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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

130101 [Video/Trans] CNBLUE : Special New Year Message

Eng Subs

Cr : Faith V

Cr : zealous


[Rough trans] Excite music CNBLUE new year message

YH: Everyone visiting excite music, shinnen akemashite omedetou gozaimasu (happy new year)
JH, MH: omedetou gozaimasu (happy new year)
JH: Looking back the year 2012, each of us did many personal works like drama. In 2012, we released major 1st full album and held Arena Tour. I'm very glad to have done many activities.
YH: What excited me the most in 2012 is still that we held concert at Saitama Super Arena two days on the tour.
MH: In front of many people, we made a stage in the middle of the arena and performed there. That is what excited me the most.
JH: Our goal in 2013 is to do both many releases and many concerts. We released single Robot on Dec 19, 2012. Please listen to it from now on, too.
YH: Everyone visiting excite music!
JH: In 2013 too, just like we have done so far, we will do many live concerts. Let's make cool CNBLUE together!
YH: 2013nen mo yoroshiku onegai shimasu (your continuous support in 2013 please). This has been CNBLUE. Happy new year.
JH: Akeome (=happy new year in casual way/slung) 

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