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Monday, November 19, 2012

121119 [Trans/Fanacc] 121117 TTS MUCORE FAN ACCOUNT

By : ㅈㄱㅇ (@)

1. Rehearsals must have ended early because the studio was empty when we entered. The girls came in when the broadcast was about to start. Taeyeon and Seohyun ran in flailing and hopping, and Tiffany came in a little late.
2. After coming in while greeting everyone, Seohyun said something to Taeyeon, and Taeyeon immediately told the fans, “She said you all look like bean sprouts!!” Seohyun told Taeyeon that the fans look like bean sprouts, sitting, waving their balloons. I think the fans standing in the back looked especially like them, holding their balloons. Taeyeon said, “She said you all look like bean sprouts!! The fans!!” as if she were tattling on Seohyun, and Seohyun giggled and innocently said, “You look like bean sprouts!!”.

3. When Tiffany came in, she entered calling the fans, “Sso~won~,” and so the fans cheered. When a foreign fan yelled out 'Tiffany, I love you!' from the top (back), they all looked at the fans and went 'Foreign fans, foreign fans~' to themselves, nodded at them, and Tiffany said 'Thank you!'.

4. While greeting the fans, Tiffany asked, “You all didn't catch a cold, right?” When the fans said they didn't, she nodded. Telling us to be careful not to get sick.

5. Tiffany suddenly made a really sad face and said, “They said Wonbin came yesterday! Did you all know?” Seohyun and Taeyeon asked what she was talking about, and she said, “The fansign!!” and she said he came but couldn't see him. When the fans said Jo Insung's fansign is on the 24th, Tiffany's eyes sparkled for a moment, but she kicked her feet saying, “We're overseas that day!!”

6. When the fans asked if they didn't film the CF together, Tiffany said they didn't. She lamented about there not being a scene where they come on together. Seohyun said when Wonbin does the remote control like this, Jessica comes out of the screen. Then Tiffany said, “That was computer graphics!!” and was really sad about it. Saying why they can't see one another when they're both [CF] models.

7. When the fans said Kang Dongwon was discharged from the army, Taeyeon made a coy facial expression and said, “I know!” Tiffany said she's heard that over a thousand times already (about Kang Dongwon being discharged). That the girls said it over a thousand times. She said Yoona ran in, phone in hand, saying, “Unnie!!!!! [Kang Dongwon] was discharged from the army!!!!! Did you watch the video?!”

8. Before their first lines, as always, Seohyun said they should do 'right now is Girls' Generation', telling them to gather their hands, saying, “We need to do 'right now is Girls' Generation!!”

9. Seohyun asked the fans, “Did you eat?” When they said they did, she said she did too. She was writing 'roasted goguma (sweet potatoes)' in the air, saying that's what she ate, she wrote 'roasted go-' in the air, towards the fans. But she must have been in a rush because she just wrote '-guma' in front of herself.

10. When 'Necktie' came on, Taeyeon acted like she was whistling. Then, Seohyun and Taeyeon started copying the dance. Seohyun went and showed Tiffany the dance, too. The dance must have been fun because Seohyun and Taeyeon kept dancing, laughing, and copied bits of the choreography.

11. While watching rookie singers perform, Taeyeon said there are a lot of singers these days, and that she doesn't know who is who. Then, someone said, “You're old,” to her. So she pointed at that fan and said, “More than me!”, implying that they (look) older than her.

12. Someone said it was their birthday and Taeyeon said, “Happy birthday!” After clapping, she said, “Mine's [in] March!”

13. Taeyeon asked if there was anything different about her today. When the fans mentioned her headband, she said, “Not the headband!!” When asked if she cut her hair, she said she didn't. Then she said she dyed her hair but nobody noticed. She asked if we'd notice if she shaved her hair off. It must have been because of her newly dyed hair, but she kept touching her hair and twirling it with her finger.

14. After introducing 'Luv Me', Taeyeon asked the staff if it's okay for her to walk through the front, and immediately monitored.

15. After they were done with their lines, the lights wouldn't turn off in the MC section. Taeyeon asked why they weren't turning off, and Seohyun stood at the front going 'Turn off, yahp!', as if she were doing magic. She also acted like she was shooting an arrow for the lights to shut off. Then, Taeyeon, who was next to her, went, “Seohyun!” and quietly avoided her. Eventually, the lights didn't turn off, so the girls asked the staff, “Please turn off the lights~”

16. Taeyeon asked the fans, “Did you eat?” She acted like she was eating with a spoon with both hands while asking. Seohyun must have found it funny because she asked, “Is that how you eat?” and teased her, imitating the gesture. She started doing the gesture more powerfully and laughed. Then Taeyeon countered her by doing a gesture of eating noodles, also acting as if she were mixing something. They started laughing together, then whispered amongst themselves, and Seohyun told the fans to try to guess what they're doing. Seohyun expressed a large bowl and a small bowl, but were given the stand-by signal so it stopped there. I don't know what the quiz answer was. Anyway, Taeyeon must have found the way it stopped funny because she kept snickering by herself.

17. A fan must have been watching performances with binoculars because Taeyeon imitated them, and told Seohyun that they were watching over there with a pair. This was when Girls' Day was performing, so Taeyeon kept asking, “Girls' Day is pretty right? Are they pretty? You know they're pretty~”

18. After Tiffany said, “It's going to start right now? Should we meet them now?”, she laughed coming back. She laughs louder when she makes mistakes.

19. After watching the special gukak (Korean traditional music) stage, Taeyeon said she's afraid thinking of themselves doing this. Going, “Flower Power and gukak!” implying they don't go hand-in-hand. She said she think they would have to do this when they comeback, too.

20. After that, Taeyeon and Seohyun kept laughing while imitating playing the daegeum, haegeum, and gayageum. Whenever the instruments were captured on-screen, they would laugh while acting like they were playing them. Plucking a gayageum, blowing into a daegum, and sawing away at a haegeum.

21. After Seohyun did the 'is or isn't' (? not sure what this is because I didn't watch), Taeyeon kept teasing her about it, going, “Is or isn't?” in front of her. Then, it must have been funny because she kept doing it while facing the fans. Constantly going, “Is or isn't?”

22. When Park Jungmin's performance was on, Tiffany copied the dance where you sweep down and laughed. She kept copying it while walking to do their next lines.

23. When 'Look At Me' was coming on, Seohyun said, “Unnie, this!” to Taeyeon, and did the fantastic dance (this again, and the two started laughing. The fans asked Taeyeon if she wasn't going to dance, but Taeyeon said she needs to take care of her image. She said she wasn't going to dance with a modest facial expression.

24. When there were two lines left, Seohyun looked at the fans and made a sad face while saying there were only two lines left.

25. Taeyeon suddenly said, “Ah! Did you listen to the song?” asking if we listened to 'Beep Beep'. When we said we did, she asked, “How is it?” She said when they recorded 'Beep Beep', but I didn't hear when they actually did.. Then, she said the songs on the second official Japanese album is really good, and that she, personally, likes 'Reflection' and 'T.O.P.'. And she said all the fans like 'Stay Girls'. The fans didn't hear 'Stay Girls' well, so I think she said it about five times. She said all the songs are really good on the album, but she added, “Except for 'Paparazzi'!” and laughed. Then she boasted that she has both the single CD and mp3.

26. There was a couple sitting in the last line of the fan section, and they were holding balloons, but focused on the stage at all times. Taeyeon tilted her head both ways looking in that direction, and she went to Seohyun and they were whispering to each other. Then Taeyeon asked, “Is everyone here (where the fans are sitting) SONEs?” When they nodded, Taeyeon said, “I don't think so~,” and kept looking where the couple was sitting. It seemed they were just regular(?) people.

27. Someone said they should take a picture, so the girls asked what pose they wanted to do. Someone imitated a receiver (phone), so Taeyeon and Seohyun asked back, “Why that?” with confused expressions. Then, Taeyeon did the peace sign with her fingers and asked, “Should we do this?” Seohyun saw that, made a peace sign with both her hands, and crossed them like Sailor Moon. Taeyeon asked what that is, and Seohyun did a full hand gesture as if she were about to transform into Sailor Moon. Taeyeon was embarrassed, and avoided her to where Tiffany was.

28. After seeing the peace sign pose, Tiffany said, “That's weak, weak.” So when the fans suggested another pose, where the girls raise their arms while bowing their heads at the beginning of 'Flower Power', she asked what that was, tilting her head from side-to-side. She said, “Oh, is it this?” and danced a little bit of 'Flower Power'. Tiffany said 'okay', so we decided to take the picture doing that pose.

29. Seohyun called the manager oppa to take the picture, but Tiffany said that she was going to take it and took her spot as the photographer. She showed the fans how to do the pose (saying, “You don't do it like that; it's like this.”), and she took the picture herself. After looking at the picture she took, she said it was 'good'.

30. When miss A came out, Seohyun was really excited. Then, she pointed at the stage and said, “My friend is over there.” She wrote 'Minyoung' in the air, saying her friend was Min, and she must have been in a rush again because she wrote it right in front of her (rather than towards the ceiling for fans to see better). Still, because she was so excited, she kept dancing and singing along, and seriously at that. Taeyeon told Seohyun that she should just go on stage. Because Seohyun was dancing so hard, Taeyeon looked at the fans, pointed at Seohyun, and said, “[Seohyun] likes this song,” and Taeyeon danced along with her.

31. Tiffany also danced a little to miss A while sitting, and started dancing properly while going to do their lines. Then she looked back at the fans and grinned.

32. When they were doing their last lines, Tiffany and Seohyun stood copying miss A's finger dance, and Taeyeon acted like she was using scissors, cutting the girls' fingers, and she hit Tiffany's mic. Then, it was time for them to do their lines, so they both got surprised at the same time. But there was a VCR (/video clip) in between, so they were relived it wasn't time for their lines yet. Tiffany put her hand over her heart, saying she got surprised.

33. Even while doing their last lines, they stuttered, so they started laughing, and burst out laughing after it was over as well.

34. During Park Jungmin's stage, they got into position to do their lines thinking the song was over, but it wasn't, so they burst out laughing.

35. The fans must have looked sleepy because Taeyeon asked, “Are you sleepy?”, and someone else must have looked mad because she asked, “Are you mad?” She kept looking around at the fans doing similar things. She stared at them, too.

36. They were in awe, saying there were a lot of fans standing at the top. Taeyeon and Seohyun started whispering together again, and waved really big at the fans up top.

37. Seohyun asked the fans if they could see the stage again. When they said they could see it through the monitor the girls look at, she said, “Oh, this!” and nodded, saying it was a relief.

38. When it was all over, they said their farewells really affectionately to the staff, hugging the writer unnie, and saying their goodbyes to the fans. While saying their goodbyes meticulously to fans here and there, Seohyun couldn't say her goodbyes while walking at the same time. She would wave, walk a couple steps, wave again, and start walking again. She hurried in once she passed all the fans. 

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