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Monday, January 14, 2013

130114 [News] CNBlue to Perform with Live Instruments for First Comeback Performance

Four-man pop-rock band CNBlue celebrates its third year of debut with many “firsts” upon the release of fourth mini-album, “Re:Blue” on January 14. According to reports in local news agencies, the band is also to perform with live instruments for their first comeback performance, set for “Music Bank” on January 18, the first time they will do so on a broadcast.

“CNBlue plans to come back with live-instrument performances in the three main broadcast stations’ music programs. As these music programs currently implement pre-recorded music for performances, negotiations are underway for the band to be able to perform live,” a statement from CNBlue’s management company, FNC Entertainment said. ”It is difficult to deliver a completely live performance for the music shows because of the time constraint in recording and the absence of proper facilities. However, CNBlue has a big thirst and great passion for performing live and thus we hope there would be investment in installation of a stage and sound equipment. Because of the situation of the music programs, CNBlue had received misunderstanding about their musicality and skills. They are expected to able to share their thirst for live performances through this comeback.”

CNBlue will perform “Re:Blue” title track “I’m Sorry,” a song composed by leader, guitarist and vocalist Jung Yong Hwa. “I’m Sorry” is also the first time the band’s self-composed song serves as a title track of a Korean release.

Reports stated further the band is scheduled for a domestic and an overseas concert tour following the comeback, apart from live broadcast shows to promote “Re:Blue.”

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 CNBLUE to Come Back with All-Live Stages

Group CNBLUE will first meet their fans with a live performance.

On the 14th, their agency FNC Entertainment announced, “CNBLUE will make their comeback stages this week with all-live performances. Among the three broadcasting channels, two are set to pre-record in order to provide the live sound, and the remaining one is also in the process of negotiation.”

It has been difficult for bands including CNBLUE to perform live during TV appearances, due to the tight recording schedule and the lack of appropriate sound system. Thus there had been much demand for live performances.

For this reason, CNBLUE took the special effort and paid for the sound system and stage installation fees for the comeback stage.

CNBLUE members, who had always regretted being unable to perform their own or other bands’ music live on TV due to circumstances, are determined to wipe away all such grief.

FNC remarked, “It’s true the members were distressed for being misunderstood about their hand-sync, when it was due to circumstances unrelated to their own will. They’re expecting to quench their thirst for live performances through the comeback stages this time.” They added, “As they have shown in numerous overseas and domestic concert tours, they are planning to show more live performances on TV.”

CNBLUE’s new song “I’m Sorry”, which became an issue as Jung Yong Hwa’s composition, will be released at noon on January 14th.

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