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Friday, January 18, 2013

130118 [Video] CNBLUE Comeback With 'I'm Sorry' & SNSD 'I Got A Boy' At KBS Music Bank

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130118 Music Bank: SNSD - I Got A Boy, #1 & Encore by Yoonyule 

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130118 Music Bank SNSD - Waiting Room + I Got A Boy + Win by Yoon-A

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(1080p version)
 Waiting room

More Than You & I'm Sorry


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Monmon ver (720p version)
Waiting Room

(by )

Yoona: Seohyun ssi, heard that a group that you'll get excited even just by hearing their names is back!
Seohyun: Yes, today is CNBLUE's comeback stage!

Yoona: to commemorate CNBLUE's comeback, I prepared a 3-min short interview. Today's title track, I'm Sorry, is Yonghwa composed song. Jungshin-ssi, a question for you, "Actually I want other members' composed song (as title track)? 1 ... 2... 3... )

Jungshin: NO!

-Seohyun & Yoona ooohhh-ed)

Jungshin: Frankly speaking, we're honored to be able to use Yonghwa's piece as title track. I love you <3

Seohyun: Ne, But CNBLUE all four members has transformed into actors suavely.
Yonghwa: Yeah
Seohyun: The one who creates highest ratings, Minhyuk-ssi, as an actor, what rank do you think you're in amongst your members.
Minhyuk: I think i'm number 2. Lately, my rank dropped because of Jungshin's overflowing(?) tears.

Yoona: So handsome
Seohyun: Yea

Yoona: Saw the lyrics of I'm Sorry, lovers' cruel words was being expressed in the song 'I'm Sorry.' Jonghyun ssi, what is the cruel words that you've ever heard from lover?

Jonghyun: let's stop contacting, stop~

Seohyun: Lastly Yonghwa-ssi, This time round, title track is being composed by you
Yonghwa: Ne!
Seohyun: there must be so much burden. can you estimate the highest rank of this track in the chart?
Yonghwa: Being able to promote a title track of my own, i'm already very honored and happy.
Seohyun: Waaa ne~, we will look forward to CNBLUE's new song, Yonghwa-ssi's own composed song.
Yonghwa: Ne, CNBLUE's great performance will be up soon. Please stay tune to this channel!

More Than You

I'm Sorry

I Got A Boy


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CNBLUE Interview
With MC Hyun & SIL Yoona

More Than You & I'm Sorry

I Got A Boy


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Official Photo

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Press Photo

& Forever like

Fan Account

Fanaccount by Japanese goguma attending the live broadcast of Music Bank on 18 Jan 2013 to see CNBLUE comeback

Jap-Thai translations by YongSeonarak
Thai-Eng translations by kun_cheero

First of all, I just knew that Yongwha was sick. It must be due to CNBLUE's hectic schedules.

I think when CNBLUE rehearsed towards the end, Seohyun, Yoona, Taeyeon and others came out and gathered to watch the rehearsal by the side of the stage.

When the rehearsal finished, Yonghwa took a long nap. All members (both CNBLUE and SNSD) seemed to be very close to each other. Seemingly, Jonghyun was the one who had a body touch with Taeyeon and chatting.

When SNSD pre-recorded their IGAB performance, they were the last group, other groups gathered by the side of the stage. Firstly, Yong's brothers took the front row but when SNSD started performing, Yonghwa quickly came out to the front and even danced to IGAB.

He took a glance to audience's way and just realized that it was in front of them. And after that things happened just like everyone knew. Seohyun and Yoona got to interview CNBLUE and then Yong stood behind Seohyun at the end. It was a happy hour, really. In conclusion, SNSD and CNBLUE are really close to each other.


  1. OMO,,, YongSeo & JongYoon Moment is so DAEBAK.. Gogumas so happy bcoz of this reunion... hope it will be many YS moment after this...

  2. I noticed that broadcasting station pds like to put Yongseo together whenever possible...wonder why??? Hmmm....

  3. When the first time I saw the video, I thought: Is this real? Is this photoshoped? ^Silly me, how can Youtube video being photoshoped
    Coz it seemed to good to be true
    Then I found out it's real... Wow!!! I'm really really happy for this!!!
    Please more YongSeo and JongYoon moment....

  4. i wonder what yoona said to yong seobang with her hand point something at the back? it is because of hyun? miss yongseo couple very much! never get bored watch wgm 1000 times again..

  5. 130118.CNBLUE 뮤직뱅크 나 그대보다+ I`M SORRY.gogox2.ts