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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

130130 [News] CNBLUE unveils behind-the-scenes photo set from upcoming limited edition of ‘Re:BLUE’ album

CNBLUE are preparing for their upcoming limited edition of their latest album ‘Re:BLUE‘.

FNC Entertainment released behind-the-scenes photos that show the four members of CNBLUE creating the design of the album jacket. The band also wrote and composed the songs in the album, leaving fans impressed by their participation in the overall album production process.

The special limited album also rose to the top of Japanese music site ‘Tower Records‘ album pre-orders chart. CNBLUE’s title track “I’m Sorry” also ranked #1 on Billboard’s World Album chart, showcasing their popularity worldwide.

The special limited version of CNBLUE’s 4th mini album ‘Re:BLUE’ will be released on the 31st.

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CNBLUE, Special limited pictures "We made it ourselves!" [KPOP]

CNBLUE revealed pictures of the members that showed that they are in the midst of producing an album.

On January 29, CNBLUE released photos that displayed the production process for their special limited edition album 'Re:BLUE'.

The pictures that were revealed displayed images of the CNBLUE members focusing on their album designs. It was clear, through their serious expressions, how much affection the members have for the album.

In particular, fans' expectations for the album have been raised, as all of the songs in the album were self-composed and CNBLUE personally participated in designing the album.

Also, pre-sales for this special limited edition album were recorded to be the number one album that was reserved on Japan's largest album sales site, Tower Records.

The mini album 'Re:BLUE', which was released on January 14, already received a lot of love, as it skyrocketed up the domestic album charts, so the special limited edition album is being highly anticipated.

Meanwhile, CNBLUE's new song 'I'm sorry' recently topped the Billboard World Album chart and will be releasing a special limited edition album on January 31.

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