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Friday, December 21, 2012

121221 [News] YoonA, Yonghwa, and Sung Si Kyung to host ’2012 KBS Music Festival’

With the year-end ceremonies approaching rapidly, broadcast stations have started to announce their host selections for the various ceremonies. Next up to announce is KBS for their ‘2012 KBS Music Festival‘, and it seems we’ll be seeing Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA and CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa, hosting alongside sunbae singer Sung Si Kyung!

A representative of KBS revealed, “For the ‘Music Festival’ MCs, YoonA, Yonghwa, and Sung Si Kyung have been confirmed… The festival will proceed with a new atmosphere.”

The rep also revealed some changes to this year’s show as he added, “This year, we’ll be showcasing the new performances of the singers with no competition involved… There are various stages, which you’ll be surprised by, being prepared.”

With announcers or popular MCs of TV programs usually having served the role as hosts of this specific show, this is a surprising change along with the elimination of competing special performances. Instead, it has been hinted that the focus will be on vocal performances with a potential male choir made up of idols to older singers participating. Yonghwa and Sung Si Kyung may be participating in this choir as well.

The staff of the show are revealed to have made these changes so that this show could be one that can be enjoyed by everyone of all generations as we wrap up the year.

The ’2012 KBS Music Festival’ will take place on the 28th!
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