sangdodong (DoS) fancafe went to, happened last 25th of June. Since I wasn’t part of the 1st day team, I only saw pictures of the said activity later on. While onnies were doing volunteer work, I was on my way back to Seoul from Busan.

I spent 24th and 25th of June in Busan- don’t do it! It’s too short and tiring. You would need at least three days to “soak up” in Busan salt. After checking in at Girls’ Generation Hostel (awesome hostel with good location), I went to meet up with Xiao Sha (@Hiisunflower/spzzz@weibo) at Songsil University Station (just a stop before Sangdo Station ^^) and we went to have patbingsoo at Tous les Jours. I was thinking whether to get the one with red bean or not. In the end, I was tempted by the mango.

Without even noticing, we stayed in Tous Les Jours much longer than we should be. We had to meet some onnies from DoS fancafe at around 5:30PM in 황가네 꼼장군 (Barbeque Restaurant of Minhyuk’s Father) so, I didn’t get to see the little white house. We were overwhelmed when we arrived in the restaurant. A lot of onnies were already there and some were even eating and drinking half way through. Unfortunately, Jae-eun onni (our friend from Fancafe) wasn’t there when we got there. My limited Korean is bad, but good thing that Xiao Sha was there with me. We did a short introduction of ourselves and then I gave out some Aussie nougat to onnies. They were all so nice and welcoming. The main sitting area was fully occupied by the onnies, including the table where the boys usually sit when they go to the restaurant. In fact, that whole inner section was full. We had to sit at the normal table (the ones with chairs). It was just the two of us until 3 other onnies arrived later. Since I don’t eat beef, we had pork. It was soooo good. MinHyuk’s father was very friendly. He came to our tables a lot of times to help us with the meat and also with the changing grill plate. He was very chatty with onnies as well. He smiled a lot. His eyes were the same as MinHyuk’s. Whenever he comes around our area, the onnies beside us talks with him. The onnies mentioned SeoHyun to him, like how kind and nice she is, and he just nodded and agreed. They also talked about how MinHyuk and SeoHyun are very similar because of their same birthday, and aboji (father) just showed his eye smile (^_^). One interesting bit, he talked about where Seohyun’s father works.

While we were eating, the founder of DoS Fancafe stood up and gave a short message. I didn’t understand what she exactly said, but it was basically about thanking everyone who came. She was also a bit teary. Later one, she and a few had to leave early as they had to go back to Busan. That was also the time where everyone introduced themselves. I didn’t know that was the first time fancafe onnies had a gathering. When we were about to finish, Minhyuk’s father served as watermelon! (It was partly from the watermelon that Xiao Sha brought to their restaurant the day before. Lol) He said to Xiao Sha that the watermelons were realy nice. Then, he gave us coffee too!

Photo Time! After eating, everyone queued up to take picture with Minhyuk’s father. It was really funny because when I went out for a photo with him, he asked me to wait because there were other onnies before me who wanted photos too (very systematic aboji!!! \o/). I am not going to disclose my picture again. ^^

After having a photo op, we went to the noraebang (karaoke) in the next building (five steps walk!). I didn’t and still don’t know why, but Minhyuk’s father went in too. He was very friendly and made sure whatever we do was properly arranged.

Alright, in the noraebang, no songs were sang, it’s all chatting. There were lots of food by the way, crazy! The words that came up most are of course YongHwa and SeoHyun. Unfortunately, I am still a beginner in Korean language and I can’t just bother Jae-eun onni to translate for me all the time. So, I was guessing most of the time. Hmmm… I’m just going to say, there is no reason why gogumas cannot stay positive.

After our time in the noraebang, while walking to the subway station, we met Minhyuk’s father again! He was on the roadside, waiting for someone. While chatting with him, someone called him and it’s just cute hearing him talk on the phone. He is just so humble and the “father next door” type. One onni waved at him with both hands as we said goodbyes and he tried to high five with her. Cute!


*** continuation of this FA will be update tomorrow....

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  1. hi shazza
    may i check if minhyuk's dad's place only serves beef? do they serve pork or chicken? thank you.