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Sunday, January 27, 2013

130127 [News] Girl’s Generation members get back hugs from ‘beast instrumentalists’

On the January 26th broadcast of SBS‘ ’Star King‘ there was a beast instrument battle show.

During the show, Shin Ji Ho, known as a beast pianist and Con, a beast violinist, appeared as guests and displayed an amazing harmony.

Con received a lot of attention for his back hug while performing.  The person he hugged was Girl’s Generation’s Hyoyeon.  The wonderful back hug made Hyoyeon extremely happy.

MC Boom asked Hyoyeon, “Is this the first back hug of the new year for you?“  She replied, “No, this is the first back hug I received my entire life.  My heart is beating really fast.  He is amazing.”

The youngest member of the group, Seohyun, who saw this all transpire, wanted to also get a back hug from the violinist.  So Con went and did the same exact back hug while playing his instrument to Seohyun.

To this Sooyoug said she wanted a back hug from pianist Shin Ji Ho.  After Shin Ji Ho gave a back hug to Sooyoung while playing the piano, after finishing his set he once again hugged her tight.  After this, Shin Ji Ho did the same performance for Yuri and also placed his hands on top of Yuri’s while playing the piano.

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