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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

130101 [Tweet] CNBLUE : HAPPY NEW YEAR

Translation :
  : Happy New Year!! This is Jungshin, with first new year greeting. Did you sent off 2012 well? Hmm I feel regretful that it's gone so quickly~ All of us starts 2013 with no regret and we can say "Ah~ in 2013 we'll be happy", doing separate projects and working hard. On the first day of New Year, shooting the first scene of My Daughter Seoyeong, I get to eat rice cake soup and it's so delicious that I ate until the bowl is empty. Haha

In the past, on New Year's Day, my mom would always ask "Jungshin-ah, if you're working on 1st January, do you eat rice cake soup?" Then I would say, "It's okay, I like to eat but I don't bother about it" That was how I said it. But I still eat a lot. Everyone, don't do it! Just do it without complaint. Anyway, this New Year's Day is my favourite. CNBLUE has been working hard too. Please be careful on the icy roads and be careful not to catch a cold! Please anticipate CNBLUE's comeback on 14th January. I don't know what else to say this morning! Our members! Yong Jjong Min Happy New Year!


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