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Friday, November 2, 2012

121102 [Fan Taken] TaeTiSeo recording on "Love In Asia"

Broadcast: November 13 at 7:30PM KST (KBS) 

Cr :

Cr : hyunhock

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Cr : hyunhock

Fan Account
Translation by ㅈㄱㅇ (@)

1. After the grueling first half of recording, the cleared out the panel's spots because the girls were coming out. That they were going to perform. The girls came out while it was very quiet.. I wanted to scream because it was so nice seeing them, but I was [sitting] embarrassingly close, and it was also quiet. The girls got on stage embarrassed, too, and prepared for the performance.
2. While recording their performance, the staff suggested they do it once, see if there are any problems, and do it again, but the girls said it was okay and that one go was fine.
3. Before starting, Tiffany told herself, 'This is Music Bank, Music Bank'. I think it was awkward for them because the setting wasn't familiar.
4. During the first recording, it was awkward and quiet to the point where the fans couldn't yell or do the fan chants. The older women in the audience started clapping to a steady beat, and the fans ended up not being able to do the fan chants and just clapped with them. We only clapped to the beat until the song ended… The girls must have thought that was funny because they kept laughing.
5. The MR was low (the sound) throughout.. The mic volume was low, too.. It was pretty much just raw.. (raw, as in it was like they were singing without mics)
6. After they were done recording once, the staff said they do it once more.. Tiffany asked if they could turn up the studio volume more then. The staff turned up the volume to the highest, but it was still really low.. The sound was about 1/10 of regular music program studios… Tiffany asked, "Is this the best?", and when the staff said it is, she said, "I~ got it."
7. Taeyeon asked, "Could you hear us well?" Saying, 'It was completely raw/live!' Asking if we could hear the music at all. Then, Tiffany said to Taeyeon, "Hey, I could only hear you guys' breathing!"
8. Before the second recording, Tiffany asked, "This isn't a hidden camera is it?"
9. Taeyeon commented about why it's so quiet again.
10. During the second recording, we yelled and cheered. All the staff and audience members marveled at us.
11. The girls kept laughing because it was so funny. It was a funnier situation yelling and cheering (compared to just clapping during the first recording)… While going to the back after singing her part, Taeyeon mouthed, 'Thank you', to us.
12. Even after their performance ended, they kept saying 'thank you' to the fans. Taeyeon said, "Thank you, SONE's the best!" She said thank you for yelling/cheering.
13. After the performance was done, while preparing for the talk portion, they kept laughing while talking with their managers. Taeyeon said, "It's so funny!" and looked to the fans and said we're the best.
14. When they were getting ready to sit, the manager got them blankets. Tiffany and Taeyeon's were like blankets, but Seohyun's was almost like a comforter. They laughed again because of that.
15. There wasn't any special content during the talk portion. Because it was a dual broadcast, there were delays and translations so it took some time. It must have been funny seeing the monitor showing them still talking even when they were actually done because they kept laughing at it.
16. The three did their greetings and greeted their Vietnamese fans in real-time… They said they would be taking questions from the fans, but the translation couldn't be heard in the studio (only the guests were listening through in-ears), so I'm not sure what the question was. The first was asked by a male fan, and he said he was going to ask three things. The first was 'do you have a boyfriend?' (this question was asked again by the announcer), and she said 'no'. The second questions was 'what is your ideal type?' (this was asked by the announcer, too..), and her reply was 'someone I can communicate well with', and at the third question, Tiffany said, "I won't permit this question. No." I don't know what the question was, but it seems it was one that Tiffany couldn't allow.
17. A fan who speaks Korean well asked the next question, which was, "Unnies, how are you so pretty?" The girls burst out laughing and laughed for a while. They complimented her saying she speaks Korean really well.. Their reply was just a normal answer, saying to eat and sleep well.
18. When asked when they would visit Vietnam, they said they'll be going soon. Tiffany didn't know what the broadcast station was for the Vietnam-Hallyu concert, and asked, "Can I say it?" But Taeyeon said it was a different station.
19. They were asked to say their goodbyes to the Vietnamese fans.. They said that it's been about 3 years since they've last been to Vietnam, and to wait a little because they will be going again.. Their answers were all similar.. They said that the last time they visited, it was their first visit, so they were worried as to whether they'd know who they are. And they said they were thankful that many people liked them. They said it's been 3 years since they've last visited, and that they'd be meeting again soon, but with other artists this time. They also said short goodbyes in Vietnamese.
20. When they were leaving after the short recording, Seohyun got up too quickly, so the in-ear receiver or translator? fell to the ground, and the battery fell out and rolled away. She said, 'Aigoo', squatted down, and picked it all up.
21. While exiting, they looked back at the fans and said their goodbyes one more time and left while laughing.

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