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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

111101 [Scan/Trans] CNBLUE in Magazine MINI

From saturn posted at CNBLUE soompi thread

Magazine MINI
Japanese to Korean translated by @Heartstrings201
Magazine scaned by @nuromianchaochi http://www.mediafire...1p9tcplok7orhjv
(Just a rough translation by

They tried Brain maker
Jung Yonghwa: Charming, cool face but kept joking to make the mood brighter. Smiled to the editors. 'Yes! Fall in love!' (from Japanese comedy)

Kang Minhyuk: Style of young noble, like a model. Camera director asked him to smile, he showed shy smile. He made people to pitpat 100%

Lee Jonghyun: Having a cold, not in a good condition. But he did his best. He has talent, beauty and manliness. It's a crime! Other members took care of him, showed sticky attachment. I must fall for CNBLUE more and more. Jonghyun analyzed other memebers quite accurately.

Lee Jungshin: During filming he was cool. But at the interview room, he didn't look like the same person. He was so friendly and talkative.
He was talking with Yonghwa reading MINI, his side profile was both sexy and innocent.
His loosely tied hair made my heart go pit-a-pat.

Let's steal a look into CNBLUE's head through Brain Maker
What's Brain Maker? Type your name and it shows the image of your brain.
Is Brain Maker correct or wrong? 4 guys tell the true shape of each members.

Posted Image

Yonghwa's head
Full of 'Study(學)', One letter of 'Friend(友)' is in the middle.

Jonghyun's head
He himself says 'This is myself of old days", but others say? ('Agony(悩)' on the left, 'Friend(友)' on the right, 'Myself(私)' in the middle like a boundary line.)

Jungshin's head
This is a perfect secret? Because he is filled with sexy pheromone? (Just full of one letter 'Secret(密)')

Minhyuk's head
Typical result of 20 year-old boy. But the truth is...?
(Outline is 'Love(愛)', 'Greed(欲)' is on the left, and some 'Play(遊)', 'Agony(悩)' is on the other side)

- What do you think looking at member's Brain Maker?

Jungshin: Yonghwa hyung's picture seems correct. He is always studying music.
Yonghwa: Not long ago, we performed as the opening act of Linkin Park. At that time, I felt I wanted to progress more in music. I think I have thoughts of learning music a lot.
Jonghyun: But I think there should be 'Friend(友)' or 'Love(愛)' in the middle.
Yonghwa: Definitely, I can't see my friends, so I miss them more.
Jonghyun: My Brain Maker seems like my old days. Now maybe I am like a picture of Yonghwa's?
Yonghwa: No. Jonghyun has more 'Myself(私) than this. (laugh)
Jonghyun: That was when I was a student! Now I have 'Study(學)' and 'Friend(友)' and 'music' only. By the way, Jungshin's result is strange.
Jungshin: Yeh... I have secret, but I don't have this much. (laugh)
Jonghyun: You care your family very much, so there should be a lot of letter 'Family'.
Minhyuk: Maybe what Jungshin has a lot is not the secret but his own agony or thoughts?
Jonghyun: That's you, Minhyuk! You are so sensitive and you worry a lot.
Minhyuk: I have worry, and I want to play. I have many things I want to do, I want to date...
Jungshin: After all, Minhyuk's Brain Maker is most correct.

Cr Scan :  nuromianchaochi
Cr Translation : saturn@cnblue Soompi Thread

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