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Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 is YongSeo's year,2011 is YongSeo's GENERATION

This must be the most exciting week ever in YongSeo history for 2010 & our beloved Goguma Couple chose the very last week of the year to present their priceless gifts to us.


27th Dec 2010, Mon: Release of Banmal Song MV (Cr: sweetpotato4339@youtube)

28th Dec 2010, Tue: Filming for Bridal Photo Shoot (confirmed by DC)

29th Dec 2010, Wed:

  • Banmal Song MV hit over 1 million views in just 2 days

  • Seo Baby owned the SBS Gayo Maknae Stage

  • Yonghwa received praise and recognition from SuJu's Heechul for becoming a distinguished MC (Heechul's Tweet)

30th Dec 2010, Thu:

  • Yonghwa owned the KBS Gayo CN Blue Stage
  • SNSD won the KBS "SONG OF THE YEAR" for OH!

31st Dec 2010, Fri:

  • FNC added WGM Filming to CNBlue Official Schedule (18th, 25th Jan 2011) (Cr: jan92ice@twitter/lovekim): 25th Jan 2011 coincides with SM Town Live Kickoff Concert in Tokyo

  • Excerpt from SNSD Interview - Taeyeon's Comments (Cr: callmedaydreamer):

    "I hope our youngest Seohyun would really date Jung Yonghwa. Is that really abrupt? YongSeo couple looks good together. I have no worries about Seohyun dating since she's really thorough in her work, so she'll have no problem with our activities."

  • MBC Gayo tonight! Will we have more surprises from YongSeo?

1st Jan 2011, Sat: WGM Season 2 - YongSeo Banmal Song BTS Footage


It's been a great 2010 knowing fellow gogumas around the world from Soompi & Twitter. Creating Twitter & Youtube accounts which I would never have done, if not for YongSeo (even an ole dog can learn new tricks).

2011 will be an even more EPIC YongSeo year! Thank you all. It was & still is a great privilege to be part of our Goguma Village/Go-Chun.

cr: woollylamb@soompi