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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

130130 [Video] The Making of FNC Magazine

cr. jjeee67

Cr : kpopstreamonline

Transcript : 
[Trans] The FNC MAGAZINE MAKING 2/2 video cr @용화 리아

(08:03~ )
Yonghwa: It's been 5 years since we met.
Seunghyun: I remember trainee days.
Yonghwa: When we were trainees, we shared room. We were room mates.
[They spent hard trainee days together, room mates Seunghyun and Yonghwa]
Seunghyun: Frankly speaking, our room was a piggery.
Yonghwa: We lived really hungry life.
Seunghyun: The chicken we are advertising.
Yonghwa: Uh! Yes.
[Seunghyun became the CF model of the chicken they used to eat at trainee days]
Yonghwa: You did a great job.
Seunghyun: We really enjoyed eating it. We could eat it if we had cash 20,000 won.
Yonghwa: When he became the CF model of that chicken, I was so happy. Because we used to eat that chicken.
[One chicken for 8 persons. they became the model of that chicken. Legendary Success!]
Seunghyun: We were poor.
Yonghwa: 8 people gathered money and bought one chicken.
Seunghyun: It looked like a factory, a chicken farm.
Seunghyun: I chose Hyejeong whom we filmed 'I wish' MV with. Linus is her angel name.
[Sehyun voted for his hyung...]
Yonghwa: Popularity voting. I will vote for him without hesitating. Whenever I'm tired, he makes me laugh with funny words.
[Yonghwa loves funny person.]
He tells me funny stories a lot, always makes me laugh. He will have no one but me.
[He will not... Anyway Jungshin got 2 votes as Jaejin said.]
Jungshin, I hope you vote for me. I expect, I will replay it.
Yonghwa: Who did you vote for?
Seunghyun: Me? Hongki hyung.
[Next to Jungshin, another CNBLUE cheated by FTISLAND]
Yonghwa: Really? I voted for Jungshin.
Seunghyun: I'm so happy we can gather and leave photos and memories. Especially with top star Yonghwa hyung.
Yonghwa: Let's not say such words between us. Please show this scene. We are in good relationship.
Yonghwa: Today, our concept is orange color. Our company logo is orange too. We are all wearing orange.
Seunghyun: Why is it orange?
Yonghwa: Because our company logo is orange color. I was told like that.
Seunghyun: I thought it's because president likes tangerine. It isn't.
I'm so happy that all FNC family gather and laugh out together.
She is 15 years old, so young. 6 years difference. 6 years would be uncle? Oppa?
Staff: How old is Sehyun?
Sehyun: I'm 19.
Staff: Wonbin?
Wonbin: 23. I didn't know I got old like this.
[Eunee nuna must piss off to see you!]
Seunghyun: Our FNC family overcome the age gap, Love and happiness is flooding over FNC.
Hanna: Happiness is flooding over.
Staff: Let's make a laugh.

Dong Yeon: All shooting was over. All FNC artists gathered here.
Many of you are expecting who is the most popular person in FNC. The result of popularity voting will be announced.
Dong Yeon: What ranking are you expecting?
Yonghwa: Hi, I'm Jung Yonghwa. I'm the 5th.
Dong Yeon: With how many votes will you get the 5th?
Yonghwa: About 3 votes?
Dong Yeon: Song Eunee sunbaenim, who do you think will be the number one?
Song Eunee: Minhyuk! It's just my pronoun. Whatever I'm asked, my answer is the same. Just Minhyuk.
Hanna: Who I am curious most is Park Gwang Hyun sunbaenim.
Park Gwang Hyun: Yes.
Hanna: What ranking are you expecting?
Park Gwang Hyun: The ranking? I think I get zero vote.
Hanna: No, you don't. I voted for you.
All: Date! Date!
Dong Yeon: Now you are watching a crime scene.
Hongki: You will be arrested.
Park Gwang Hyun: We are in 21 years difference.
Song Eunee: Minhyuk and I are just in 20 years difference.
Dong Yeon: Today, two couples were born.
Anyone who voted for yourself?
Minhyuk: Jungshin, raise your hand! Jungshin! raise hand!
Jonghoon: I couldn't choose one. All are my favorite seniors and juniors.
Dong Yeon: I should have voted for myself. I see.
Yonghwa: You remind me of Gayo Daejeon. When I did Gayo Daejeon (MC of 2009 SBS Gayo).
Dong Yeon: I learned from it....
Song Eunee: He is doing well as he learned!
Yonghwa: I'm embarrassed, don't remind me of it.
Dong Yeon: Now we announce the order.
Hanna: We announce.
Dong Yeon: Who is the number one of popularity voting? Let's open from the 3rd.
Song Eunee: Is there even 3rd?
Dong Yeon: 3rd! CNBLUE Jonghyun sunbaenim.
Minhyuk: No way!
Jonghyun: I've lived a sincere life so far, so I'm rewarded like this. Thank you. I will work hard.
Dong Yeon: Next, 2nd.
Minhyuk: Isn't it fake?
Dong Yeon: 2nd place is two persons. Man and woman each. I will announce. Hanna and Jungshin sunbaenim share the 2nd place.
Jungshin: Me?!
Yonghwa: He is really happy. Jungshin's face mean it.
Jungshin: I and Hanna are 2nd place. Thank you.
Jonghyun: Put away your hand, Put away your hand.
?: She's 15.
Hanna: Thank you.
Dong Yeon: Now the 1st place!
Yonghwa: I hope it's me please.
Dong Yeon: Who will be?
?: Isn't it Jung Yonghwa? Jung Yonghwa.
Yonghwa: I should have not interviewed.
Dong Yeon: Ah! The 1st! As all of you expected... The 1st is AOA Shin Jimin!
?: Jung Yonghwa wasn't there.
Dong Yeon: How is your feeling?
Jimin: My mother used to teach me that I should win 'Number one or nothing'.
Dong Yeon: According to the rumor, Jung Yonghwa sunbaenim didn't get even one vote.

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