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Sunday, December 16, 2012

121216 [Fan Taken/Fanacc] CNBLUE : Second Day Of BLUENIGHT

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From Top Star

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Cute Jonghyun ^^

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YongHwa parents atttend 2nd day of concert
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JH's father, mother with YH' s father

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Even Mama Jung Handbag spotted the limelight from fans...

FNC Family
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  She's in the red coat

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Fan Account 
By ~veronica~ ‏@GrlyGirlie

* another BLUENIGHT tonight! cameras all over the concert hall!
* During love girl we fans have this paper with writing We Love CNBLUE we showed this and they were surprised!
* Feeling now YH in piano dazzling blue lights like a million stars
* End of encore Jonghyun very cute wearing something in his head and pick-up teddy bears from fans 

* we thought you've fallen for me was the last song but we keep calling for another encore then after awhile they appear again sang 'Thank you' 
* impromptu song was longer this tine with JH guitar YH requested for reggae sound then he start singing MH add beat of drums
* Impromptu was in its best it became like on the spot composition JH YH really masters how to play w/their guitar YH played realy great sound
* Yonghwa tonight is very lovely, playful on stage, his voice was amazing, he randomly dances in some song
* CNBLUE have grown as rock stars, their heavier newly arrange song such as Just Please and One Time was the best! ^^
* Get Away kor ver d best JH have grown his skill he can even move his body like a rocker. He often use level stage in his solo part so cool!
* YH said "sarangheyo" in the end, and even said "you are my everything" twice
* Juniel attended tonight too, she wore pink dress so cute! JH sang Ila Ila YH said Juniel will feel good.
* Someone threw jacket tiger print, YH laugh when he pick it up, then put around in his shoulder ^^

By Be Happy ~KDW~ ‏@AppleRella

* Juniel is here watching CNBLUE concert today
* 20.16.12 BLUE NIGHT Concert-BOICE Project 'L♡VE CNBLUE' 보고싶었어 데헷!
* Yonghwa sings a Song of the Year Gangnam Style !! 55555555
* Heartstring Yonghwa lying on the floor playing guitar!!! He 's so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

By  ketch ‏@ketchBurning

* JH sang Dooly a little(w wrong key lol), YH sang&play Guannam style a little. JH sang illa illa again& at that time they introduded Juniel.
* while end roll film boys came back again the stage n sang gomawoyo.JH looks so happy to singing
* at the end of "Last Christmas" JH said "Merruly Christmas" w sweet voice❤
* at the end in front of runway JH wore a fan's knit cap(so cute) n took selca w 3boys.after that he took off&threw out cap fr another fan lol  

By Checkinout ‏@juzcheckinout* Lots of video cams, a DVD perhaps? *fingers crossed*
* I didn't think it was possible but tonight's concert was even better than yesterday's. I miss Yong Hwa already.
* Yong Hwa did an impromptu guitar solo that was so bluesy and sexy... He's been hiding his skills... 

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Just like ytd, yonghwa was elevated during love girl but he looked left and right watching others while singing.

During love light, Yonghwa didnt add his line "I think love came to me"

Credits: YSIR小兔

Original Text:
我繼續客觀地腦殘著......今天一樣升降梯,一樣Love Girl 升上去,可是唱的時候一直左看右看下方的大家,昨天那赤果果盯著前面唱的情況果然不得復見愛情光也沒有旁白我的愛情來了!啊因為就沒來,你叫他怎麼說謊

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