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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Episode 22

The almost-hug
Subbed video credit: TheCouplet (sun_sun@soompi)
Translation credit: j2dlee@soompi

Subbed video credit: RunDevilRunSubs

Subbed video credit: RunDevilRunSubs
Reuploaded by  j3nna01
credits: keoconvoineverdie

credits: geurims

Thank you to the uploaders! Subbed episodes will be posted as soon as available. In the meantime click below the cut for full translations by the amazing j2dlee@soompi:

Ep 22

(Tasting Hyun’s pasta)

Yong: It’s delicious.

Jong Hyun: Yes, it is.

MCs: Hahahaha!

Jin Woon: Is his (JH) blood type O?

Min Hyuk: Yes. (O: straightforward)

Jung Shin: It’s t,t,tasty. There’s a full flavor of cheese going on.

Hyun: I think I overdid cheese there.

Seeing their sis in law is doubtful…

Boys: It’s delicious!

JS: I’ll give this dish 8.5 (points), because of the cheese!

MH: I like everything about this dish, except these heaps of cheese. I’ll give you 8, no, 9!

JH:….(regretting his rash comment?)

H: What about you?

Yong: 9.5!

H: Thank you.

JH (a little too late): Oh- it’s delicious!

JW: You shouldn’t have done that!

Now, it’s Yong’s ddukkbokki's turn and the CNBoys jump at dukkbokki

MH: Oh, it’s good!

Y: Try one.

H: Hmm, it’s tasty!

Y: Is it?

H: Yes.

Y: Anyone wants to try Kimchi?

MH: Me!

JW: Why did you volunteer?

How will they respond to the saltwater Kimchi?

Y: Eat a lot!

Y: More, more!

MH: About this much?

H: Because it’s not fermented yet, it won’t be that tasty.

MC Park: Really?

MH: It looked so good, though.

MH: Umm….?…..!

JW: Why, did it taste like something out of this world?

Indeed out of this world

MH: Did I make that face?

Y &H (huhuhuhuhu….)

MH: It’s slightly salty.

MH: There’s lots of sis in law’s passion in this Kimchi.

JS: It’s not that salty.

MH: I think I ate too much at a mouthful.


JH: It’s more like a salted cabbage rather than Kimchi.

JW: You’re right. A cabbage soaked in saltwater.

Everyone can’t help but being honest when it comes to the saltwater Kimchi

H: Because it’s my first time (to make Kimchi)…so please understand.

Y: It’s tasty!

MH: I ate too much at one mouthful.

MH: It’s good.

H: You sure?

Everyone’s working on a positive attitude

(Backroom interview)

H: I thought I’d be content as long as nobody says ‘It’s awful’. No one said that it’s awful (^^. Maybe they were being polite. But they can make a Kimchi mixed rice, a Kimchi soup, a Kimchi stew…

MC Park: Oh, no!

Seul Ong: They’ll die soon eating like that!

H: If they do different things with the Kimchi, maybe a month…? But if they don’t, it’ll take forever (to finish Kimchi).

MH: We finished it (Hyun's Kimchi).

JW: Really?

SO: I guess there was really nothing to eat in your house!

This is the CNBoys’ love for their sis in law

H: Everyone’s gone quiet, only eating.

JH: Oh, I’m stuffed!

MC Kim: Oh, they demolished it!

MC Park: Except Kimchi.

H: And…

H: There’s one more thing that I’ve prepared.

H: This is also something you eat.

JH: What?

MH (panic):…

JS: Is it tried and tested?

H: My mother made these for you, pan-broiled squids, Myung yup chae, pan-broiled anchovies, and another dish with squids. I helped her making these, because we thought you wouldn’t have side dishes (to go with rice)…

Boys: Thank you!

MC Park: It looks delicious.

JH: (being greedy)

Y: (what about me…?)

H: Eat it with rice, it’ll be too spicy.

Y: It’s good, it’s good.

JH: Oh, this one is really yummy.

Y: Hmm, really yummy!

H: I made that anchovy one!

Busan Boys are absolutely satisfied

MH: I want to try some.

MH: Hmm, really yummy!

JS: It’s delicious.

H: I didn’t put any sugar in it.

JH: Really? But there’s a hint of sweetness.

H: Instead of sugar I used starch syrup, honey, and plums.

JS: I think we can eat at home from now on.

H: Yes, you should eat more at home…

Y: Jungshin, make a deep bow to your sis in law!

H: No, no, no, no!

JS: Please say thank you to your mother for all those foods.

The boys cleaning up the table, Hyun organizing a cupboard and trying to do the dishes

Y: Don’t you ever! Don’t! Don’t!

H: Why?

Devoted husband Yong, doing the dishes instead

Y: What should we do, now?

H: My mom said that Jungshin looks very feminine!

H: Because he’s got such a pretty face.

JS: Since when I started hearing that kind of comments?

MH: They call you Goddess Jungshin.

Y: Since people keep saying that he is pretty….

MH: He really acts as if he’s pretty!

H: Hahaha! How?

Y: For example, when you’re in the show and someone asks you to smile, he smiles like this… (biting his bottom lip)

MC Kim: That’s right!

Y: We never do such a thing.

(Everyone’s mimicking JS and he smiles)

Y: Did you see him? Did you?

H: Hahahaha!

Y: So girly~

JS: No~

MH: Sis in law, are you interested in magic?

H: Magic?

MH: Do you like magic?

Y: Show it to her, Min Hyuk. (To Hyun) He’s good at it.

H: Really?

He (MH) prepared this the night before

Y: He’s got his magic tools, too.

H: Really?

MH: I learned this in a junior high.

H: Wow!

MH: I prepared this with Jung shin.

H: Really?

Y: Are you a part of this, Jung shin, like an assistant?

Y: What have you got in your hand? What’s water for?

MH: Before you commence magic, you have to sip water first. In case you feel n,n,n,nervous…

Y&H: (…?)

Y: What are you talking about?

SO: Why does it sound so clumsy?

MH: B,b,b,b,before doing magic, it makes you relax.

H (has no idea): Um~

Y: Give me the cup!

MH:….! (panic)

Y (being mischievous): Give it to me.

JS (checking him): There is always this kind of person in the magic show.

MH (intimated): I’ll drink it first….

Y: I’ll just have a look, give it to me.

MC Kim: You always see that kind of person in the magic show.

(MH puts the cup upside down and the water’s gone)

H: Wow!

MH: Isn’t it strange? (timidly) Aren’t you surprised?

H: I’m surprised.

MH: The water is gone!

H: But there’s something inside of the cup.

Y: Give me the cup.

MH: ….!

MH: The first magic, done!

Boys: Hahahaha!!!

MH: The water’s gone! It’s disappeared!

Y: Move aside! I want to have a look!

Y: I’m curious! I’m just curious!

JS: You shouldn’t behave like this (throwing Yong away)!

The stirrer is punished!

MH: How I can continue with my magic when you act like this?

Y: I’m just curious, it’s a pure curiosity~

MH: It’s amazing, isn’t it?

H: Yes, it is.

H: The second magic!

MH (nervous, intimidated…)

MC Kim: You prepared a lot.

JS: But this one is actually cool.

MH (cautiously): Here’s a deck of cards and there’s nothing wrong in these cards.

MH: Choose cards as many as you want.

(Y grabs a bundle of cards)

Y: Why? You said as many as you want.

Y: Are you sure you are a magician?

Y: He showed me that one when we’re in to China.

MH: I don’t want to do it anymore…

H: Ah, you really….! Go easy on him!

Y: OK.

(Backroom interview)

H: Actually…. I used to be in a magic club in a junior high, too. Even though I know a bit of magic, I tried to enjoy it from the view of an audience. My magic teacher told me that there’s ALWAYS a person who want to know the tricks behind the magic. And we’ve got Yong hubby, kept saying ‘I know that! I know that!’

Y: In a magic club, you need that kind of person.

MC Park: No, we don’t.

MC Kim: No.

MC Park: And even though we don’t need (that kind of person), he/she keeps coming.

Y: If you just sit back and watch it, what’s the fun in there? And Min Hyuk was nervous… I was just joking during his first magic…and the second one…

Magic continues as they managed to cheer MH

MH: Here are four rings.

H: Yes.

JS: You sure improved a lot. Do you know how many times we practice on this one?

H: Wow!

JS: How did it managed to join with other rings? (He said it with a strange provincial accent)

SO (mimicking JS)

MC Park: Where are you from?

Y: Wow, it’s really strange. I told you that he learned it from China.

H: Wow~ It’s fun!

MH: It started off on the wrong foot because of Yong hwa hyung.

H: I know.

MH: Really, from the beginning.

H: You just need to enjoy magic, rather than trying to find out what’s going on.

MH: Exactly!

MH: I’ve been preparing this for a few days…

H: No, you did it well.

H: Do you think he is different when I’m around?

Y: I’m always same.

JS: He is, but he is nicer to you.

MH (Well said!)

JH (I agree!)

H: Hahahaha!!

(PART 2)

JH: (Minhyuk) is sulky.

MH: No~ I’m not being sulky!

Y: Only because I didn’t let you do your magic.

H: But you were too much, especially during his magic….

Y (to his wife’s words): Okay, I won’t joke around. I’ll just watch.

JS: This is the difference between you and us.

JS: If I said it, he would go ‘whatever, whatever’ but when you said it, he was like ‘Oh, is that so~?’

H: Oh~

Y: Is Seo Hyun as same as you guys?

JS: Of course not…

(Backroom interview)

PD: Yong hubby with his brothers?

H: He’s just like my friends I had in a high school. During that time, it never occurred to me that he is actually older than me. Not that it’s bad…! I saw his different side that he’s been hiding from me.

JS: Is there any place you want to go?

H: Hmm…

Y: Let’s just stay in here.

H: You have to move around!

Y: No.

H: You ate too much.

Y: Leave me alone.

JH: He’s sullen because Min Hyuk’s sulky.

H: Ah, really!

MH, Yong, who can stop these A blood-type brothers…?

Y: Pass!

A big brothers’ gesture to appease his sullen brother?

MH: Is there anything we can play with a ball?

MH: I’m good at anything with a ball.

JS: Even billiards?

Y: Billiards? No, no.

MC Park: Yong hwa hates billiards.

Eventually, a billiards room near the house

JS: It’s been a long time.

JH: It’s been such a long time.

H: We’re here again.

Y: Talk me though a rule of pool again.

JS: I’m not good at pool, either.

SO: Suddenly he (JS) became chatty.

H: Suggestion!

Y: What is it?

H: We, who are born in 1991, play as a team.

Y: It’s hard!

Hyun and bros in law, aka, a pasta team vs. Busan ddukbokki team

Y: Shall we go in Busan style?

(Backroom interview)

Y: The most important thing for Seo Hyun was….the age (or the generation). If only I was born two years later…

Yong again competes against his wife

Y: I didn’t pocket even one ball.

JS: With your three fingers…. (teaching her)

MH: Didn’t Yong hwa teach you?

Y: Don’t go there…

MC Kim: Yong starts to keep his brothers in check.

Y: Teach her. I don’t know it well, either.

MH: I think you will get annoyed if the other person tries to teach your girlfriend.

MC Park: Of course you don’t like it.

MH: I didn’t know it by then.

MC Kim: Yong is acting like he doesn’t mind. He is suppressing it (his jealousy) in front of his brothers.

MH: Now I kind of understand how he must have felt during that time.

(Under JS’s careful instruction, Hyun managed to pocket one)

Y: It’s begun. It’s begun.

JS’s 1:1 lesson continues….

Y: Seo Hyun-a.

H: Yes?

Y: You have to wear a jacket when you play pool…

H: Do you want me to wear your jacket?

MC Park: Ah….!

Yong hubby checking his wife’s clothes

MH: Why do you have to wear a jacket while playing pool?

Y: You kid just be quiet.

MH: I didn’t understand him by then….

It’s hard to estimate JH’s potential (He missed a cue right after the cool shot)

JH: Break these, here, since you’re good at pool.

JS: I’m not good at pool, brothers.

How good will the Pool Goddess (JS) be…?

Y&JH: Oh~ he was just lucky there.

Min Hyuk’s turn

Fortune seems to favour ’91 members

Y: Use a duck web.

JS: A duck web? It’s called a bridge, brother.

H: Uh? A bridge? He told me that it’s a duck web.

Y: I knew it as a duck web.

Y: Oh, he (JH) could’ve shown us his ‘pool art’!

MH: PA (pool art)? I only heard of it.

Y: He’s lucky today.

JH: Pool is all about luck.

MC Kim: He’s so good!

Y: I think we can just relax from now on.

Y (to JS): Do you want to win your brothers that much?

Min Hyuk is not bad, and Hyun is a genius pool player?!

(Hyun’s cue ball went in)

MH: That’s Yong hwa’s style.

Y: Don’t say ‘oh~’ I’ll clear the table.

H: How?

’91 team: the eighth ball left vs. Busan Ddukbokki team: the eighth ball plus one left

Y: Yaah~!

JS: Shall we go?

Y: Okay.

MC Kim (cooking, magic, pool…): Nothing is going well for Yong today.

MC Park: So unfortunate.

MH: (bro….)

H: I’ve got it. It’s really fun.

Everyone lingering around the table

Y: I’m not satisfied with leaving just like this.

H: Shall we play one more game?

Y: Okay.

Y: I’m playing with Hyun, you guys do whatever you want.

H: We?

MC Park: His competitive streak is coming out.

JS: Let’s make a bet!

Finally, a husband and a wife in a same team!

Y: What’s the punishment?

JS: Pouring five ice cubes down the neck.

Y: I’ll show you my ability.

MC Park: He needs to save face in front of his wife.

Y: I’m serious now.

H: You can do it!

Y: Uh…..

Y: Sit here! (meanwhile taking care of his wife)

JS: Look at closely whether she touches other balls.

H: Can I reach…?

JS: You know that…

H: A bridge!

Y: It’s over there, over there.

Y: You can do it!

H: I can do it?

Y: I think we can really win this game.

Y: A bridge!!

SO: Hahaha! Childish Yong.

MC Kim (mimicking Yong): A bridge!

Together with his wife, Yong hubby is energized

MH: This is embarrassing…

Y: We’re not looking.

JS: You’re not even wearing a skirt!

Nobody’s paying attention, only MH worries about his butt showing

MH: Still…!

JH: There’s nothing to watch, nothing!

H: What’s that?

Y: Because Min Hyuk is embarrassed… (covering MH with a cushion)

(Yong’s turn)

JH: That’s a pure luck!

Y: It’s my luck.

H: Well done!

Y: Seo Hyun, sit on the right side. I don’t know where balls will jump to.

JS: Thank you, Yong general~

MC Park: I can see Jungshin’s good at pool game.

JS: Ah, my fringe keeps blocking my view.

Y: You look scary.

(JS’s cue ball went straight in)

Y: Aren’t you actually in my team?

Yongseo couple: 5 balls + the eighth ball left vs. Brothers in law: 5 balls + the eighth ball left

Y: Imagine that you’re feeding it to me.

Y: Oh! Well done, well done! You’re the best!

The CNBoys in trouble?

JH: There’s nothing to hit.

Y: Lee Jong Hyun, such a lucky man.

MH: He’s really lucky today!

JH: Should I do like this…?

JS: Jong Hyun is ecstatic.

JH: Number 4~ (in a really strong Busan accent)

H: Hahahaha!!

JH: Now we’re talking.

MH: The green one?

JS: Yes.

Y: Be careful, Min Hyuk (?)

MH: I’ve got it! Now the next.

Min Hyuk, full of confidence

MH: There’s a reason why you have to chalk your cue.

Y: We may lose a game!

Yongseo couple: 4 balls + the eighth left vs. 2 balls + the eighth left

MH: I have put my collar straight up like this.

H: Hahaha!

Y: Oh, you are a man alright.

(PART 3)

JS & JH: You look cool! You look cool!

A collar, that’s a man’s pride!

MH: How do I look? Do I look like a pool player?

Y: He looks scary, you don’t want to mess with him.

Yong’s confident that they’ll win

Y: I’ll give you guys a taste of defeat.

Y: Fortune doesn’t favour me.

H: But you did well.

Y: What is he (JH) contemplating so hard?

JH: Go, go, go!!

MH: He’s unbelievably lucky!

MC Park: It’s not his skill, is it?

MH: Of course not!

H: How come…?

Y: I’ve no idea!

JS: Don’t get so excited! Don’t get so excited!

(JH returned to his former self)

Y: Now it’s your turn, right?

H: Yes.

Y: Lee Jong Hyun, you’re a god, a god.

With Hyun’s success, Yong’s giving a sigh of relief

MH: I think the god of pool is around us today.

Y: You can do it, Seo Hyun.

JS: Min Hyuk, don’t get so excited!

With his collar up again, MH's determined to win

Y: That kind of serious look doesn’t suit you.

(MH failed)

MC Park: And now you’re folding your collar…

(Y pocketed one)

H: Woah!!

Y: What’s this?! Where was that ball just before?

MH: Everyone plays purely depending on luck.

MH: They could win at this rate.

Now they are even!

Y: Where is my collar?

MC Park: Why do you keep touching your collar?

(But Yong failed)

JS: It’s my turn, move over!

MH: Empty your mind.

JS: My mind is empty.

MH: Your mind is full of desire (to win).

JS: No, no, no.

A decisive mistake from Jungshin

Y: Where’s the bridge? Hey, don’t get so agitated!

But he is the one who is most agitated and JH spills his drink

MH: You two are so worked-up!

Y (to JS): Don’t get in her way!

Y: Now only one ball’s left.

H (failed): Ah…..

Y: It’s okay, you did it well. You did it well.

H: I could’ve….

Y: No, it’s okay. Anyway Jong Hyun is not that good. Trust Yong, trust Yong.

MH: We have to map out a plan, bro.

JH: There’s no such a thing. Just hit it.

(JH pocketed one)

H: What should we do?

MC Park: Now he has to get the black one in, right?

MH: It’s almost straight.

JS: No, it isn’t.

H: No, no, no…

JS: Yes, yes, yes!

JH: NO!!!!

Now it’s Yongseo couple’s turn

H: Fighting!

MC Kim: Yong was humiliated three times today in front of his wife (being thrown away by JS, Hyun chiding him, and losing the previous pool game).

MC Kim: This is his last chance to redeem himself.

MC Park: That’s right.

Y: I’ve never been so nervous playing pool before.

Y: Over there! Everyone, sit down.

Y: Don’t even think about your next move, this is it.

JH: He can’t do it. I know.

H: Ah……!

(Yong failed)

H: It’s okay.

MH: My collar is my strength.

(Then he failed)

MH: I failed every ball since I put my collar up.

Y: You (Hyun) can do this one.

JS: No, she can’t.

MH: I nearly pocketed that one.

Y: If you hit it from there, the ball will go that way.


Y: No, never mind. Just follow your instinct!

JS: Yes, from there.

Y: Don’t listen to Jung Shin. Just follow your instinct.

H: I don’t know what to do!

(the eighth went in)

Y: YES!!!

H: Woah!!!

H: We won!

Y: Yes, we did!

They are choosing who will receive the penalty

It depends on whose ball stops closest to the edge of the table

JS: I’m the winner.

MH: Then me!

H: Ready~

JH: I’m a man!

He starts feeling ice cubes against his skin!


MH: Aren’t you cold, bro?

Y: Are you guys cold?

JH: No.

JS: It’s still hot.

H (returning his jacket): Thank you.

Y: Was it useful~?

H: Yes~

SO: Look at her helping him with his jacket.

MC Park: Yes, brothers in law must felt jealous.

Y: We’ve won. Seo Hyun played a huge part in our winning.

JS: How was today, sis in law?

Y: Why do you suddenly speak formally? Speak in Banmal.

JS: How was today (in Banmal)?

H: It was a great fun. I feel like we are all getting closer.

JS: Me, too.

MH: Yes.

JH :(nods)

Y: Yes. Now it’s time for me to go back home.

H: Haha!

Boys: Good bye.

H: Good bye.

Y: Practice your instruments once more before you go to bed.

Y: Jung shin, don’t forget your bass.

MC Park: He doesn’t forget his role as a leader of the group.

Boys: Bye, sis in law! Bye, brother!

MC Park: The boys don’t want to leave….

Y: What shall we do now? Shall we make Kkakduki (a different type of Kimchi)?

H: Hahaha!

H: Ah, I learned how to make a radish Kimchi.

Y: Really?

H: My mom made it yesterday.

H: Shall we make a radish Kimchi next time?

Y: Okay.

H: It’s easy.

Y: Shall we run? Since it’s been a while…

H: Run? Call!

Y (taking her bag): Because you’re a woman, I’ll give you a head start.

H: It’s okay, I will carry it.

Y: No, I’ve got it. That car, over there, is a finish line. Can you see?

H: Yes.

Y: Ready, steady…

H: Kyah!!

Y: Oh….!!

It’s been a long day, and today they felt many different things….

(Backroom interview)

PD: How did it feel like spending a day with her?

Y: It felt like going back home after playing in the (CNBoys’) dormitory. As if I’ve been in someone else’s house. It’s like I’m going back to Busan, leaving my dorm in Seoul behind, to meet my parents and to spend time with my family, then coming back.

H: When Yong hubby jokingly said that it’s time to go back home, it felt… different.

PD: How different?

H: It suddenly occurred to me, ‘Ah, we’re really married’.

translations by j2dlee@soompi

Some additional notes by translator j2dlee:
About Yong's backroom interview

When Yong said ‘time to go back home’, he used a word, bonga, which means ‘the main house’ or ‘the head house’. Bonga is your family house, where you were born and grew up until you’re ready to leave your parents to live on your own (due to a marriage, an education, a job, and so on). As opposed to bonga, Yong used a word sukso, which means a dormitory, to refer to the house of the CNBlue. So bonga is where your families are, and sukso is just where you stay. I didn’t use the word ‘a family house’ or ‘a main house’ because I thought ‘my home’ conveys his feeling more than enough.


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  17. has episodes 8-23 subbed

  18. Streaming links have been updated with new files. Hopefully those won;t be taken down too soon. But, if you need to download, please visit

  19. genxv, thank u so much gogoma's. hoho :)

  20. is the link for episode 22 part 2 who reupload by j3nna01 is true? because when i stream, it shows eps 21 not eps 22. am i the only one who got the problem?

  21. ah, sorry i mean the links episode 22 part 1