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Saturday, August 11, 2012

120811 [Video/Fan Account] MC CUT(Seohyun,Tiffany,Taeyeon) @ Music Core

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Fan Account 

Fan Account 1
Fanaccount cr to : sosisi+seorene  
Cr Translation : Jas SEMI HIATUS ᵔᴥᵔ (@stephfanie_805)

[Fanaccount 2] 120811 Music Core

1) When TaeTiSeo left do MC , YoonA was very bored , so she took her handphone and used it as mic kkkkkkk and also their cody took photo of that scene and showed TaeTiSeo which caused the members to laugh 2)Taeyeon took a picture of a sone that fell asleep and everyone(fans) was very cooperative and make way to allow taeyeon to take a better/clearer picture 3) When Fany was drinking water , seohyun kept trying to scare her so that fany will spit her water out

1)YoonA wanted to join TTS , but they pushed her away asking her to sit on the other side . 2 ) When Sistar was performing Loving you , YoonHyun made eye contact look at each other and sing along dance along to loving you dance . 3)YoonA looked at their (TTS)'s script and lip sync TTS ! ( when they were MC-ing)

【音中小后记几则 part 2 Cr: sosisi+seorene】1. TaeTiSeo去做MC的时候,允儿无聊,就拿着手机当做麦克风学MC kkkkkkkkkk 而且那个被cody姐姐拍下来,孩子们看了之后笑翻了 2. 泰妍给一个睡着了的饭拍照哈哈哈。大家都灰常配合的移开好让她拍的清楚些。3.帕尼喝水时忙内一直试着吓她好让她喷水

【音中小后记几则 part 3 Cr: seorene】1. 允儿想要加入TTS,但她们把她推开让她去那边坐着去 2. Sisatr表演Loving you时允贤看着彼此然后边唱边跳loving you的舞蹈 3. 允儿看着她们(TTS)的讲稿用嘴唇模仿TTS的MC

Fan Account 2
Cr : ㅈㄱㅇ (@)

[TRANS] 120811 MUSIC CORE FAN ACCOUNT (by @/_becloud_)

1. When the fans entered, the three of them turned around in their seats and waved, smiling, and looked like they were in a good mood. Saying it’s been a while~ a really long while~
2. When they were going to do rehearsals, Seohyun was hopping around as if she was really excited. After seeing all the fans come in, they were happy because so many came.
3. Taeyeon asked “Who watched the soccer game yesterday?” So Seohyun raised her hand and said ‘Me!’. Taeyeon said she didn’t watch the game and slept.
4. Seohyun said she watched the soccer game, and asked if everyone else did. The fans’ responses weren’t that great, so her facial expression looked like she was asking ‘why didn’t you watch it?’. Then she talked about watching the game and said she was really proud.
5. Seohyun said, “It’s been a while~” and asked, “You missed us right?” with eye smiles. Then when she said, “We missed you too~”, Taeyeon, who was watching from behind, said, “Maknae has a lot of aegyo~” Her tone was as if she was talking about her daughter.
6. When they were rehearsing the satori part, Seohyun was embarrassed because it was so awkward.
7. Their manager must have fallen asleep because Seohyun saw him behind them and said, “Oppa’s sleeping, and called Tifany over to show her. Tiffany tried to take a picture and pulled her phone out, but their manager must have woken up because she put her phone back. Seohyun said, “Oppa, sleep if you’re tired.”
8. While doing the ‘do you want to eat with me or go out with me’ line rehearsal, when Taeyeon said, “Do you want to hold my hand or go out with me?”, Seohyun said, “I want to hold your hand.” After rehearsals were over, and they were monitoring it, it was so cheesy that they were embarrassed. Tiffany said Taeyeon needs to act tougher. She was kneeling on the floor while monitoring it, and Taeyeon said, ‘You’re really small’. Tiffany told Taeyeon to do it with that expression, and imitated her facial expression, grimacing, and all three of them laughed.
9. When SISTAR got on stage for rehearsals, Seohyun and Tiffany called their manager oppa. It seems the manager likes SISTAR. Seohyun said, “Oppa, you like SISTAR, right?”, and Tiffany told him not to sleep because SISTAR was coming on.
10. While doing their last lines for rehearsals, Tiffany didn’t know BEAST’s song, Tiffany told the [MuCore] writer that she didn’t know the song and the latter said it’s okay because it’s rehearsal. So she was constantly singing it (practicing), and sang it right during the live broadcast.
11. When they were done with rehearsals, there was about 3~4 minutes until the live broadcast. After hearing this Seohyun was surprised and said, “3 minutes? No way!” Tiffany asked, “Can I use the restroom?” All the fans heard it because her voice was loud, so she said, “I think I said it too loudly.” When she was about to step out, she said, “hey, you guys..” to Taeyeon and Seohyun, but the two said, “Forget it!” and Tiffany ran out first because there isn’t a lot of time. Taeyeon and Seohyun followed behind and they were screaming throughout their leave.
12. Before the live broadcast started, the fans clapped because they returned fast, so Seohyun said, “We didn’t do anything (to receive applause).” So Tiffany said, “I went to the bathroom,” and made an embarrassed facial expression. Before MuCore started, their LOOK CF came on so the fans started cheering, and they seemed really embarrassed.
13. After the broadcast started, they were doing one last rehearsal, and Seohyun kept hopping. They stood in a certain form, and Seohyun said they had to do their chant, so the three said ‘right now is SNSD’ again.
14. After their first lines, Seohyun held onto Taeyeon and said it feels like her heart is about to burst. Then she went to where the seats were and said, “I’m nervous because it’s been a while. It feels like my heart is about to burst,” with a sad face.
15. Then Seohyun, who seemed to be excited about something, copied Bigstar’s dance, and other powerful dances, making her unnies burst out laughing.
16. During their second lines, Tiffany and Taeyeon talked at the same time, so their audio overlapped. Afterwards, the two were arguing about whose fault it was, and Seohyun, with a clueless face, asked Taeyeon, ‘What’s wrong?” Taeyeon pointed at Tiffany, saying she did such and such, so such and such happened.
17. Tiffany said her bangs with a ribbon was getting in the way and asked them to change it. She held that annoying part of her hair in a fist, making a sad face, and looked at the unnie who does their hair and said, “My hair..” and made a crying face. So the hairstylist asked how she wants her hair, and Tiffany said to just push it back. So the staff unnie asked where she should plug the hair straightener in, and Tiffany found a power strip somewhere and said she could plug it in there.
18. So they brought the straightner and was fixing her hair, Tiffany had to sit sit facing the fans. She was embarrassed, and kept doing eye smiles.
19. When going to do the next lines, Tiffany had to take her mic and leave her script, but she did the opposite of leaving the mic and taking the script. So the other two (Taeyeon/Seohyun) pointed out, ‘Hey, your mic!’, and Tiffany went, ‘Oh, mic’, and came back to the seat and took her mic. Then the two said, ‘Script!’, and Tiffany went, ‘Oh, script!’, and lightly threw the script on the floor. After they were done with their lines, she said her mind was hectic, and that she didn’t watch the soccer game (=she wasn’t all over the place because she watched the game).
20. During the ‘Different Different’ (Dalla Dalla) song, Seohyun and Taeyeon burst out laughing. Seohyun kept singing the ‘dalla dalla dalla’ part, and imitated his facial expression, too. Taeyeon also was laughing and imitating the singing.
21. Seohyun was trying to monitor them, and Taeyeon was far away, so she called out, ‘unnie, taeyeon unni!’ and told her to watch together. But Taeyeon cooly declined. So Seohyun just watched it with Tiffany. Even though it’s apparent that Taeyeon doesn’t monitor it a lot, Seohyun always asked her to watch it together.
22. Seohyun asked for water and was drinking some, and Tiffany acted like she was going to hit the bottle and was laughing by herself. So then Seohyun took a big gulp of water and acted like she was going to spit it out/spray Tiffany. Seohyun gave Tiffany the water, telling her to have some, and before taking a drink, Tiffany looked at Seohyun suspiciously, and turned away before taking a sip. Seohyun then acted like she was going to hit the bottle like Tiffany did, and Tiffany started laughed alone and almost spit her water out.
23. After the two drank their water, Seohyun went and offered Taeyeon some, too. Taeyeon said she didn’t want any, but she just pushed the bottle into her hands. When Taeyeon took a drink, they patted her. Taeyeon didn’t want to drink it, but because they placed an opened water bottle in her hand, she drank it well. Seohyun took the bottle back, closed the lid and placed it down.
24. After introducing the song with a soul tone, they were laughing a lot. Because it was so funny for the fans, they cheered and said the girls are the best when they returned, and Seohyun said it was cheesy. She sighed and kept saying it was cheesy.
25. In the middle of their lines, Tiffany accidentally hit Seohyun’s mic lightly, and it hit Seohyun’s mouth, so Tiffany looked over her, asking if she was okay. Taeyeon asked what was wrong, and Seohyun reenacted what happened, and Taeyeon said, ‘It must have hurt~’.
26. While prerecorded performances were being aired, Taeyeon suddenly pulled her phone out and started taking pictures. She didn’t even say ‘let’s take a picture’ and started taking them. She took a selca with fans in the background, and said, ‘The quality is good, the quality is really good~” She got a new phone.
27. Seohyun also got in the shot and took a photo and they shot a few more, and then they asked their coordi unnie to take one with all of them in it. After that, the three sat in a row, and took a photo with the fans in the background.
28. When the fans asked why they didn’t’ upload their 5th anniversary photos to the site, Taeyeon said, “Because it didn’t come out well!” Then she said that she would upload them.
29. In the beginning, Taeyeon asked who watched the soccer game because everyone looked sleepy, and one fan was deep asleep. Taeyeon kept saying, ‘That person is sleeping over there, over there’, and then took a picture of them.
30. When Tasty got on stage, Tiffany was cheering and told the fans to wave their balloons. When asked why, she said, “My friend!” and smiled. It seems the members know them. Tiffany and Seohyun raised both their hands, cheering them on, and Taeyeon also watched their performance up close.
31. While looking around where the fans are, she saw a fan sitting in the very last row and asked, “Foreign fan?” The fan said they are, and Taeyeon asked, “Where are you from?” After their reply was relayed down to Taeyeon, she said, “Oh, Taiwan?” and said thanks (to the other fans who relayed their reply). Then a fan on the side said, ‘Singapore!’, and Taeyeon said, “Oh, Singapore?” and said thanks again. Another fan said ‘Japan!’, and she said, “Japan?”, and said thank you again. She was clapping, saying thank you, and made hearts.
32. Around the time of Chaos’s performance, Yoona suddenly visited the MC booth.
33. After Yoona came, Tiffany, Seohyun, and Taeyeon were really excited. They were saying their Yoona is here, and were trying to show her to the fans. Tiffany had a really proud facial expression, and Seohyun also kept telling us that Yoona was here.
34. Yoona looked around the fan section and greeted us. Seohyun also informed her that their fans were all the way up [in the back], too, and also greeted the fans in the standing section.
35. Yoona was standing, leaning against the MC booth, and Taeyeon pointed at her and said, “She doesn’t have any schedules today! She doesn’t have anything to do either!” And Yoona pouted, saying she’s unemployed/a bum.
36. Then, while TTS was doing their lines, Yoona took a selca with the members in the background. She took another selca so that it looks like the members are standing on her hand.
37. When Shin Yongjae got on stage, Yoona raised her arms up and as yelling, ‘Waa Waa’, and Taeyeon tapped her saying, ‘What are you doing?” Taeyeon got Yoona to stop, and then she started yelling ‘waa waa’. Then, when the song started, they wrinkled their eyebrows and sang along.
38. Yoona asked them to take a picture for her with the fans in the background. So Taeyeon and Seohyun both turned on their cameras and took photos of Yoona and the fans. But their manager kept walking back and forth so they told her to move.
39. After they took the pictures, Yoona asked how they came out, and looked to see whose came out better. Then Yoona nodded her head at Seohyun’s pictures (saying they’re better), and Taeyeon said, ‘You know unnie~~’ in a cute voice.
40. Taeyeon told us to come to the SM exhibition. Then Yoona said to make a circle with your hands if you’re going to go. Then Taeyeon looked like she was thinking, and just said to come to the exhibition again, and that it would be good to come next week.
41. Yoona kept looking around the studio and MC booth, and poked the wall and touched the mic. She viewed the fans, and said that they’re really close to the fans, mumbling, “It really is close.”
42. When the members were getting ready to do their lines, Yoona must have been bored because she sat, sighed and said, “I’m bored.” So the fans told her to dance, but she said, “I don’t know this dance.”
43. Then she was read the prompter, looked through the other members’ script, and said, ‘I’m going to read the lines, too!’ She held her cellphone instead of a mic, and followed along by lipsyncing the members reading the script. And their coordi unnie recorded a video of Yoona.
44. The girls burst out laughing when they came down and watched the video. Seohyun said that her lips matched their voices well. It was really funny.
45. Tiffany looked straight at their fans and kept making eye smiles, and asked, “Whose performances are good lately?” Fans said ‘SNSD!’, so she went, “Us? Why are you saying us when we haven’t been doing anything?”
46. While performances were going on, they kept chatting, and Yoona and Seohyun kept talking about something. Then Yoona stood as if she was trying to make it clear she was the unnie in the situation, and put her arm on the back of the chair and kept talking for a while. But when you look at it, it seems like they all give off a strong force of an unnie when they talk with Seohyun.
47. When B.A.P came on stage, Yoona said this was the first time she was seeing this group. Seohyun was explaining them to her, and Yoona asked if there were 4 members in the group. Seohyun said she doesn’t think so, and they were counting the number of members through the monitor. She got surprised at the fans’ cheers, and when Yoona asked what that was, she explained that it was a real whistle.
48. TTS went to MC near the end of B.A.P’s performances, and the three copied the dance. At the ‘doodoodoodoo’ part near the end of the song, they punched and kicked to the beat. They burst out laughing while doing that, and kept laughing while MCing.
49. While the members were MCing, Yoona was bored again, and looked around where the fans are, looking to see if there was anything to do. Then a fan up front gave her a balloon they didn’t blow up, and Yoona took it. She was trying to decide if she wanted to blow it up or not, so she asked, “Did you not blow this up yet?” and kept be suspicious. After they said they didn’t, she looked at them from the corner of her eye, and kept saying, “I think you blew this up already,” being suspicious. Saying, “You’re not going to say, ‘I blew that up already’ once I blow it up are you?”
50. Anyway, she was blowing up the balloon, and the fans stopped her, telling her that it’s going to blow up if she blows it up too much, so she inhaled the air she blew into the balloon. Then, while she was trying to tie it up, she saw that the balloons had ‘Twinkle’ on it, and said, “Ew, throw this away!” and acted like she was going to throw it away.
51. After she blew it up and tied the balloon with much difficulty, Im Yoona asked why it wasn’t a heart. Yoona kept asking why her balloon wasn’t becoming a heart and, “Why isn’t mine a heart?”
52. After her lines, Taeyeon asked how their MCing was to Yoona. Yoona said that she couldn’t watch because she was busy blowing up her balloon.
53. The lines Taeyeon was talking about was her ‘do you want to go out with me’ lines, and Yoona monitored it over Seohyun’s shoulder, and said, “Eh, it’s not that great,” and that her facial expression wasn’t all that great. Taeyeon made a sad face and told on her saying, “My acting sunbae/senior said it wasn’t that good, that my facial expression wasn’t that great~” And Yoona had a ‘what did I do?’ like facial expression.
54. Yoona showed her balloon to her members, saying hers isn’t a heart but just round, and they burst out laughing. Taeyeon laughed the most, and didn’t stop laughing for a long time.
55. Yoona took a selca again, but this time by herself (without anyone else taking it for her), but her manager kept getting in the shot, so she told her to get out of the way. Then, when she was taking another selca, Seohyun got in the shot with her.
56. The fans waved at Taeyeon because she was waving at them. Out of the ways she waves, Taeyeon waves as if she has no energy, and the fans were copying that, and Yoona asked what they were doing.
57. When SISTAR came out, Yoona said she wanted to greet them, so she waved her balloon yelling, “Waa, SISTAR!!!” and Taeyeon asked her what she’s doing. So Yoona cheered like, “Waa, it’s Kim Taeyeon,” so Taeyeon pushed Yoona’s head saying, “You can’t be doing this here, please leave.” So Yoona took Taeyeon’s phone that was on the chair, and reached it out to the fans, asking, “Who wants this!” Taeyeon quickly went to stop her.
58. Before SISTAR’s performance started, Yoona and Seohyun said they must greet them and yelled ‘hello hello’ a lot, but they didn’t see them. So we (fans) told SISTAR to look over here, telling them to greet them, pointing at the MC booth. Bora looked and greeted them a little late, and the girls were really happy. They kept greeting them until they looked over.
59. Yoona looked at their manager oppa and said, “It’s SISTAR! You like SISTAR!” Then she told on him to the other staff members, saying he won’t change the CD for them in the car, and she told him to dance.
60. After that, they were excited by themselves, and started dancing themselves. Tiffany must have had a funny expression because they started laughing after looking at her face.
61. In the middle of it, Yoona was explaining how she hurt her toenail to her coordi unnie, using her thumb to explain. She was trying to explain, saying ‘this part went like this so this happened’, but when music came on, she started moving to the rhythm while continuing to explain. She started dancing while explaining how she hurt her foot.
62. When fans asked if her toe was okay, Yoona coolly said it’s fine and that it doesn’t hurt. Then she suddenly lifted her foot, pointing at it, saying she was fine. How are we supposed to know looking at that. Anyway, it was a little bandaged up, but she didn’t look uncomfortable walking, and was wearing heels, so she looked okay. She said it didn’t hurt. She was really chill about it.
63. When she was by herself again, she was looking around the fan section, and, as if she was bummed that fans weren’t talking to her, and said, “You must not have anything to say to me.” So a fan asked if she ate yet, and she said she did.. And then said, “That’s boring, [you’re] eliminated!” (their question is boring)
64. There was an empty seat amongst fans, and Yoona kept her eye on it. She said she thinks it would be fun watching from there, so when the other members went to do their last lines, she said, “I wanna go over there!” and walked up and sat where the fans were. The fans were stirred up, but she didn’t mind it.
65. She sat there, waving the balloon, saying how the seat/spot was. She said she wanted a picture so the coordi unnie took it. Even when she took one, Yoona said, “One more!” and took another. When fans asked why she took another one, she said, “In case it didn’t come out well!” so I think they shot a few.
66. While they were getting ready to MC, Taeyeon waved to Yoona, saying something, so Yoona said, “What? What is she saying?” She realized that you can’t hear well up there (in the fan section). She recorded a video of her waving the balloon, cheering,, and said, “I should go down now,” and coolly went down.
67. After their last lines, they started cleaning up and said their goodbyes for a long time before leaving. It was hectic even until they left. While they were leaving, Yoona and Seohyun were dancing.

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