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Monday, December 17, 2012

121217 [Spazz] Snowboarding vs Skiing...

what ZIGU said in (about CECI interview part ) @ yongseochatbox ^^

"Did you guys read ceci interview? jonghyun said they went to snowboarding around last new year with all the membs, next jan they will go again he says. yong went to snowboard in Dec 2010 at that time he couldn't really snowboard as busy teaching keke. anyways jh says cnblue decided to go snowboarding around new year as they official time off from fnc around every new year"
 via ROBOT LOVE ^^ (@ikemen_YONG22)

Seohyun asked if it was cold outside. When we said it wasn’t, she said it was cold a couple days ago. She wrote ‘two days’ in the air, and used body language to express that it was cold. She said she likes going on walks, so she went out two days ago, but went back inside because it was so cold. Then she suddenly said she wants to go skiing (she acted like she was skiing for this, too). But she said she doesn’t have any time to go, and wrote ‘time’ in the air.

via Translation by ch0sshi
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