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Thursday, November 1, 2012

121101 [News] SNSD Apears as Cabin Attendants

The 9 member girl group of Korea, SNSD, is releasing their new single "Flower Power" on the 14th (Note: On Universal Music's page, that date was pushed back to the 21st). From idol (cute) songs like "Gee" and "Oh!", this dance number returns back to their cool debut like "Genie" and also has an memorable sexy chorus.

Within the world's perspective of this song, as cabin attendants under a fictional airline company, GG Airlines, the 9 girls sing and dance in a near future cosplay image of "bondage"-like cabin attendants in the promotional video.

Also, for the jacket of the 2nd album being released on the 28th, "Girls' Generation II -Girls and Peace-," it is shown that there is a strong emphasis on the beauty of their legs as they cosplay as cabin attendants in a retro style mini skirt. Sankei Sports obtained this photo of them on the ramp exclusively. They will also hold their first fanmeeting on the 13th in Tokyo's Yoyogi 1st Gymnasium.

Ttranslator note: When they say bondage.. think Mr. Taxi. lol 

Translation by Fen (@)

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