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Saturday, November 3, 2012

121103 [Fan Taken/Fancam] CNBLUE : KBS Music Bank Chile

'Musicbank in Chile' will be aired on Dec.8 10pm KBS2

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 Other photo's by CNBLUE PERU

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Pinky Bunny ^^

Cr : Boice Chile

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Chilean MC's with Yonghwa
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MC Yonghwa & KyuHyun
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Yonghwa : Love Me Tender
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 Yonghwa Solo Stage
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Yonghwa with doll
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YongHwa Elvis Presley,solo stage CNBLUECHILE
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CNBLUE in final song 'Bounce with me'
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Yonghwa special solo stage and he giving fan flying kissss
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Press Photo
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Clear fancam

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Love Me Tender

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Love Me Tender

 Gangnam Style



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I'm A Loner
 Love Love Love

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Fan Account

CNBLUEPERU Fan Account-CNBLUE in Music Bank Chile (English vers)

This FA reflects what we saw (Sandra, Garemi and Diana) and info from Peruvian elfs who were staying in the Sheraton Hotel.
Note: from now on i'll use G&D for the names...take into account that english is not my native language so you can expect a lot of mistakes U.U -Sandra

November 1th

The day CNBLUE sans JungShin arrived to the Hotel there weren’t many Boices there to greet them which was very sad, that day i was also stuck in Santiago bcs I couldn’t find a bus ticket to Viña. Garemi and Diana from CNBLUEPERU were there so this is what they told me about that day:

After all the groups were inside the hotel many fans started to put their flags and fanboards on the sand so the groups could see them if they came to the balcony. G&D put the flag of CNBLUEPERU made for the boys, one that has a big handmade drawing of them and has the message of many boices from CNBLUEPERU.

After a few minutes Yonghwa came outside and he was greeting fans from the balcony with a big smile on his face, most of them were elfs but when Yonghwa came out they started to yell for his name, then he finally saw CNBLUEPERU’s flag for the first time, it’s a really big flag, and he started nodding with a smile on his face.

Later that day both G&D were in La Quinta Vergara helping some friends and they saw YongHwa while he was leaving rehearsal and just when he was leaving the red light stopped the car so G& D, among other fans including none boice, could gather near the window car to see him… G&D had another flag in that moment, one that only had CNBLUE PERU on it, and after YongHwa saw the flag he smiled and nodded, which made them really happy because he looked really tired and kind of sad before that, THEN (BEST PART) YongHwa placed his hand on the window and gave them a hi5 through the window glass!!! He hi5 all of them through the window, he was such a darling, everyone was left in dazzed after he left LOL (damn my life bcs I was stuck in Santiago when that happened T-T).

November 2th

After I arrived to Viña we decided to buy a big congratulatory flower wreath for CNBLUE for the press con (it was cancel later U-U) so we were on the venue since 11am because we couldn’t keep going back forth with the flower wreath.

While G&D were on the line to get their VIP tickets they met an old lady who was staying in the Sheraton hotel, none boice, she started talking about all the groups and she said YongHwa was the most polite of all of them, he was really humble and kind with her….he even gave her an autograph, he left a good impression on her.

Later, before people started to get in, we saw there were a LOT of boices from other countries there (Perú, Ecuador, Argentina, Colombia, Paraguay, etc)…some of them got filmed screaming for CNBLUE, idk if it was for MuBank or a newsprogram :/, we also got interview by a radio station because we had that big CNBLUE flag with a handmade drawing lol.

About the press con, D had a press con pass and she was going to deliver the flowers and a book made for CNBLUE with 1,000 reasons to love them BUT sadly it was canceled. There were a lot of people with press con ID and there wasn’t a really good org going on so maybe that was one of the reasons it was canceled.

We decided to leave the flower wreath in the box of gifts in the entrance, along with the other gifts that we brought for them, but while we were walking in that direction a guy from NOIX staff stopped us and asked us for which group they were so we show him the dedication and told him it was for CNBLUE, he said they were really pretty so it was a waste not to deliver them…after that he took the flower wreath to the dressing rooms, we hope they were deliver to the boys directly...our efforts taking care of it were worth it <3.

Note: CNBLUE and SUJU were the ones with lots of gifts in their boxes; I’ve read a FA about YongHwa waiting for those gifts to be deliver to him at the end of the concert so if that’s true all those gifts were delivered to the owner.

MUSIC BANK STARTS (Any chronological mistake is my fault; I’m writing this a week after MuBank)

People in the venue were crazy, everyone was screaming their lungs out, i could see a lot of BOICE’s in the VIP zone, Elfs and Boices were using the same blue balloons so it was like a sea of blue. People started to get impatient so they began to chant the names of all the groups; it was really great to hear them all scream for CNBLUE, proud moment right there.

CNBLUE was the third group that came to the stage, when all the groups were on stage they started singing “Todos juntos”….YongHwa was really playful on stage and there was a YongHyuk moment…when YongHwa was singing he was doing it while looking at Minhyuk’s eyes, face to face, they were serenading each other, it was so cute.

MC Segment

After the second MC part ended YongHwa and Kyuhyun left the stage, while they were leaving the stage KH put his hand on YH’s shoulders and they left the stage talking to each other.

When the Gangnam Style special stage with all the groups started the MC’s were also on stage, YH was avoiding dancing so much that it was adorable!! Yonghwa was making signs to the leader of MBLAQ, who was dancing close to YH, he was like “please don’t dance close to me! Go away!” it was beyond adorable because it was so obvious he was trying too hard to avoid dancing.

Then the audience was screaming “La Colita” (butt dance), they were asking for it so Miss Chile made a game to make them dance, Kyunhyung’s fans were louder so he won and he had to dance. After that Miss Chile shook hands with KH and YH also raised his hand to shake hers but she didn’t notice, when she realized that YH had his hand ready to shake hers it was too late because YH took away his hand and started talking (lol) but then Miss Chile opened her arms and hugged him, it was a good save but I was not amused, neither the other fans because they were screaming like crazy “don’t touch him” and i have to admit i did the same thing in my head hahaha … the audience kept screaming “la colita” because they wanted YH to do it so Miss Chile made him do it, she did the dance to teach YH how to do it and he was so embarrass while doing it hahaha so cute!!

(*) I think YongHwa can only dance without shame in front of Boice or when he is performing with other members LOL.

YongHwa solo Stage and CNBLUE performance

When YongHwa came to the stage fan screams were epic! He was the perfect vision with his guitar, he was like glowing with happiness… idk how to explain it but i was so impressed I couldn’t even scream anything until he started playing with the fans. The Audience started singing “Mijito Rico” with means Yummy boy, it’s difficult to give a proper translation….it’s something you sing when you see a very handsome person, then they started screaming “Yonghwa Saranghae” and others *cough* me and G *cough* “Yonghwa I love you” in spanish.

YH was giving flying kisses to the audience and they screamed so loud, he was all smiles and he swayed his body when fans started chanting “Mijito rico”. When he started singing i was like “Woow” i was just staring at him with my mouth opened…most of the people around me stopped screaming and they only stared at him in awe, he truly was an emotional angel when he sang “Love me Tender”, right on that moment i thought “this is why he is Emotional”….when he started pointing at fans while smiling all the screams began again (girls and boys lol).

YongHwa kept making eye contact with the audience and for a mile of second i could see him directly to the eyes /faints/ his eyes were so bling bling!!!! His eyes and smile are forever imprinted in my memory <3.

After he finished his cover he send flying kisses to the audience and before he left the extended stage he shook hands with some fans, he ran back to the main stage to change guitars…while YongHwa was going back to the main stage JongHyun was smiling happily at YongHwa, like he was glad he was back…it was really cute, very brotherly.

They started with Intuition and YH was on hyper mode, he was just amazing… he owned that stage, Minhyuk was hitting the drums in a cool way and Jonghyun was playing the guitar lost in his own world. I got to say i really missed JungShin a lot in this performance, there was a moment in “Intuition” were YH turned to JH side to have some interaction but he was too far away and he wasn’t looking at him :( so he turned back to give his attention back to the audience and also one time he was about to go near the bass guy but then he remember JS wans’t there T-T.

The thing I really didn’t like about the stage was that JH was too far away, the guy playing the bass was closer to YH than JH so it was difficult to look at him because YH and MH were really close but JH was too far to the right side of the stage. >.>

When they started “I’m a loner” the fan chants were even louder! YH really work the crowd because everyone was so high and dearest MH was smiling while playing the drums, his smile is so cute!
Last song was “Love” and YH hyper mode was super high, he came down to the extended stage and worked the crowd in every corner…then he grabbed a bunny plush or a bear, not sure, from the audience and he started to sing to the bunny/bear, i think he was missing JungShin that’s why he was holding the bunny really close to him lol.

Fan chants during CNBLUE performance were great!!! YongHwa is the true front men because he knows how to hype the crowd, when he screamed “Chile, make some noise” the crowd went cray cray. G and I were holding a Peruvian flag with CNBLUE PERU in it during their performance and YH saw it when he came to the extended stage <3.

About their voices, Yonghwa and Jonghyun’s voices were so on point that night, in perfect condition, YH’s adlibs were amazing. YH was like a magnet on stage, i just couldn’t stop staring at him and he had so much energy, he was definitely happy to be there and his happiness was contagious.

Sadly the performance ended with “Love”, it was too short for my taste…I was waiting for “In My Head” but i got nothing, so sad. T-T

While SUJU was performing we could see YongHwa, MinHyuk and Jonghyun backstage, they were watching SUJU perform and we were watching them instead of watching SUJU...i think YH looked a bit tired backstage but when he came to the stage again he had a big smile on his face.

All the groups gather on stage again after SUJU ended their performance, CNBLUE was the first group on stage. YongHwa started singing “Arirang” and OMG!! It was perfection!! Then Davichi came to the stage and started singing, idk who was singing but her voice harmonized so well with YH’s…they need a collab song pronto!! >.<….i also saw YH and JH playing together with imaginary guitars so i guess they felt awkward without their guitars hahaha.

When “Run to You” started YH was jumping really excited XD, he got hyper again but it seemed like JH and MH weren’t on the mood to dance, they were just clapping, so YongHwa went to look out for his bestie Lee Joon. YH and LJ were epic funny! They danced their way to the extended stage so I could see them really closely as they danced right in front of me, they were dancing like an old couple lol….after a while MH and JH came to the extended stage but they were just clapping their hands and smiling, all this time YH was carrying the bunny with him so in a way JungShin was there XD.

Sadly Music Bank Chile came to an end after “Run to You”, CNBLE bowed down to the audience an left the stage, while they were leaving YH kept looking at the crowd making a good bye gesture until the very end, i was waving my hand responding like an idiot while they were leaving. T-T

This is my personal unbiased opinion about MuBankChile: best performers that night were CNBLUE and SUJU (I don’t like SUJU’s music so believe me, I’m being unbiased here), they knew how to work the crowd and get them going..YongHwa really commands the stage with his charisma and energy....special mention to DAVICHI because they really made an effort to sing in spanish and their pronunciation was almost perfect, i was impressed.


Since the press con was canceled we couldn’t deliver the book that Peruvian boice from CNBLUEPERU had worked on…the “1,000 reasons to love CNBLUE” so we took a chance and decided to go to the hotel and see if we could felt it there and we also wanted to check if they arrived to the hotel without any inconvenience.

When we arrived to the hotel there were a lot of fans screaming about two members of a group getting “assaulted” by fans so we got scared, we thought something happened to YH, MH or JH, thank god it wasn’t them…. due to the amount of people there we couldn’t leave the book so we left. While we were leaving we saw many fans gather in the beach and they started screaming for SUJU, CNBLUE and MBLAQ in turns because they wanted them to come outside but no one came out…then they started screaming “Jung Yonghwa” several times but he didn’t came outside either…I also heard JongHyun being called once too, idk if they called Minhyuk because we left after that.

November 3th

Garemi found out some Peruvian elfs were staying in the Sheraton, they were friends of her friends, so she contacted them and they said they would help us deliver the book because they saw YH a lot of times around the hotel and he was very friendly :( …we just had the leave the book in reception so we went to the hotel around 7:30 am….we slept only 4 hours T-T.

When we reached the hotel we were surprised to see that people slept there, it was freaking cold that night, i think i saw a group of boices from Argentina but I’m not sure about that….i did saw people writing a message on the sand before we left, I think it’s the same message YH tweeted later that day.

Later we received a message that YH had received the book, the person who deliver it said he was so touched and surprised with the book that he couldn’t stop reading it, he carried the book with him until he left the hotel. The book had 1000 reason to love CNBLUE (in korean), drawings made by fans, letters, dvds with older activities made by CNBLUEPERU, photos and a flash drive with more pics and videos so I bet he was very much entertained with it XD…. I hope all of them get to read it.

Right after we were informed that YH received the book he tweeted!! That made us happier so we decided to go to the hotel to give our last goodbye :P.

There were a lot of people when we arrived, we couldn’t see anything in the entrance of the hotel…. idk how we found a spot very far from the entrance of the hotel where you could clearly see the lower floor of the hotel…we spot a SUJU member there so we thought maybe CNBLUE will also appeared and few moments after they appeared!!

Lee Joon , YongHwa, coordi noona and JongHyun sat on the couch right in front of us….we could see them from upstairs it was really the perfect view so we placed the big flag with the drawing of CNBLUE ( ) in the balcony so they could see it.

We could clearly see YongHwa and Joon, they were talking, playing with cellphone, they also took A LOT of selcas together, Jonghyun was sitting there silently…I think he was tired.

Other boices joined us in the same place so we started calling YongHwa several times so he would look at us and he looked!! he saw the big flag, he waved back at us….then after a few moments he stand up and walk close to window glass and took a picture of the flag and then he took a picture of all of us! After he did that he gave us a smile and he returned to the couch.

Before this happened JongHyun came outside, the lower floor was connected to the basement parking, so fans started calling him a lot but he didn’t look or waved :’(. After YH took the photo we all started calling for MinHyuk, all this time we thought that Lee Joon was MH, but Lee Joon came instead and he took a photo of all the fans that were there and a photo of the CNBLUE flag XD…that’s when we realized that the person that was with YH all this time was LJ….i think LJ got confused and he thought we were calling him lol, we really didn’t got a great view of MH…he was there too but it was dark so we couldn’t see him properly T-T.

Here are some pics of that moment:

Few moment after that they were gone, we couldn’t see them when they left the building because there were a LOT of fans in the entrance door, some of them even slept there to get a good spot :/ ..…. we really got lucky finding that spot, it was destiny.

Well that’s everything we saw, it really was the best trip ever….it was definetly worth all the trouble we got into to be there and see them for the first time.

After all this I’ve come to the conclusion that more than being a fan service king YongHwa is a person who is very grateful to see fans support and he likes to give back the loves he receives, he’s very humble. His kindness really warmed my heart and I will never forget that bright smile he gave to fans, picture can’t do justice to that smile.

I really loved seeing CNBLE, left me wanting for more, BUT I was really sad JungShin wasn’t there….i personally felt the empty spot he left on stage and i hope i get a chance to see CNBLE+U sometime soon. I’ll be really crossing my finger for a LIVE performance in Perú because I want to hear YH&JH;guitars roar, MH killing the drums and JS slapping his bass + a lot of headbanging. T-T

Thanks for reading this long long long FA, this really was the best trip ever and some boices from Viña del Mar really helped us a lot (Darly, Hannah, Johana and her friends), Peruvian elf who deliver the book and we also met girls from other fandoms that helped us a lot too because they liked all the support we brought for CNBLUE. :D

I forgot to mention that the fans we meet in Viña helped us by hanging the big CNBLUE flag in the balcony of the Gallery, we really hope that it was capture by the cams of Music Bank *fingers crossed*….You can see it during this performance at 1:11 in this fancam, in the balcony right in front of YH .

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