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Saturday, November 3, 2012

121103 [Video/Caps] MC Seohyun : MBC Music Core

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HD from DC Seohyun
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Cr : 郑容和VS徐珠贤

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Translation by ㅈㄱㅇ (@)


1. When we entered, they were doing stage rehearsals, and when the girls were going to do their lines after watching the stage, they saw fans coming in and greeted us.
2. After they were done with their lines, they came back and greeted all the fans while the stage rehearsals were going on.
3. Tiffany said, "Who came yesterday!" talking about Love in Asia. Saying yesterday was no joke. She asked, "It was embarrassing yesterday, right?" From behind, Taeyeon said, "[It was] completely raw/live, live!" When the writer unnie and other staff members asked what they were talking about, Tiffany and Seohyun explained what happened yesterday and were laughing. Tiffany said, "I really won't be able to forget it!" Taeyeon imitated how the fans clapped like regular audience members yesterday. (clap) I (clap) like (clap) you (clap) who (clap) shines!! (idk how the lyrics usually translate to so my bad on that) Seohyun said, "The ad-libs were even more embarrassing!" Saying it was really embarrassing. Taeyeon said that she was thankful that the fans still cheered during the second time. But Tiffany said that was embarrassing, too. They said their singing was almost raw, saying it was like they were singing right here (where they were talking to staff/off-stage without mics), and Tiffany sang her part in the intro of 'Twinkle'.
4. During rehearsals, the manager was giving Taeyeon makeup(?), but it fell on the floor and splashed. Taeyeon looked at the manager from the corner of her eyes, and Seohyun sighed and scolded the manager.
5. Taeyeon must have been in a good mood today because she came in a bouncy when they were coming in for the live broadcast. And she kept dancing today.
6. Before the broadcast started, a CF for Ne Ne Chicken came on, and the girls burst out laughing. They laughed even more when Yoo Jaesuk came on.
7. Taeyeon asked, "Is it cold outside?" and half said it was, while the other half said it's not. When they said it wasn't cold, she got surprised and said to take it [their jackets and such] off. Tiffany said she's cold, and that her knees hurt. Taeyeon said to be careful not to get sick.
8. Before they did their first lines, they did 'right now is Girls' Generation!', but they put their hands down as if they were doing 'hwaiting', but Seohyun coyly moved her hand up. The unnies teased her, and Tiffany imitated her.
9. During their first lines, Taeyeon's original line was, “Should we try opening the door powerfully?”, but she said, “How should we, how should we try opening it? The door?”, and Tiffany was dumbfounded for a moment. They laughed a lot when they came back, and Tiffany teased Taeyeon for getting it wrong.
10. Taeyeon kept shrugging her shoulders (to the beat) while listening to Wonder Boyz's song.
11. When Stephanie came out, the three focused their eyes/attention on the stage. Tiffany yelled, cheering her on. When the performance was about to end, Taeyeon looked at the fans and said, “Bokyung (Stephanie's Korean name) unnie made up our fan dance (from the MBC Christmas Fairy Tale special).”
12. When introducing MR.MR, Tiffany messed up so her audio overlapped with Seohyun's, so Taeyeon burst out laughing. When they were walking back, Seohyun told the fans that Tiffany messed up.
13. At first, Seohyun was wearing heels, but after their first lines, the coordi unnie brought flat shoes for her to switch into. It was really cute when she was switching her shoes.. She took the heels off and put the flats on really calmly, and when her heel didn't fit into the shoe right, she used her index finger to place in the back to slip her foot in.
14. Seohyun followed along to the dance for I think Big Star. The one where each of them do really powerful dances. She did that dance, and Taeyeon and Tiffany laughed together.
15. Taeyeon asked, “Did you watch 'Flower Power'?” Seohyun also asked if we watched 'Flower Power' by writing it in the air. They asked what we think of it, and they whispered amongst themselves. Tiffany frowned saying the dance is hard, and she said she forgot it already. Seohyun and Taeyeon started doing the beginning choreography where they put their arm up and bow their head down, and then started laughing. Tiffany did the 'manner armpit' move (Jessica-Tiffany do it about halfway through, ~2:00 in the MV) and laughed. They said the choreography is really hard.. Seohyun said, “Isn't it fun? I think it's fun,” and did the part where you lift your arm and bow your head again.
16. Taeyeon said, “The songs on our second official Japanese album are really good! All of us really like it.” She said all the members liked the songs on their second Japanese album.. Tiffany said she's right, that it's really good, and that she keeps listening to it lately because it's so good. Seohyun also said it's the best.
17. A fan asked if they were going to take pictures today. Then they suggested taking pictures with Tiffany's pose. Taeyeon heard that, went over to where Seohyun and Tiffany were and said they should take a picture doing a pose from over there. So they took it doing that pose, the 'manner-armpit'.
18. While taking the pictures, because the fans were squirming, not being able to do it properly, after taking and looking at the picture, Taeyeon said to do it confidently and with a fighting spirit. She said, “Like this!” and showed how to put their arm up.
19. Seohyun was waving to the fans in the back row, and was looking at them for a while when she suddenly asked the fan up front, “Are these seats assigned on a first come first serve basis?” And then she asked if the fans standing were there because there aren't enough seats. When the fan said that's right, she pointed at the MC booth section and said, “It's because this spot is small..” and seemed sad. She kept waving at the fans sitting far away afterwards.
20. Taeyeon was also waving at fans who were far away, but she was waving politely, placing her free hand under the elbow of her other arm.
21. Before starting, Taeyeon came out first, and someone from far away yelled out, “Taeyeon!!” Because it was before the broadcast started, the studio was quiet, and Taeyeon replied, “What!” Then, there were a lot of voices calling out Taeyeon around the studio, and Taeyeon said, “Why are you speaking informally!!!” (informally, as in just calling out her name rather than the more polite 'taeyeon-sshi' or something)
22. When Tiffany started greeting fans far away, too, the fans started waving their pink [light] sticks. Then Tiffany said, “I want to wave something, too,” and started waving her script.
23. Taeyeon put the script on her hand and was playing around, hitting it up in the air, and she dropped it a couple times.
24. While doing their lines, Taeyeon suddenly did the 'fantastic!' dance, and kept dancing even after they were done. Tiffany was laughing and was said, “Fantastic!” while walking back. Taeyeon and Seohyun were doing the fantastic dance, and then started doing the crayon shin-chan-like dances, too. I think that dance also came on some CF, but I'm not sure. They looked at the fans asking, “Do you know this? Fantastic!” and kept dancing. (this part on MuCore-- ..originally from this CF--
25. They were even dancing fantastic~ fantastic~ to 'Nilliri Mambo'. Seohyun also followed along to the 'Nilliri Mambo' choreography.
26. They were still doing the fantastic~ fantastic~ dance during 'Look At Me', and, at first, Taeyeon said it was offbeat, so she was dancing slowly, but it was just right when the 'look at me' part came up. Her and Seohyun were excited and did the fantastic~ fantastic~ dance together, at the same time, whenever the 'look at me' part came up. The writer unnie and staff all burst out laughing. Seohyun told Tiffany to get up and do it with them, but Tiffany didn't get up. Taeyeon and Seohyun did the fantastic dance and crayon shin-chan-like dance together, as if they'd practiced beforehand, and they stopped in-sync, too.
27. When Taeyeon does the fantastic dance, she tries not to move her torso at all while bending her knee, and dances moving her shoulder as little as she can. And her dancing must have been funny because she really broke into a fit of laughter.
28. After Taeyeon started laughing a lot while doing the fantastic dance, she asked Seohyun if she know something, and Seohyun said she doesn't. She said to Tiffany, 'that thing', laughed, and started doing the S-Line Condensing dance ( She asked the fans if they knew it and burst out laughing and laughed for a while by herself. Saying 'Cha Inpyo (guy in the CF)' while laughing. She said it's really funny, that it's the best, and kept doing the dance. She was laughing by herself for a while, holding her stomach.
29. Seohyun and Taeyeon kept following along to the dance during Ailee's stage. It was prerecorded, so they greeted Ailee in between.
30. Halfway through, the girls were looking at the monitor, but it turned off all of a sudden. Tiffany and Seohyun were watching the performance through the monitor, but when it suddenly turned off, Seohyun went, “Yahp!” as if casting a spell. The writer unnie plugged a cable in the back again, and it came on well again.
31. The girls saying their lines was shown on the largest monitor above the stage once. Later when the girls were done, the writer unnie explained it to them, and the girls thought it was an accident. Seohyun's eyes got big and she went, “What's wrong? X4”
32. During the broadcast, Tiffany said it was hot, so Seohyun, who was standing next to her, fanned Tiffany with her script. Taeyeon saw and came and fanned her from the side, too, and Tiffany sat getting fanned like the oldest unnie. Seohyun played around fanning her fast and slow. The PD suddenly came over to the girls and fanned Tiffany, too. Tiffany bowed saying 'thank you', and said to she said it's Seohyun's fault. Then, Seohyun started fanning her script in the direction of the PD.
33. Seohyun said to the fans who were near the corner, “You can't see the stage, right?” When the fans said they're only looking at her, she said, “You're only looking at me?” and ducked. She tried following along to dances watching the monitor. But then B.A.P was about to perform. Seohyun looked like she was stumped, and she said, “I don't know this dance. What do I do?”
34. The next song after B.A.P was miss A, and she danced with much effort. She told Tiffany to dance with her for this song, too, but Tiffany didn't. At one point, Taeyeon was dancing too, so Seohyun and Taeyeon danced together again. During the finger dance at the 'I don't need a man' part, Taeyeon was really excited and followed along. Seohyun was dancing to show the fans at first, but she kept getting sucked into the monitor. She was dancing along while watching the monitor, enthusiastically. The two ended up dancing to another song from start to finish like that again. Seohyun liked doing the 'what?' 'really?' 'seriously?' part a lot. When it was over, they clapped.
35. When 'Ice Cream' was about to come up, Taeyeon said 'Ice Cream' is going to be on, and put her fist under Seohyun's chin. That was the ice cream. Seohyun's head is the ice cream, and Taeyeon's fist is the cone. They were putting their fists under each others chins, saying they're ice cream.
36. Taeyeon and Seohyun were following along to the 'hands in the air' part in 'Ice Cream', but Taeyeon said that she thinks she would look like an ahjumma (middle-aged woman) doing it, so she stopped dancing.
37. When K.will came on stage, the girls waved both their arms in the air, cheering him on. They copied how he sings and his facial expressions. Taeyeon started yelling either K.will or her own name along with the fan chant. Then, she pointed at Tiffany and said, “Hwang, Mi, Young!”
38. Even when they went to go do their last lines, they imitated his singing and facial expressions.
39. After doing their last lines, they said their goodbyes to all the fans, making hearts, too, telling them to be careful to not get sick, and exited. Seohyun was busy trying to say goodbye to all parts of the audience. Greeting/farewell queen.
40. During the show, Seohyun said she was totally full to Taeyeon, and Taeyeon said she is, too. That they ate a lot of this and that. 

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