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Monday, January 28, 2013

130128 [Video/Trans] CNBLUE at KBS Gag Concert Eng Subbed

cr. Faith V

cr. 지 약
BR: Shin Bora . JG: Song Joongeun . KR: Kim Kiri
YH: Yonhgwa . JH: Jonghyun . MH: Minhyuk

BR: Did you catch a cold?
JG: Yeah.
BR: Let’s break up.
JG: What?
BR: Let’s break up.
JG: Why are you saying this at a college bar?
BR: Where we are doesn’t matter. I got a new guy.
JG: This is too much. This is unfair.
BR: Why?
JG: I had Hwa Choon Hwa last week.
BR: That’s your luck.
JG: Anyways, so what does he do?
BR: He was my band-mate back in college. We decided to get back together. He’ll be here.
JG: Let him come.

YH: Bora!
BR: Yonghwa!
YH: Bora, it’s so good to see you.
YH: It’s nice to meet you. I’m Jung Yonghwa.
JG: Are you the one who dated Bora back in college?
MH: Bora!
BR: Ah, Minhyuk!
MH: Nuna, how are you?
BR: I’m well.
MH: Hello, I’m Bora’s ex-boyfriend Kang Minhyuk.
JG: I thought Bora said she dated this person. What’s going on?
JH: Bora!
BR: Jonghyun.
JH: I missed you.
BR: Me too.
JH: Hello, I’m Jonghyun.
BR: Hey Jonghyun, did you like me?
JH: Of course.
BR: Minhyuk, you liked me too?
MH: Duh. You are my only one.
BR: Jackpot!

JG: You think this makes sense? Realistically? Don’t treat her so special. She won’t have any manners.
YH: Three of us did like her. That’s why we had to disband our band.
JG: A band?
YH: Yes.
JG: What was the band’s name?
YH: Shin Bora and bees!
BR: Two, three. Hello, we are Queen bee.
JH: Honeybee
MH: Workingbee
YH: and a wasp
JG: Bees, huh? I can see why you disbanded.
BR: Why?
JG: Are you beekeeping?
BR: Don’t pay attention to him. Sit down.

KR: Welcome. May I take your order?
MH: Rae, Mi, Fa, Sol, Ra, Si, Do
KR: What?
MH: Mi?
BR: Our Minhyuk has the absolute pitch.
BR: Same as always.
MH: Sol, Sol, Sol
JG: Stop it. What is this? Hey, we’ll have snail and chicken.
YH: You shouldn’t order like that. The melody doesn’t flow. Listen.

***I’m A Loner***

YH: It’s a snail, it’s a snail, oh stick, stick, drumstick, mi, sol, ra, ra
JG: Hey, aren’t you embarrassed?
YH: Totally
JG: Sit down
BR: It’s so catchy to my ears. Yonghwa was in charged of composing for our band.
JG: I see. You at the end, what was your role?

***Gag Concert ‘Flower Beggar’ Impression***

JH: You want to know?
JG: Yes.
JH: Then, give me 500 won.
JG: Were you a beggar?
BR: Jonghyun was our accountant.
JG: You were an accountant for a band?
JH: I took care of the receipts.
JG: All three of them are nuts. Why did you date them?
BR: Why? Our Minhyuk is ‘My Dear Who Rolled In.’
BR: Our Yonghwa is, ‘You Are Beautiful.’
BR: And Jonghyun, you can just feel ‘Gentleman’s Dignity.’ His dad is Jang Dong Gun.
JG: Really?
BR: Probably.
JG: Then what am I?
BR: Eat a lettuce wrap.
JG: Okay fine, just like you said, these three perfect guys…stop it.
JG: Why would these perfect guys like you? Are you all here to see her again?
YH: We can’t do that. So Bora should choose one among three of us.
MH: Yeah Bora. We’ll have our eyes closed. So pick one and kiss him.
JH: Don’t forget, I was your first kiss.
MH: What are you talking about? It was me.
YH: It was me.
MH: It’s me. Bora and I Mi, Si, Si, Ra, Rae, Sol, Ra, Si, Do.
YH: What, you punk? Rae, Mi, Sol, Do!
MH: Watch your mouth.
JG: How is that swearing? How do you understand this?
JH: Take a seat first.
JH: Let’s sit first. And Bora, you pick one among us. Give him a kiss.
JG: I can’t understand this situation.
YH: Sol, Ra, Sol, Ra
JH: I’m getting goose bumps
BR: Minhyuk is young, right?
KR: Miss, you can’t do this here.
KR: This isn’t a real situation. This is acting. Wake up.
BR: I know.

YH: Okay, let’s not argue but focus on music. Now that we’ve met again, I’m getting musically inspired. Do you want to hear it?
YH: I’m always drinking. I’m drinking everyday, gulp, gulp, gulp~
(Parody of ‘I Drink’ by Vibe)
BR: That’s so good.
YH: I’m a genius, aren’t I?
JG: Aren’t you plagiarizing?
YH: What are you talking about? I have one more.
YH: If you bunch up your small breast, you can become a cup-size B.
(Parody of Kim Kwang Seok’s ‘Be A Dust’)
YH: Bora, I’m sorry.
BR: It’s a very hopeful song.
MH: Yes, yes. Let’s start again.

***I’m Sorry***

YH: Your last word, your cold word, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.  Say Ho, Say Ho Ho. Waiter, scream!
JG: What is this? Wake up! You too, Bora!
BR: Why?
JG: What’s your plan with these clowns?
BR: We are going to be a band again. I even invited our teacher. Teacher!

cr. djpri via cnbluemagic @tumblr