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Monday, August 6, 2012

120806 [Fan Account] Part 2 : Fan Account of Sharlin Unnie

[PART 2]

The next day (June 26) resumes my YongSeo Eating Trail again. Jae-eun onni came to meet me at the subway station and we headed off to Kona Beans at Apgujeong. Just in case those who are wondering what Koba Beans is, it’s not YongAeo related, but a cafĂ© owned by three suju members’ moms. We had breakfast there. We walked for two minutes to reach the area where Sorrento is located. On our way to Sorrento, we passed by the snooker place too. When we have finally reached Sorrento, we took a few photos and we went upstairs to wait for Glady onni (@bing828). It’s pretty quiet on that time of the day for the restaurant so we got the YongSeo table! I was planning to get “YongHwa’s Spaghetti” but Jae-eun onni doesn’t think it’s nice. I’m more of a red sauce person so I had the one with red sauce, still with the clams!

After lunch, while walking back to the subway station, Glady onni accidentally found SeoHyun’s favorite bubble tea place. The outcome wasn’t that good. Onnies had strawberry because the owner said that it’s SeoHyun’s favorite, I had watermelon because I was already fuming, and both flavors are too sweet for our taste! >.< The ‘bubble’ and its syrup were at the bottom of the drink, so I didn’t stir it. Drinking the top part was a bit better.

Dinner for that day was at Sindangdong! I organized a met up with my university friend, a Japanese, but he couldn’t come up with a place so I suggested Sindangdong. Funny thing was, Glady onni and I were about to get into the first shop, which looks very similar to the one YongSeo went to. Luckily, I called my friend as I cannot find where he was. He said that he was in the next shop. He was sure that he’s in the right place because there’s a standee with YongSeo’s picture in front of the shop. (He is indeed a SONE! He also watched YongSeo on WGM but the one with Japanese sub) When we finally reached the right shop, we made sure to take pictures first. Fortunately, we had Yongseo table on that night. Not so lucky for me when I went again a few days after, three Boice has already taken the spot.

After dinner, as you would, it’s the stationary shop. The doggies are expensive. I can’t remember the price, but it’s just not worth paying for it. I only bought a few stickers and did a childish CNGeneration thing.


*** the last part of this FA will be update tomorrow....

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  1. Thank you so much..i'm excited for the next part! :)