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Friday, February 1, 2013

130201 [News/Photo] CNBLUE & Kim Yuna endorsing Prospecs W

CNBLUE together with the figure skating queen Kim Yuna was chosen as the model to endorse a sportswear brand "Prospecs W". As to quote Yonghwa's statement "I think this advertisement is marvelous and I'm happy that we can work together. I am a fan of Kim Yuna . The 2013 year would be fun and I have a hunch that all will go well."

With CNBLUE and Kim Yuna as their new model, they expect to garner good reaction from their target market. They believe CNBLUE and Kim Yuna will shows their potential and talent through good music and acting, which most likely fit with the new image of Prospecs W.

Excerpt translation from thestar.chosun

Cr News : CNBLUE4U
CNBLUE and Kim Yuna team up as endorsement models for sportswear brand ‘Prospecs W’

CNBLUE and figure skater Kim Yuna will be endorsing sportswear brand ‘Prospecs W‘ together!
FNC Entertainment confirmed, “CNBLUE became ‘Prospecs W’ endorsement models with Kim Yuna.” 

This is quite a joyous event for Yonghwa, who previously confessed that his ideal type is Kim Yuna! He shared, “I was normally a fan of Kim Yuna, so I am amazed and happy to be endorsement models with her. I predict that all things will go well in the year of 2013.” 

A representative revealed, “Each member of CNBLUE is showing his outstanding talents and skills in both music and acting which we thought would match the youthful and fresh ‘Prospecs W’ brand, and chose them as the new partners alongside Kim Yuna.”

CNBLUE recently made a comeback with their self-composed song “I’m Sorry” off their new album ‘Re:Blue‘ which is receiving a lot of love.

Cr : allkpop

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