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Monday, December 17, 2012

121217 [Fan Account] TTS : MBC Music Core 121215

Translation by ch0sshi
Original posts : Ch0sshi 2.0 Tumblr

  1. Other singers’ pre-recordings ended late, so they were at the start of rehearsals when we entered. While they were busy with the rehearsal, they waved and said, “Long time no see!” when they saw fans walking in. Then they continued on with rehearsals.
  2. They were doing ‘gwiyomi!’ (=cutie) during rehearsals, and Tiffany couldn’t do it well. She was practicing by herself, saying it was hard, and she asked fans “Is it ‘is’ or ‘also’?” She was asking if it was “4 + 4 ‘is’ cutie,” or “4 + 4 is ‘also’ cutie.” She said it [the song] really isn’t sticking, and kept practicing.
  3. There wasn’t a lot of time left once rehearsals were over, so the girls said they weren’t going into the waiting rooms. Taeyeon said, “Then I don’t want to go in!” but Seohyun called over the coordi unnie and said she was going to go in. The fans said, “Don’t go!” but Seohyun said in an innocent tone, “There’s somewhere I need to go~” and hopped/ran in. She wore flats again and kept hopping around.
  4. Tiffany’s friend (they said she’s an unnie Tiffany’s known in the States since she was 10) came to the studio today, and, instead of sitting in the MC zone, she sat right next to the fans. Tiffany told Taeyeon to sit there, too, but Taeyeon said you could see the top of her head, ans went, “I don’t want to show the crown of my head!” and didn’t sit.
  5. Taeyeon looked at the fans, greeted the fans who were sitting far away, and asked, “What do fans talk about these days?” The fans didn’t understand so she asked it a few times, saying, “What do fans talk about these days?” and, “What do SONEs talk about these days?” When they said fans talk about their comeback, she said, “Us? Comeback?” and nodded going ‘mmm~’. She asked, “Anything other than talks of a comeback?” The fans said something, but she didn’t understand and just laughed it off.
  6. Then, she told us to be careful not to catch a cold. To be careful not to catch a sinus cold or get a sore throat. When the fans told her to be careful, too, she said she’s okay. She kept saying, “Be careful not to catch a cold~”
  7. When rehearsals were over, before the live broadcast, the studio was quiet, so this was heard clearly. Taeyeon said, “Stay in shape. You have to run soon.” Then she smiled, said, “I’ll work on it (staying in shape). Who am I worrying about,” and smiled again.
  8. When returning from the waiting room, Seohyun came out carrying a large box. At first, I thought she carried an entire makeup box out, but she placed it on her chair and giggled. Turns out it was a snack box.
  9. Seohyun kept saying it was hot. Saying, “It’s hot, it’s hot.” She told the fans she’s really hot, as well as to her coordi unnie. She told her unnies that it’s hot and also said it to the writer unnie.
  10. Seohyun asked, “Did you all eat?” At first, it just seemed like she was asking if we ate, but turns out…..
  11. Taeyeon said something like her mic name tag breaking. It happened when the staff carried and moved it.. As an emergency, they just pushed it back on, but Taeyeon frowned and said something to the PD. Seohyun stood next to her, and, with a smiling face, she acted like she was breaking the name tag in half. Taeyeon was touching her name tag before her first lines because it was broken.
  12. They were getting together to do their first lines, and Seohyun was standing their first. She saw Tiffany walking over and laughed going ‘Hee-‘, and it was really cute. She laughed like how she did during the broadcast, where she and Taeyeon looked at each other doing the ‘Tried To Walk’ part.
  13. When the three gathered, Seohyun extended her hand saying they should do ‘right now is Girls’ Generation’. Tiffany naturally put her hand out, but Taeyeon put out scissors. Tiffany and Seohyun scolded her, asking what she’s doing, but Seohyun took a step forward and put out a rock. After Tiffany got the two to settle, they decided to put their mics together and to it. They put their mics together and did ‘right now is Girls’ Generation~!’
  14. After doing ‘Far Away’, Tiffany and Seohyun monitored them doing it. Seohyun whined saying her foot got in the shot. Being worried about her foot being in the shot. Seems she was embarrassed about it.
  15. Taeyeon said the lines today were short. Seohyun also said they were short today, and that she was sad. She seemed sad saying, “We waited a long time, too~” (not sure if she meant fans waited a long time, or if she waited a long time to MC again) She wrote up to ‘waited~’ in the air, and when it seemed people got the gist of it, she erased it.
  16. Seohyun asked if it was cold outside. When we said it wasn’t, she said it was cold a couple days ago. She wrote ‘two days’ in the air, and used body language to express that it was cold. She said she likes going on walks, so she went out two days ago, but went back inside because it was so cold. Then she suddenly said she wants to go skiing (she acted like she was skiing for this, too). But she said she doesn’t have any time to go, and wrote ‘time’ in the air.
  17. Before the broadcast, when it was quiet, Taeyeon was standing by herself looking at all the fans, and someone asked her if she dyed her hair. Taeyeon asked back, “Why? Does it look pretty?” When the fan said it is, Taeyeon made a really cheeky face, said, “I know~” and posed. She said she dyed her roots.
  18. Someone told Taeyeon that her hair is cute. So Taeyeon pointed at her hair saying, “This hair?” (similar pigtails from SNSD promotions), and did the ‘angtal’ dance a bit (this part from ‘Girls’ Generation’ choreo— She said it was a little cute when they did it while promoting ‘Girls’ Generation’, but that it doesn’t suit them now. It doesn’t suit them because they’re not cute. So the fans told her no, that she’s cute and pretty, but she said she’s turning 25 now. The fans started calling out their own ages, and she said they’re all aging together.
  19. Then they started talking about ages, and someone up front asked how old they looked, and Taeyeon said, “Twenty..” and froze. She was having a hard time answering. Later, the fan told her how old they were, and Taeyeon nodded and said, “You look young~”
  20. Someone from the back row said they’re 19, and Taeyeon said they’re still wet behind the ears (just meaning not mature yet), and snickered.
  21. Someone else said they took their college entrance exams and that they’re turning 20, so Taeyeon called them a baby and went ‘woo jjoo jjoo jjoo jjoo’ (just like, sounds..used to comfort a baby, usually), doing a gesture with both hands.
  22. While talking about age, Taeyeon suddenly said ‘When I was 20’, and started doing ‘ITNW’ choreography. Then for when she was 21 (she showed ‘21’ with her fingers), she was like, “What was it?”, and when the fans said ‘GEE!’, she went, “Ah, GEE!” and did a bit of that choreography. She said 22 was ‘Oh!’ and did that dance, ‘Hoot’ for 23, and she did the arrow dance. She was like, “When I was 24..? ‘The Boys’?”, and after that, “25 for Twinkle!” Then she had a somewhat blank face. She hasn’t even turned 25 yet, but she said ‘25 for ‘Twinkle”. She thought about it for a while, and did it backwards again. 24 for ‘Twinkle’, 23 for ‘The Boys’, 22 for… Even though the fans told her they did ‘Oh!’ and ‘Hoot’ when she was 22, Taeyeon was drowned in her own thoughts, and something must have seemed weird. Then, she went to do the lines and asked Tiffany. Asking, “What [song] did we do when we were 20? When we were 21?”
  23. Seohyun suddenly looked at the fans and asked, “Who is hungry?” Then, she brought the box she left on her seat, showed it to the fans, and it was a snack box. It seemed she intended on giving it to just the hungry people at first, and she handed things out to those who rose their hands. She then told the fans to play rock paper scissors with her. And so the Seohyun show started all of a sudden. Because everyone all started doing rock paper scissors, it must have been hectic for her. She said, “Over here~” and chose a limited section of people to play paper scissors with her. The fans also cooperated; just the fans in the sections she was at would play. She would then limit another section saying, “Next, here~” and start playing again. She told people who changed their hand, lost, or got a tie to put their hands down, and just the ones who won to keep them up. And she really did give just the winners the snacks. She threw them at first, but there were big ones too. She must have felt that she could not throw those, so she handed them to the person in the front, and direct them to pass them to way back to the person who won. And she watched over to make sure that person got it. So when the right person got the snack, they would nod and the next match would start. This went on until the entire snack box was empty.
  24. While playing rock paper scissors and handing out the snacks, the writer unnie grabbed Seohyun’s waist and told her it was time to go do their lines. Seohyun said that she was about to give it so someone, told her to ‘hold on’, hurriedly read the script and went to do the lines. When she was done, she went and gave it to the person she left off on. She was sweeping down her heart, saying she was surprised. It was really hectic when this happened, so the writer unnie had to call for Tiffany, drag Seohyun over, and get Taeyeon [to do the lines]. The writer unnie was like a kindergarten teacher.
  25. Tiffany watched Seohyun playing rock paper scissors, and she must have wanted to play, too, because she went and played with people in the front row. Then, Tiffany took a milk from the snack box, telling Seohyun she was taking it. Seohyun nonchalantly said she could. But, while Seohyun was playing with the fans again, Tiffany asked to switch the milk for something else, but Seohyun said no, and didn’t let her switch it out.
  26. After emptying out the box to the last 4 pieces of candy, she said, “There aren’t anymore!” and flipped the box over to show the fans. She put it down and was really satisfied on her own, giggling, and she said, “Enjoy the food~” When she went into the waiting room earlier, it was to get the snack box. (It seemed to be from fan support. Not just prepared by Seohyun.)
  27. While Seohyun was busy playing rock paper scissors, Taeyeon called, “Seohyun~” from the back and said something, but we couldn’t understand it. Because the fans couldn’t understand, Taeyeon said it two or three more times, but I still didn’t understand it. She said something like, “She [Seohyun] said she’s going to ____.”
  28. After that, Seohyun played games with a cell phone a fan in the front row handed her. 모두의 게임/Everyone’s Game ( Whack-a-mole (game mode in the app)? It was something like that. She sat where the managers usually sit (the very first/front row in the fan section. The fan’s seats start in the next row behind), and whacked the moles at the speed of light with her fingers. But, she was better than the fan (owner of the phone). She had another ceremony of happiness because of this.
  29. After doing the ‘gwiyomi’ lines, Tiffany showed the fans the ‘gwiyomi [song]’ again and sat down. Seohyun’s face looked like she was going to barf. Taeyeon asked if we knew the gwiyomi song. She started from 1+1. Then, she said she made one up for 7. She said ‘7+7 is gwiyomi!’ and put the ‘V’ under her chin. She then went, “For 8…” and looked down at her hands and thought for a while. She had her fingers out to make 8 and kept thinking going, “For 8… For 8…” Then she must have thought of something, going, “Ah!” and looked at the fans, but they were busy playing rock paper scissors with Seohyun at that moment. Then, she made 9 fingers and started thinking of something for it by herself again.
  30. They then went to do their lines. After doing the lines, the fans asked Taeyeon what you do for 8. She must have been excited because she put her mic on the floor and did ‘8+8 is~’, and acted like she was an audience member at a rock concert, using one hand to place on her mouth like she was yelling, and making a peace sign with the other hand. When the fans asked, “What about 9?”, she went, “9+9 is…” and put both hands near her mouth like a mole? And for 10+10, she extended both hands out and opened and closed her hands like a baby asking for food. She must have been proud about doing it all the way to 10, and she started all over again from 1. 1+1 is gwiyomi~ 2+2 is gwiyomi~ 3+3 is gwiyomi~ 4+4 is gwiyomi~ 5+5 is gwiyomi~ 6+6 is gwiyomi~ 7+7 is gwiyomi~ 8+8 is gwiyomi~ 9+9 is gwiyomi~ 10+10 is gwiyomi~ When she was all done, she and all the fans clapped. Seohyun was leaning against the wall, watching with a pitiful-like look (like when you sigh and shake your head at someone?). Then, she had forgotten about the mic she placed on the floor, and she said, “Ah!” and picked it back up when someone told her she left it there.
  31. Taeyeon was looking down at her shirt, trying to fix it, saw the lips on it, pointed at it, and puckered her own lips. She then threw a kiss at us. She also acted like she was applying lip gloss on to the lips.
  32. Seohyun kept saying it was hot, and when people told her to take off her coat, Seohyun said she can’t. When the fans asked if it was because she wasn’t wearing anything under it, she said, “No Way~” She pointed at her sleeve saying, “Look~” and showed she was wearing something under.
  33. The fans looked like they were hot, and Taeyeon asked, “Are you hot?” And then she said, “Take it off!” She acted like she was taking off a jacket. When the fans said they couldn’t take it off, she acted like she was taking a t-shirt off. Telling them that if they can’t take off their coats/jackets, to take off their shirts.
  34. I think it was during Nell’s performance that someone mentioned bands, and Taeyeon said she likes singing more than playing an instrument.
  35. Seohyun kept running around the studio, saying she was hot. She suddenly ran to Taeyeon, whispered something in her ear, and ran to the outside part of the studio, and ran back inside soon after. What did you do…
  36. When Seohyun was told her bangs were cute, Seohyun did a 90-degree bow and said ‘thank you~’ She said that people around her said she rejuvenated. She wrote ‘rejuvenated’ in the air. When writing it (in Korean=회춘=hwe choon), she wrote it as호(ho)+ㅣ([y]i). When she wrote호, fans asked, “Ho?” so Seohyun wrote theㅣright next to it. When the fans asked, “Hwe?”, Seohyun repeated it back to them and nodded, and giggled.
  37. Seohyun asked fans what album concept they hoped for. When they said anything is good, she asked, “Anything is good?” and laughed. She was making choices, saying “#1 something cute!” and acted cute. She said ‘#2..’ and thought for a minute, and fans said, ‘Something sexy!”, but she waved both hands in the air (saying no). #2 was ‘charismatic’, but she couldn’t explain it so she wrote it in the air again. She was thinking about #3, and someone said ‘something sexy!’ again, and she showed the same reaction of waving both hands, rejecting it. Anyway, the vote ended with #2 being chosen as the best one. She despised ‘something sexy’.
  38. Taeyeon said, “They said next week’s MuCore is the last one for this year~” Saying next week’s episode is the last for the remainder of the year. She then asked, “Did you know that?” and that she wasn’t aware. She must have felt mischievous because she said to fans again, “Next week is the last MuCore, the end!” And when the fans started murmuring amongst themselves, she laughed by herself. Saying it’s the end now. After that, she explained, “This year, for this year.” and burst out laughing by herself again. She said it starts again in January. She said she doesn’t know when they will be quitting. She laughed playfully, covering her mouth with one hand.
  39. Taeyeon said she’s not going to take pictures anymore now, because there might be fans who aren’t there who would be sad… She showed a gesture to express that she’s sad, but she clenched both fists and shook them. Anyway, that’s why she said shes not going to take pictures anymore.
  40. While doing the lines, the prompter was blocked by the cameraman, so Seohyun must not have been able to see it. She peeked her head to the side, read it, and said ‘sensible vocals~’. When they came down, she showed where she messed up to the writer unnie, and got depressed. Even though the writer unnie said it was okay, after that, she immediately became glum.
  41. Seohyun said the prompter read ‘Seoheon’ instead of ‘Seohyun’. She went up close to read it again, as if she couldn’t believe her eyes. She whined to the fans saying, “It says ‘Seoheon’ here!”
  42. Taeyeon must have seen something funny while watching a performance because she said, “Look at that!” and laughed to herself. That part went by, so she bent her knees a little and stared at the stage until it came on again. In the end, it didn’t come up again. It was totally cute when she froze, knees bent, in the middle of laughing.
  43. A foreign girl/woman, who looked like some male idol group’s fan, came right behind where we were sitting, and cheered hard by herself, with a towel. It must have been interesting to see because Taeyeon pointed her out and laughed, asking where she popped up from, and kept watching her. She also told Tiffany and Seohyun to look. The three stared at her in amazement, and when they came back after doing their lines, that fan was gone because the performance was over. Taeyeon burst out laughing asking, “Did she leave? Where did she go?” and found it really funny.
  44. Seohyun offered water to Taeyeon, but she said it was okay, she didn’t want to drink it. Seohyun kept offering it to her, but she kept saying she didn’t want it. So Seohyun drank it by herself.
  45. While walking, Taeyeon accidentally tripped/got caught on Seohyun’s foot? Taeyeon hissed at Seohyun, asking if she did it on purpose. Seohyun said she didn’t and hugged her.
  46. Whenever they were monitoring, Seohyun was busy. Because Tiffany was sitting in the [audience] seats. She would look at it once, and call Taeyeon over while watching it. When she was done watching it, she would take it to Tiffany to watch, too.
  47. Before they went to do their last lines, Taeyeon said, “Bye~ See you next time~ Bye~” while waving. Then, when they were done with their lines, they waved for a long time again, not forgetting the fans in the back. They left after saying ‘bye bye’ for a while. Seohyun sent small and big hearts, waved, said her goodbyes, and then hopped out. Tiffany also said her goodbyes for a good amount of time, and nonchalantly left with her friend.
+) Taeyeon tried to look at the fans making binoculars with her hands. She was holding the mic in her hand, and when she moved her hand near her eye, she bumped her head into the name tag. So she held the mic under her arm, made the binoculars and looked at the fans. Afterwards, she made a crying face and rubbed where she hit her head earlier.
++) Someone asked Taeyeon what she did when it snowed. Taeyeon went, “Hm..”, thought for a moment, and said she didn’t really do anything and sulked. Then, someone asked what she’s doing on Christmas, and she went, “Hm..” again, said she doesn’t have anything to do and sulked again. When someone asked, “Do you want to play together?”, Taeyeon told them to spend Christmas with family, with their parents, and laughed. Saying she was okay.
(The person who wrote up the fan account said it was very hectic this day. That the girls didn’t really watch the stages either. Tiffany kept sitting with the unnie she’s close to (the one she’s known since she was 10, mentioned earlier. She said they were meeting here because she doesn’t have time to meet her otherwise). And Taeyeon and Seohyun talked to fans a lot)

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