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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

121211 [Tweet/Trans] Yonghwa's proud of his drawing ^^

Translation : 
Everyone, Yonghwa is here keke. Everyone, even I think that i draw a very nice picture keke The weather is very cold,  be careful not to catch a cold~! 

trans: cnblue4u
The member's are already shows their artistry skills earlier than the leader... Let see their's..

The 1st one to shows their skill on 6th Dec
Leonardo 'JongHyun' Da Vinci 

Translation  :
Hello everyone. I am Jonghyun, who plays the guitar and sings. I drew this photo, but I think it's really difficult to do.. There is no such simple thing in this world!! Be careful of the snow! Meet you all at the concert ^^
(By cnblue4u)

On 7th Dec , the 2nd artist shows his skills...
Pablo 'JungShin' Picasso

 Translation : 
Reminiscent of Picasso's masterpieces! Enjoy the BLUE NIGHT! See you on 15th and 16th December!
(By cnblue4u)

And the last one... On 10th of Dec...
Vincent 'MinHyuk' van Gogh
His drawing just like Starry Starry Night, right.. keke
Translation :
Hello everyone, I'm CNBLUE Kang Minhyuk. December is very cold... But CNBLUE concert  BLUE NIGHT will warm up this December. It's less than a week left from now (to the concert) I think i'm a nervous the most..whew..The picture i draw, with dark blue night sky recalls the BLUE NIGHT. Very hard to drew it...Anyway, just a little more time, I'll see you soon in the concert hall !!!! CNBLUE GOGO!
 (By cnblue4u)

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