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Thursday, September 2, 2010

[WGM Filming] Yong & Hyun meet Ueno Juri

According to yurui912@twitter YongHwa and SeoHyun met with Ueno Juri a popular Japanese actress famous for portraying the main character in Nodame Cantabile.

Here is a screencap of her tweets in korean, english and japanese:

Edit: updated with article from Asia Today

CNBLUE member Jung Yonghwa met his ideal woman, Japanese actress Ueno Juri.

Ueno Juri who was recently in Korea to promote her movie 'Nodame Cantabille Vol.1" made a sudden appearance in WGM Season 2 recording and met Jung Yonghwa and Seohyun couple (Yongseo couple).

The pleasant encounter took place around the Yongseo couple's house in the Sangdo-Dong area that afternoon. Jung Yonghwa didn't say that his ideal woman 'Nodame Cantabile' Ueno Juri just to make it a great news topic and Seohyun was also a big fan of 'Nodame Cantabile' that she brought the comic books to their marriage house.

When the Yeongseo couple first saw Ueno Juri they could not believe their eyes but soon after they could not hide their happiness and welcome her happily.

The 3 people who shared the common interest of 'Nodame Cantabille' quickly became close and spent a wonderful time together.

Ueno Juri said, "I'm very delighted to be able to come and visit Korea and meet the famous couple at the same time. I won't forget this even after i go back to Japan."

The episode with Ueno Juri can be seen in the upcoming episode of WGM on the 11th of September.

source: Asia Today
Trans: blue_jus7 @ CodeAzzurro


  1. aigoo whats with allkpop putting their own opinions in news articles -_- anyhow Seohyun would have been so happy to meet Ueno Juri!.

    Cool 2 more weeks until we get to see that episode!

  2. Yeah, I hope 9/11 means September 11 because that means we get to see it soon!

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  5. Waa...I can't wait.....
    YongSeo Fighting.....

  6. wow.. ueno juri come to see yongseo couple.. can't wait this episod to be aired soon...

  7. To the Anon above. I really had to debate myself on this but your comments had personal attacks in them so I'm afraid I had to remove them. You are welcome to repost again, but a little more nicely please

  8. Posted another article with more info from Asia Today (also less biased commentary IMHO). Looks like it is going to be September 11. W00t!!!!