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Friday, January 18, 2013

130118 [Fanacc] YSMY (SPG) Project : Food Support To FNC Family For GDA

Malaysian Goguma:

As all of u here know,we are not only successfully provides foods (thanks to Dubu-Dubu Seoul Food) to CNBLUE, but also to FTISLAND and JUNIEL and not to forget, the crews which was the total of 29 peoples. Actually on the day, FNC crews directly took the food from us *auntie sally said they are really handsome and nice. kkk*. There were also kind fans who provided fruits, snacks and mineral water, and the cutestpart was all the food is occupying at the back of the van that CNBLUE rides. lol

The official gift from SPG-YSMY for Yongseo Couple, which is the guitar strap and photobooks. Hope CNBLUE wear it during their comeback as we already leave notes for him to wear it ^_^.  The official gift for CNBLUE are T-shirt I LOVE MALAYSIA, Wau Bulan Replica and 3rd anniversary cake (this one is from CNBLUEBEAT *malaysian boice fc*)

Notes from Auntie Sally aka YS Ahjumma:
She said a very very gazillion thanks to all fans who supported/contributed and help during this project, she feel so touched of all hard worked from fans, and she is satisfied because Yonghwa and hopefully Seohyun knows the existence of our group ^^, this is a team work! CONGRATS ALL! Auntie will upload the pics once she received the copy from fans, please wait ok!

And last but not least,YONGSEO AND GOGUMAS IS REAL!kkkkk ♥♥♥
(FA is written in Bahasa Melayu (Malay) and translate by nur umi)

Notes :
  • For this project, YSMY directly contact FNC (thru Miss Sarifah binti Sanusi - as a spokesperson for SPG & FNC)
  • FNC are happy with fan support by YSMY-SPG
  • YSMY project is liaise with Dubu-Dubu Seoul Food (a reliable food chains in Malaysia) where they agree to sponsor for all FNC artist together with crews, from preparing and packaging.
  • Before this, Dubu-Dubu Seoul Food also provide a discount card to all YSMY-SPG members for all their foods.
  • Even this is YSMY-SPG project but they also combine with CNBLUEBEAT (Malaysian fanbase), which they provide a 3rd anniversary cake to CNBLUE
More photo from YSMY-SPG

Fan Account in Malay:
written by Auntie Sally aka YS Ahjumma

Projek pertama kita ~ BERJAYA!!!!!

Seperti yg semua sedia maklum, kita bukan saja berjaya menyediakan makanan utk CNBLUE sahaja malah kita juga sponsor semua artis2 FNC termasuk crew iaitu seramai 29 org!!!! Crew FNC yg ambil makanan/hadiah....mmg handsome giler....dan baik! Beberapa org goguma telah ambil insiatif utk sponspor buah2an/snack/air mineral utk projek ini.

Tempat duduk belakang van CNBLUE penuh dgn makanan/hadiah utk mereka/crew.

Hadiah Official utk Yongseo ~ Couple Guitar Strap dan Photobook
(Harap yonghwa akan pakai dlm minggu nie _ ada note mintak dia pakai)

Hadiah Official utk CNBLUE ~ T'shirt I Love Malaysia dan Replika Wau Bulan dan kek Anniversarry CNBLUE yang ke 3 (Hadiah ini disediakan oleh Malaysian CNBLUEBEAT)

Terima kasih untuk semua yg terlibat atau tidak. Dan utk semua committee terima kasih sesangat...terharu kerana ramai yg sudi membantu utk menjayakan projek besar kita ini......sekurang2nya Yonghwa/Seohyun tahu keujudan group kita begitu juga dgn FNC tahu yg CNBLUE punya ramai fans disini!!!

Note: ini adalah kerja berpasukan.
sila clap! clap! clap utk semua yg terlibat!!!!!



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