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Saturday, December 15, 2012

121215 [Fan Taken/Fanacc] CNBLUE : First Day Of BLUENIGHT

Various FA
(Banmal Song also released on Jan 14th - cr : Wikipedia

Whose coming to BLUENIGHT today
Confirm there : KyuHyun, TaeYeon, Yoona
Still need more FA : Seohyun, Tiffany, UEE, EunHyuk

Seohyun : Lots and lots and lots of fans saw her there...
She's said left before the Encore with Tiffany ^^

Cr : YuFen

Cr : xiaohun
Burkina Faso CNBLUE School Song Music/Lyrics Jung Yong Hwa

Cr : heich_ @ justjyh

Cr : topoftheworld

Cr : everhyblue

Cr : cnbluetooth

Cr : wandy

Cr : 2_Jjong

Cr : Hshin_YS

Cr : starlight_jyh

Cr : sinying_renee

Cr : YuFen_YS
Cr : everyhyblue

Cr :

Rice Wrath for BLUE NIGHT
Various Support
YSI portion on the left ^^ 
Lovely banner we got 

After 'Party'
MinHyuk Father's BBQ Restaurant


Cr : jung hina

Fan Account
Japanese Fan Account

FA source: Shared by Sagua85


1) Yoona was there by herself before the concert starts, a little while after the concert began 3 people from SuJu came. Yoona -> played with her phone a lot, but was smiling and enjoying herself from start to finish. Donghae -> covered by his hood and couldn't see his face much. Kyu+Eunhyuk -> always watching.

②ユナが1人でくるはずはないから絶対他にもソシくるはず‼って話しつつも、そひょなは音中だから来ないよねってなってたら、まさかのまさか‼‼ラブガ終 わった後くらいにテティソ登場‼‼‼そひょな登場で大興奮‼‼‼顔が小さすぎで、前髪ありそひょなの可愛さはホント異常‼‼

2) It was impossible that Yoona would be there by herself, the other soshi must surely come! So I said, but I thought Seohyun was in the middle of MuCore and may not come, but unexpectedly! After Love Girl was over TaeTiSeo arrived! So excited for Seohyun's arrival! Her face was so small, and her hanging bangs made her unusually cute!

③しかもしかも‼‼始まった歌がウギョルでそひょなが好きって言ってたY,Whyだったもんだから、もー泣きそうで泣きそうでㅠㅠでもでも、テヨンとドン へとユナは前のめりになってみてたから様子が伺いやすかったんだけど、そひょなは姿勢が良すぎてあたしの席からはあまり様子がみれずp q

3) Also, also! The first song (after they arrived) was the one Seohyun said she liked in WGM "Y,WHY", I almost felt like crying. But, but Taeyeon and Donghae and Yoona were leaning forward watching so they were easy to see, but Seohyun was sitting straight so I couldn't see her from my seat.

④そひょな、たまに携帯イジイジはしてたけど、オンニたちとニコニコしながらみてて楽しそうだった♪そ・し・て‼‼神様に感謝の、奇跡のサランピ‼‼‼ ロックverじゃないサランピ‼‼‼嬉しくて嬉しくて震えてしまったよp qでも、ヨンみてそひょなみてってすごく忙しかったw

4) Seohyun occassionally played with her phone, but she was smiling with her unnies and it looked she was having fun. And then!!! Thank God for the miraculous Love Light! Non-rock version of Love Light! I was shaking with happiness. But, looking at Yong and then looking at Seohyun was very frantic.

⑤もちろん私は、そひょなをガン見しながらラップ部分大声で叫ばせていただきました♡あっ、サランピ歌う前に、ヨンがサランピ‼って叫んだ時、ユナが満面 の笑みで大きく口を開けてそひょなの事みてたwチング情報では、すじゅの3人もそひょなをみてたらしいwwムフフ (● ´艸`)♡

5) Of course, I was looking hard at Seohyun while loudly shouting out the rap portion. Ah, before singing Love Light, when Yong shouted "Sarangbit!", Yoona smiled with open mouth while looking at Seohyun. From my friend's account, SuJu's 3 members also looked at Seohyun.

⑥で、夢心地のサランピが終わった後、すぐ立って帰る準備をするそひょなp qすじゅの誰かかな(?)言葉わからないし聞こえなかったんだけど、どうして帰るの?的な感じで話しかけてて、そひょなも居たいけど仕方ないんです的な顔 をしつつ(あたしにはそーみえたw)何か話した後帰っちゃったp q

6) And, after the dream-like Love Light was over, Seohyun immediately stood and got ready to leave. And then someone from SuJu (TN: they weren't sure who), I couldn't hear what he said, but it felt something like "Why are you leaving?", Seohyun looked like she wanted to stay but can't help it (at least I thought so). She then left after saying something.

⑦アジックサラハンダが流れ始めてて、聴いて欲しかったから少し残念だったな。で、そひょなが帰った後は、テヨンとドンへがノリノリだったwドンへ、フー ド被ってて全然みえなかったのに、最後の方には半袖になってたしwLOVEでは、ソシとドンへが立ってLOVE×3・クラップ×3ってやってた♪

7) Still In Love started playing, I wanted her to hear it so it was a bit regretful. After Seohyun left, Taeyeon and Donghae were still in high spirits. Donghae was covered by his hood so could not see him. During Love, Soshi and Donghae stood and did the Love x3 and clap x3.


8) When CN was doing their MC, Soshi laughed a lot and really looked like they were having fun. Ah, and someone we can't forget, Kyu! When Burning was singing he was ferverently waving his glow stick. Kyuline is also amazing!

via Terminal G9 (@)
Fan Acount said they are saw seohyun at BLUE NIGHT concert!
1.Seohyun back after finished 'Love Light' and when "Love light" was played she touched her hair. #BLUENIGHTConcert (Cr.meetann0615)
2."As Seohyun was calmly watching, her unnies were smiling. For an original Love Light, Seohyun was there! This is the happiest. I'm crying."
3."At first it was only Suju and Yoona. But I don't know when the MuCore group suddenly arrived." via: sagua85
4.someone said she left early after love loght/sarangbit..omg my goguma heart
5.the seating arrangement, tiffany--seohyun--taeyeon cr: via: sagua85
6.@ only Seo got back first when Love light was finished. SNSD unnie and SJ talked to her then. while listening to Love Light, Seo touched her hair.
7.@: It's confirmed that Seohyun was at CN blue concert today
8.@ Seat was on 2nd floor in front of the runway. and they sit side by side. Eunhyuk-Kyu-Donghae-Tiffany-Seohyun-Taeyeon-Yoona-Yui(after school)
Repost for Sera, CNBlue concert is finished~so happy~my love became more handsome, and I saw SNSD Yoona, Taeyeon, and Seohyun. After School's Uee~ Super Junior Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk... SNSD Yoona is really beautiful, when she walked in front of me I said so beautiful, and she smiled at me and my husband, (something about being entranced)! --repost from SNSD bar 

only Seo got back first when Love light was finished. SNSD unnie and SJ talked to her then. while listening to Love Light, Seo touched her hair. RT : ソヒョンだけ、先に帰ったんだけど、サランピ聴き終わったと同時に帰宅!オンニ、スジュも、ソヒョンに声掛けてた!!!サランピで、ソヒョン髪の毛触ってた!!! #YONGSEO

There were Eunhyuk, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Yoona, Tiffany Taeyeon, and..... SEOHYUN!!!!!! at BLUE NIGHT!!!! and CN played Love Light!!!!! RT meetann0615: CNソウルコン!ひょく、ぎゅ、どんへ、ゆな、ぱに、てよん!そして!ソヒョン!!!!!サランピ歌いました。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。  

Seat was on 2nd floor in front of the runway. and they sit side by side. Eunhyuk-Kyu-Donghae-Tiffany-Seohyun-Taeyeon-Yoona-Yui(after school) RT 4o2_4s: 席は、花道真正面の2階でして、席順としましては、あたし→ヨンソペンチング→ウニョク→ギュ→ドンへ→パニ→ウリソヒョニ♡→テテ→ユナ→ユイ(アフス ク)とゆー感じであります( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

: they were on the front seats on the 2nd floor and the seating arrangement: Eunhyuk, KyuHyun, Donghae, Tiffany, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Yoona, UEE.

Seohyun, Taeyeon, Yoona and Tiffany are now @ CNBLUE's concert -OMG! YongSeo in the House.=)

1.Yoona just by her self before the concert, and later 3 of SJ came. Yoona was using her cellphone and smiling, SJ were just watching CN.

2.I was thinking Seohyun (TTS) were not able to come because of TV show...but she(TTS) came!!! after "Love Girl".Her face is so small and so cute with her new hair style!!! song is Seo's favorite song Y, Why... I was gonna cry. TaeYeon ,Yoona and Donghae were lunch forward but Seohyun was standing straight,so I couldn't see her from my seat.

4.Seohyun was touching her cellphone sometimes, and smiling with
eonnies. and Love light was not the Rock Ver.! I was too happy, and hard to see Yong and Seo same time.too busy.

5.I was watching Seohyun so hard and singing loud the rap part with Yong.
and before the song Yong said "Love light" ,Yoona was looking Seo with big smiles My friend saw SJ were looking Seo as well.

6. after "love light" Seohyun was preparing to leav, one of SJ said "Why are you leaving?(maybe he said so) looked like she had to leave...and she left.

Other FA from Music Core ^^
: No wonder TaeTiSeo was rushing off from MuCore. They literally ran off to backstage after waving bye to us.”

From this also :
(via )
[trans] when someone asked why they weren't taking a picture, taeyeon said she's not going to take it in case SONEs who didn't come to mucore would be sad at home

Fanacct from YSIR小兔. Please take out with full credits.
She wasnt focusing on the big screen on top. The fans behind her must be thinking she's annoying because the performance was obviously in front, (but she didnt look at it) At that time she thought she saw Seohyun sitting behind. And when Yonghwa sang a song(A/N: she can't rmb whether its Love Girl/Love Light), he was elevated and it seems like he was levelled to just directly in front of Seohyun. (Fanacct used this to describe: there was only "Air" between them, no people, no anything.) Yonghwa sang like this, with many fans below looking up at him.
Original Text: 我幾番不專心頻頻往上看,後方的飯大概有覺得我很煩,表演明明在前面XD但當時我就覺得我有看到我女兒,然後我女婿選在什麼Love Girl的時候升上去,對著女兒的位置高度,兩人之間只剩下空氣,情樣這樣唱,放一堆人在下面癡癡向上望,這種招,岳母兼姊姊的我都不禁說,實在太高

By juzcheckinout
* Yong Hwa alone had about 8.4 tonnes of rice in donations! With @just_jyh contributing 1.32 tonnes!
* Hey you, now or never and super rocking Get Away.
* Tattoo and intuition now. The intro was amazing, each member had a solo...
* Feeling is so so beautiful. Yong voice was perfect. These days, Korean version. Both with YH on piano.
* Yong Hwa did an impromptu song about JS on the piano. Jong Hyun's My love now... With YH still on piano.
* Fans calling for encore now. Hands down best CNBLUE concert I've been to yet.
* Too engrossed to tweet. One time intro was hard metal... Totally awesome...
* And the boys are back! Yong Hwa has a cap on backwards... So cute..
* Yong Hwa was on top form today. His voice, stage presence, ad libs, guitar solo... And he's so natural on the piano. A true musician.
* Feeling - so breath taking. The lighting was like a million stars bursting forth with Yong Hwa shining the brightest.
* Can't wait to hear full song composed by YH for CNB school. Sounds totally diff from his usual again, but very inspiring and fit for purpose
* I love how they continue to be dedicated to the CNB school. Not just a publicity stunt.
* Tonight's concert just strengthened my love and respect for Yong Hwa. Even when 'hidden', he continues to grow so much as a musician.
* YH fans are amazing... The sheer number of rice wreaths for him was mind boggling. We've missed him!

By ~veronica~ ‏@GrlyGirlie

* Waiting for encore now!! Spectacular performance. Everyone cheering for encore!!! So hot in here!!!
* 1st song in encore is eotoriya! Yonghwa wearing cap! ^^
* They said they have present! Wondering now what is it? YH in piano now!
* They're singing last Christmas !(^_^)
* JH voice singing Last Christmas is so wonderful!!!
* OMG they are throwing presents!!
* newly arrangement of Get Away sang in Korean was the best!
* performance of their heavy rock songs such as 'just please' 'where u are' 'one time' 'time is over' and IMH was very awesome!
* JH sand "My Love" and "Ila Ila" using acoustic guitar. While singing his face was so lovely! my heart /deugun deugun/ ^^
* Yonghwa and Jonghyun voice are really great! Plus JS rap parts become more bold and stable! It synchronize with YH. Minhyuk look cool always
* always love their con in Korea coz they're relax and more confident. Each of them perform really well tonight!
* Bluenight Live started frm each members performance frm MH playing solo drums, then JS solo bass, JH solo guitar lastly YH at d runway
* Their drawings was made into tote bag, these are the present they threw after the encore!
* the bag was made in canvass tote bag, envy those who got it :(
* don understand hangul but they are I guess announcing that they want to have world tour?!
* Last Christmas song was their present for Xmas 1st sang by JH in acapella his voice OMG and his pronunciation perfect!!
* most of ballad song was played in piano by YH. "These Days" too was accompanied by piano and sang in Korean version.
* Last year con "Love Light" was in rock ver but tonight it was sang in acoustic ver YH playing acoustic guitar.
* stage has long runway and the front end can be elevated. YH was elevated in some performance so everyone can see him.
* my seat was at 1st flr but not so good view but I clearly saw JS and YH face coz they use to run until 2nd flr ^^
* tonight's YH performance was not so hyper his more calm, his voice is really in good condition. Overall performance was awesome!
* JS he might be tired but he look great, really did well in his performance, rap parts was the best!
* MH was cool all the time, his drums more stable he's more confident playing drums it become more powerful plus twirling drumstick the best!
* JH playing his guitar solo was the best! He become more manly. He played really well and his voice was perfectly in good condition!
* JS now I think have confidence in singing his sang well in "You've Fallen for me"
* Burning souls no awesome forehead from JH tonight ^^ 

(Translation By  )
Fanacct by livvy菲菲YS. Please take out with full credits.

1. Yonghwa played keyboard live.
2. During love light, when Jonghyun finished singing "아마 내게 사랑이 온 것 같아~ Trans: "I think love came to me", Yonghwa said something like "seems like love really came"
3. Jungshin's singing is getting better.
4. Surprise is that Yonghwa was being elevated.
5. Jungshin had many different kinds of aegyo tonight.
6. Yonghwa composed on the spot today.

Original Text:

极简短后记:1.容和现场弹电子琴清唱,好听死了。都要被融化了的温油声线,just feeling。2.在爱情光的时候,第二段,二哥唱完"我的爱情好像来了",然后容和念了一句"爱情好像来了"!3.正信唱歌越来越好听了,今天有惊 艳;4.升降台的惊喜; 5.正信今天各种扭各种撒娇6.容和现场即兴创作,很赞!

(Translation by : yongseojusaeyo (@))
NOTE: English is not my first language either Japanese, so sorry if there are some mistakes.
Thank you ^_______^

Today, 1st day of the concert ended safely, and now I write the blog with full of excitement.

[Spoiler] Today, “Love Light” sang by the original version(*^^*)

Yonghwa also did the rap part.

After a long time “Sarangbit”.

When heard “Sarangbit” be called, it felt like “Oo!!”, I’m excited too (T_T) as I heard it (*^^*)

Yonghwa who sang with a smile, really full of happy feeling.

Actually, when they were singing LOVE Girl earlier, when the tip of the runway of the stage were being raised upward by the gondola, in the visitor’s seats, there are 4 girls, 5 people and 1 boy who came in, perhaps that were SNSD.

I knew SNSD’s manager who resembles Yonghwa, Taeyeon, and Yoona, the rest was Tiffany?

After that, the girl beside the manager, which just the head was seen, could it be Seohyun?

I knew well its Taeyeon and Yoona because they were leaning their body onto the front fence.

By twitter’s info, seems like Seohyun did came after all.

Next are Uee, Suju Eunhyuk and Kyuhyun.

Could it be the one that I thought to be the manager, might be Kyuhyun ?

After Sarangbit was “Still in Love”, there were full of feeling to do applause for Yonghwa who sang “Love Light” in me.

I will revise after I have made sure for who was coming.

The hair was also be lowered down, rustling hair, (*^^*) refreshing.

The visual was great, my voice also went out, it’s the best concert.

Did they sing “Love Light” because Seohyun came?

I didn’t know whether he put it on the song choices because he know that she’ll come or not, but Yonghwa wore a baseball cap backwards in the encore, looked like a choding.

Again, I will upload with more details.



[Info] 121215 #BLUENIGHT in Seoul D-1 Set List
via @Maestro_Blue Maestro B.L.U.E.

1. Hey You
2. Now or Never
3. Get Away (Kor. Ver.)
4. Tattoo
MC Time
5. Intuition
6. Have A Good Night
7. Wake Up
8. Love Girl
9. Y, Why
10. Feeling (with piano)
11. These Days (Kor. Ver.)
12. My Love (Acoustic)
13. Love Light
14. Still in Love
15. Just Please
16. Where You Are
17. One Time
18. Time Is Over
19. In My Head

20. I'm A Loner
21. 넌 내게 반했어 (You Have Fallen For Me)
22. Last Christmas - Wham! (Cover Song/ Christmas gift from CNBLUE)
23. LOVE
24. illa illa (Cover version)
25. 고마워요 (Gomawoyo/Thank You)

Thank you to @i_am_joom @iammanus @kukkiklinggung @GrlyGirlie for real-time update.

Sorry in advance if there is any mistake.


  1. Whoa, thank you for the update! I hope some fans will share the fancams later :) My CNSD support each, love, love! I'm so happy Seohyun publicly attended the concert! I can't wait for Jan 14, 2013..important date indeed, it's also the same date when CNBLUE 1st debuted in Korea and Banmal song release one year ago!<3<3<3

  2. Ah, I'm so excited to hear that Seohyun was there >_< really really happy...
    YongSeoga jeongmal bogoshipeoyo :(

  3. OMG !! thanks for update, kyaaa yongseo jjang !! yonghwa looks cute with hat >.< i hope fancam pleaseee..

  4. The best saturday ever! My goguma heart! :D

  5. She left earlier to go wait for him in the waiting room backstage so she could congratulate him when they finished the concert... just like before.

  6. or maybe she left earlier to greet her in laws.. kkk..

    GOD..!! I'M SO HAPPYYYYY,,!!!!
    Thx to all goguma at the concert,, daebak!!

  7. OMG.. I can't help myself but keep giggling and smiling..
    It's like We Got Married days all over again..
    And this is only because one special night.
    I wonder if there were other fanaccount or fancam..
    I'm really curious on whether Yonghwa was really elevated while singing Love Light.

    (Source and I quote :

    "Fanacct from YSIR小兔. Please take out with full credits.

    And when Yonghwa sang a song(A/N: she can't rmb whether its Love Girl/Love Light), he was elevated and it seems like he was levelled to just directly in front of Seohyun. (Fanacct used this to describe: there was only "Air" between them, no people, no anything.) Yonghwa sang like this, with many fans below looking up at him." )

    Dying to see this fancam.. But even if there weren't any, i am still a Goguma overload with happiness..

    YongSeo is EVERLASTING INDEED. And last but not least, to my fellows Goguma, thank you so much for the effort and support that you all gave to Yonghwa and CNBlue brothers in law.. So proud of the power of Goguma.

    This is officially YongSeo. BEST. NEWS. 2012.