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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

121121 [News] Not Jealous of Billionaires: Multitalented Idols Who Rake In the Dough

"If you raise one idol well, they are better than ten combined." (*a pun on classic Korean proverb: If you raise one daughter well, she's better than 10 sons combined)

It's no joke. Recently, idol singers are increasingly extending their influence over the entertainment business through composing own music and even taking up acting. Breaking the idol stereotypes, they boast their talents in both music and drama, earning a fortune in their youth. has compiled the list of these multitalented super idols who are gaining popularity for themselves as well as their groups through vigorous activities.

◆The Fruits of Copyright Royalty

CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa(23) showcased his multiple talents on KBS2 "Music Bank in Chile" through taking up three roles as MC, singer, and arranger. It became an issue that the traditional folk song "Arirang", sung by the entire cast ay the finale of the show, was arranged by Jung Yong Hwa. According to his agency, Jung Yong Hwa participated in the composition of 17 songs in the first half of this year. He composed and wrote 9 songs of CNBLUE's Japanese major album, and presented songs to his agency juniors Juniel and AOA. As such, though undisclosed, Jung Yong Hwa's copyright royalties are estimated to be quite a fortune. (the rest omitted)

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