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Saturday, January 5, 2013

130105 [Photo/Video/Trans] SNSD At V Concert (Naver)

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 I Got A Boy

Naver Concert SNSD - Talk Cut 1

Naver Concert SNSD - Talk Cut 2

Naver Concert SNSD - MV Filming BTS + Talk Cut 3

Naver Concert SNSD - Talk Cut 4

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Part 1
Sunny: A lot of people came tonight despite the cold weather. Everybody who came to Girls' Generation's V Concert, welcome and thank you
Sooyoung: You're here today at Mstage in Gangnam for, it's the V Concert, right? To commemorate the release of I Got A Boy. They say this is currently being aired live on Naver. Are you all having fun?
Taeyeon: What did you think of Dancing Queen that you watched just now? Many people were watching with an amazing look. I think it felt like we just changed our clothes real quick and came out.
Jessica: So that you can understand this performance a little better, we're going to explain V Concert. Seohyun?
(read on-screen for most of what Seohyun says)
Tiffany: Because Girls' Generation is the ambassador of Gangnamgu, so we sincerely thank the many staff who made it possible for us to hold this great concert.
Hyoyeon: We opened up the first stage with Dancing Queen. We're really happy to be spending time with you all here, and with fans on new years. Should we continue on this mood, Yuri?
Yuri: Yes, sounds good. The next song is the newly released, title song in our new album, I Got A Boy.
Yoona: The second song for V Concert is I Got A Boy. Have fun watching IGAB, too, and we will meet you all again in Girls' Generation's special room on viewable radio.
Sooyoung: Are you ready to have fun? Then should we have listen?

Part 2
[TRANS] Sooyoung: Are you all watching Girls' Generation's V Concert well?
Taeyeon: Through Naver On Air, people all around the world-- the entire world focuses on us, bring the boys out-- many people are watching us at once.
Sooyoung: Continuing this excitement, we will begin Girls' Generation's viewable radio. Our voices are being heard outside, right? But we can't hear their voices in here, so that's unfortunate.
Hyoyeon: If you can hear us, make an 'O' over your head. That's amazing
Sooyoung: So many people came despite the cold
Taeyeon: First of all, thank you so much. There are also going to be people, warm at home, watching, too.
Sooyoung: Shall we begin? There is something we need to yell out. Can you all yell it together? We have to yell out 'Girls' Generation's viewable radio'
All: Girls' Generation's viewable radio
Taeyeon: I am Taeyeon, who will be MCing today.
Sooyoung: And I'm Sooyoung. TaengSoong TaengSoong
Taeyeon: Viewable radio hosted by Girls' Generation. We've prepared topics; there are three topics, right?
Sooyoung: That's right, that's right. The first talk: Girls' Generation's album, I Got A Boy. Second talk: Girls' Generation, I'm curious about this.
Taeyeon: And the third talk: Girls' Generation's unseen pictures, behind [-the-scene] story
Sooyoung: We've taken out the pictures that are too rated(?)/hardcore, and chose ones that aren't too hardcore. I think it will be a segment people will be waiting for a lot.
Taeyeon: But, personally, I want to show them all
Sooyoung: That's right. I sent some, but the company rejected them.
Taeyeon: That's unfortunate
Sooyoung: I went back[wards]
Yuri: In reverse
Sooyoung: I'm slowly becoming manic. The first talk: Girls' Generation's album, I Got A Boy. While preparing for the album, let's prepare what hardships there were… I said prepare. Should we talk about any? What's wrong with my MCing?
Taeyeon: Let's talk about it.
Hyoyeon: Like behind-the-scene stories?
Taeyeon: Yes, could you put your mic up closer?
Hyoyeon: Ah, mic check
Tiffany: What was there?
Sooyoung: On our new transformation and attempt, how much did each of us prepare, individually.
Taeyeon: This song, honestly, was long. And the style is really flashy.
Sooyoung: Yuri, what was difficult?
Yuri: I had many hardships. When you watch the music video, I wear sunglasses a bit excessively.
Seohyun: You looked really cool. Yet there's a sad…
Taeyeon: … behind story.
Yuri: There is a sad behind-the-scenes story. I am going to be telling it today. Even until the day before the music video shoot, I had a really big, severe stye on my eye. So I couldn't put on any eye makeup. So I had to wear sunglasses, without eye makeup, alone.
Tiffany: Still, thank you for dancing so greatly, with lots of strength, in the center, for the other members, even though you were sick.
Yuri: You can't be teasing me.
(all overlapping): We aren't teasing. Seriously
Yoona: Wear them (sunglasses) on stage once
Sooyoung: Wear them on stage once
Yuri: When you're dancing, it all runs down your face
Tiffany: Also because you think of Yuri when you think of headbanging
Yuri: Also, you may not know, but the entire world was black. I had to go to match the formation, but I had no sense of position or direction, so I had a lot of trouble.
Taeyeon: You're a professional
Sooyoung: P-r-o
Taeyeon: A lot of time has passed, and you're fully recovered, which is why we can laugh and talk about it.
Yuri: Yes, it's fortunate.
Sooyoung: She really suffered then
Taeyeon: She did.
Hyoyeon: What might there be for other members?
Yoona: When you look at the jacket photo, the bottom end was pink. I had dyed it pink, in preparation for the IGAB album. My hair got really damaged, so when it came time for the comeback, I hid it. But my hair got to the condition where I couldn't dye it again, so I gave it up. I'm really sad about this concept.
Taeyeon: It was really pretty.
Yuri: For a while, you wore your hood all the time to hide it.
Yoona: But I couldn't show it when I had to, so I'm sad.
Tiffany: Our Sunny went through a lot of trouble, trying to hide [her hair].
Sunny: Hiding it was what I did best.
Yoona: Sunny unnie and me.
Tiffany: In all her airport pictures, people commented that your fashion was a little too lazy, when it was all for a secret.
Sunny: There were all reasons. Also, during the music video shoot, I dyed my hair myself at home.
Yoona: Chameleon hair
Sunny: I changed the color every day
Taeyeon: Self-dying
Sunny: I made an effort to give those watching various entertainment.
Taeyeon: I also did it myself.
Sunny: That's right
Sooyoung: This was dyed herself.
Taeyeon: You know how the color changes every time you shampoo your hair. It fades away
Sunny: That's right
Taeyeon: At home, I am doing it alone at home, little by little.
Sooyoung: Can I come to your salon one day to get my hair dyed, too?
Taeyeon: Come by
Sooyoung: I heard you do your nails yourself, too.
Taeyeon: Yes, I did my nails.
Sunny: Girls' Generation members have each really become the jack of all trades.
Tiffany: I think we all worked hard
Sooyoung: They say practice makes perfect. Now that we've been active for about 5 years, I think we are able to do rudimentary drying and makeup as basics.
Taeyeon: We're also doing it for fun, too. Is there anything else big?
Seohyun: I, cut my bangs.
Sooyoung: Actually, in that jacket photo, it wasn't cut because we tried to, but it got cut.
Seohyun: It's a fact that nobody knows, but when I cut my bangs, this was a wig. Under it, my hair was there, but, while cutting the bangs on the wig, my bangs got cut with it. I can't forget all your faces when you saw me like this.
Tiffany: We teased her, calling her 'babo' for a while.
Seohyun: It got cut assymetrically, so I hid it, but the fans probably didn't know. Even while going to the airport, I hid it.
Sooyoung: It looked like a mouse dug it out
Seohyun: It got cut really thinly, too
Sooyoung: It got cut leaving your hair thin, so we worried a lot. But, I don't know what Seohyun thought so much about at night, but it grew out quickly.
Taeyeon: As expected, our maknae is… What about Hyoyeon?
Hyoyeon: Overall, we had a lot more dance practice compared to other times, so I think my strength/health has gotten better.
Jessica: You're sure, right? That your health has gotten better?
Hyoyeon: I'm sure. And, in general, I feel we showed all our dance skills again, so I'm proud.
Taeyeon: Because it's a flashy concept, I think there was a big change in hairstyle and things like it.
Sooyoung: Now, should we introduce our official 4th album, I Got A Boy?
Taeyeon: Album presentation
Sooyoung: Taeyeon, you particularly have a lot of affection for this album.
Taeyeon: I do?
Sooyoung: I was just something I wanted to say. Don't take it so seriously. Do you hate it that much?
Seohyun: You're so harsh (to Taeyeon)
Sooyoung: Do you hate this album that much?
Taeyeon: No, I value them all, but you called me out.
Sooyoung: I just thought you'd answer the best
Taeyeon: If I was to tell you one thing, it's understandable you did that because there's a duet track. In this album, there's also a duet track with Tiffany and Taeyeon, 유리아이.
Yuri: It's my eye
Tiffany: We did prepare this album for a long time, but I think our members participated in it a lot. So I think it's a unique album, so I feel it's more precious.
Taeyeon: And we're coming back after such a long time, so I think we're feeling attached. Is there anything that makes you go, "I really liked this," from the album?
Sooyoung: Seohyun and Yuri also participated in writing lyrics.
Seohyun: Yuri unnie and I wrote the lyrics to XYZ. This was my first time wrting lyrics
Taeyeon: You did well?
Seohyun: I think it's a very meaningful album
Taeyeon: It's cool, right?
Seohyun: It's cool.
Yuri: Getting to write lyrics with Seohyun was really fun, but the song had a mood and lyrics that are different from both of our usual selves. So I think it was fun because it was different. Also, Seohyun, myself, and Sooyoung wrote a new song, too. We wrote the lyrics.
Taeyeon: Sooyoung wrote lyrics, too.
Sooyong: Baby Maybe
Tiffany: Pixie Lott also gave us the song, so I think it was even more amazing. She's a musician we've always been a fan of, and we liked her music style. She gave us that great song, so, once again, thank you, Pixie.
Taeyeon: In Baby Maybe, Sooyoung did something. There's a really cute key point.
Sooyoung: My boo, my jagiya (=honey)
Taeyeon: How could you write those kind of lyrics?
Sunny: What's worse, is that a lot of people think it's me.
Seohyun: I thought it was you, too.
Sunny: It's not me.
Taeyeon: The cute voice throughout
Sooyoung: On the day of the recording, I told the composer that I want to put in the 'jagiya' narration. So to ask Sunny to do it when she was recording. But that part is my part, you know? I recorded the 'my boo, my jagiya' part, and the composer said that, since I wrote it, I should do it before leaving.
Taeyeon: Oh, they told you to do it all?
Sooyoung: Yes. I told them that I don't feel confident enough that I can do it as good as Sunny would, but they told me to try, so I did, and it was in the song.
Seohyun: You did it really well
Taeyeon: You hear just that. Let us hear it
Sooyoung: Jagiya
Yoona: They [outside] fainted
Sooyoung: I'm sorry
Taeyeon: It's cold, but they all melted
Sooyoung: They probably aren't colder from getting goosebumps, right?
Taeyeon: Are there any thoughts you have on the choreography?
Sooyoung: Jessica, tell us something, about what you think of the choreography.
Taeyeon: The choreography is really showy.
Jessica: The choreography this time is pretty powerful, right? So, personally, I think it suits Hyoyeon really well, so why don't you explain it for us, Hyoyeon.
Hyoyeon: Oh~ thank you so much (/sarcastic). It was also tiring for me, and it was our first attempt at, what should I call it ___(idk what she said)? I practiced a lot because I wanted to do better. You also needed feeling, the motions needed to be big, you needed to be quick, and our formation is really unique. So I practiced a lot. Aren't I cool? I'm cool, right?
Jessica: Yes, you're cool
Taeyeon: Let's watch the music video making film, recall episodes/incidents, and talk about it.
Sooyoung: Music video making, come on

Part 3
[TRANS] (00:57) Taeyeon: Were you wearing rainbow rice cake?
Tiffany: Thank you
Taeyeon: My self-dyed hair. That was dyed by myself. Oh, it went by already.
(someone): Really, menboong?
Taeyeon: It really is menboong. Yoona, you're so pretty. Hyoyeon, that hair color is really unique
(someone): I really like that hair color
Sooyoung: That hair color's really nice, but we couldn't see it a lot
Tiffany: Because (something) is really hard, right?
Taeyeon: Cobra dance
Yuri: People named it the 'cobra dance', and I think it suits it really well, right?
(someone): The mesh on your stomach stands out
Tiffany: Sooyoung looks like she's really somewhere in Brooklyn, NY.
Taeyeon: In the streets
Yuri: I'm on now
Taeyeon: You're very kitschy(? I think?)
(someone): The peak of being kitschy
Taeyeon: Ah, she's kitschy, our maknae. She's so kitschy
(someone): Kitty
Taeyeon: She's a cat
[in video] Jessica: Fourth album, I Got A Boy, look forward to it
(girls): Yes, okay
Tiffany: I want to eat [the cotton candy], too
Sooyoung: The time then was...
Taeyeon: 5am. Or was it 6am
Tiffany: Our star of the show, the highlight
(someone): 'Why were you late'
Seohyun: The guy must be scared to do anything
Yoona: We have to do 'hwaiting' before a group dance.
Sooyoung: The situation at that time...
Tiffany: Reporter Yuri
Sooyoung: As I was wearing a jumpsuit, a tack that was on my necklace fell into my jumpsuit, and was found in my calf region.
Taeyeon: Was it dangerous?
Sooyoung: Yes
Tiffany: Our maknae's hair was like Snoop Dogg's.
Sooyoung: Aigo, that's my Girls' Generation (like saying, 'atta girl')
(someone, maybe Yoona?): It was really tiring that day
Yuri: Was it 3 in the morning, we were still filming like this.
Hyoyeon: For three or four days?
Taeyeon: This must have been when we were done
Yuri: It's over, it's over.
Seohyun: I'm happy watching now
Tiffany: It was a really happy moment
Taeyeon: How many days did we film the music video?
Tiffany: We filmed for four days
Yuri: Four days (…) Are/were you tired?
Hyoyeon: That was fun
Tiffany: This was our first time watching this, so I think we really paid attention to it.
Taeyeon: We watched the making video, is there, by any chance, anything more that you recall?
Tiffany: Seohyun's hair
Sooyoung: Seo-noop Dogg?
Seohyun: That's when I got that nickname
all: Seo-noop Dogg.
Sooyoung: Are you inclined to do that on stage once?
Seohyun: Of course. When I wear that outfit, I will do it. Look forward to it
Tiffany: We will
Sooyoung: Then, Snoop Dogg be featuring will be featuring for that stage…
Yoona: Wow
Taeyeon: Sounds good
Tiffany: Sooyoung said it
Taeyeon: Since we've done the first topic, should we go on to the next one?
Sooyoung: The second talk topic: Girls' Generation, I'm curious about this
Taeyeon: People are sending things they are curious about us through SNS and the On Air player chat box right now. This is a time where we choose and answer some of them.
Yuri: Sounds like fun
Seohyun: I'm curious
Taeyeon: This is the charm of live broadcasts. Being able to (basically) converse with you all
Sooyoung: Not one directioned, but double. We are double-directioned, viewable radio. The first question, what you sent us… Hyoyeon, are you having fun?
Hyoyeon: Yes. It's fun. The MC(-ing) is really nice.
Sooyoung: First question-- why is my nose running.
Taeyeon: Will you introduce it?
Sooyoung: Girls' Generation members, what do you really think is the reason behind you not gaining weight?
Jessica: I think the manager oppa arranges our schedules like that.
Hyoyeon: So you don't gain weight
Jessica: He holds schedules in a way that we can't gain weight, so thank you very much. He's right here, everyone
Sooyoung: He's here in a position as if he's watching TV at home, lying down in front of us. Whenever we make dangerous remarks, he said he'd raise the rabbit doll. The rabbit was raised once, telling us to hurry and end [this conversation]. He's about to debut worldwide
Taeyeon: Everyone, everyone, you saw him, right?
Sooyoung: This is almost like the highlight of today's broadcast
Seohyun: He probably had no idea he would be on camera
Taeyeon: Also, the reason why Girls' Generation doesn't gain weight. Rather than saying we don't gain weight, of course, if we're careless, we can gain weight. But, we move that much more, and, I think the biggest reason is that we talk a lot.
Sooyoung: I think it plays a big part
Taeyeon: 'body gag' (I guess think of slapstick comedy)
Yuri: And, don't we laugh really, really, really a lot together?
Taeyeon: We do. Everyone, if you laugh, you lose weight
Sooyoung: Seriously, if you're with these girls, you end up laughing like crazy
Taeyeon: Should we try laughing?
Sooyoung: This isn't funny?
Yoona: Look at Sunny unnie
Sunny: What is that? What is this?
Taeyeon: The next question has arrived. Dancing Queen was in 3rd place on the music show yesterday. Imagine that IGAB and Dancing Queen goes up as possible winners, and give an early winning speech as if you won with one of the songs.
Sooyoung: Sunny should do this one. It's out of the blue, right? It's because I don't think Sunny talked a lot
Yuri: Who might be the winner of the second week of January -drumroll- GIrls' Generation's IGAB! Congratulations, give us a winning speech.
Sunny: -Doosh-
Sooyoung: 'Doosh'?
Sunny: Thank you…
Yuri: I'm sorry, but we're out of time. It's live so make it short please.
Sunny: Thank you, to the staff who helped Girls' Generation. And SONE, thank you~
Hyoyeon: Do you not see us?
Sunny: I'm speaking as the representative of Girls' Generation. It'd be weird if I say thanks to Girls' Generation when I'm in Girls' Generation.
Sooyoung: Still, you could be thankful to your members, but…
Seohyun: That's mean, [Sunny] unnie.
Sunny: Alright, fine. I'm not thankful
Sooyoung: Next question: Girls' Generation members have been sending hearts every day through a mobile game, starting on New Years day. Who is the expert of gaming amongst your members?
Seohyun: One, two, three--
All: Sunny
Hyoyeon: Yoona?
Sooyoung: Taeyeon Yoona?
Sunny: The best players vary depending on the game.
Sooyoung: What's your specialty, Sunny?
Sunny: Do I just say it here? The one where you ride a dragon (DragonFlight), and there's something like juju.
Sooyoung: Zoo Zoo Club? (pretty sure she was referring to an old show)
Sunny: There's something like that
Tiffany: You're good at that game where you build a world, too
Hyoyeon: What's Yoona good at?
Sunny: One that everyone plays
Yoona: There's a game that has 5 different games in one (모두의 게임)
Sooyoung: When I looked, archery was your specialty, right?
Yoona: Archery, and there are these balloons. There's something where, of the flying objects, you only hit the cats and dogs.
Taeyeon: The octopus--
Yoona: You can't hit the octopus! If you hit it, you go back
Sunny: Taeyeon is really good at that game where we talk in and our song comes on.
Taeyeon: Animal-pang
Sooyoung: Ready~go!
Hyoyeon: The most surprising thing, there's a member who just started [playing anipang]. Jessica. But she hides when she plays.
Yuri: But, she's really bad
Hyoyeon: She's really bad at it. She's not just bad, but really~ bad (imitating skit on Gag Concert, Madame Jung).
Jessica: Still, my highest score is 180k.
Hyoyeon: Is that high?
Jessica: Is it not high?
Taeyeon: Good for you (sarcastically)
Sunny: I wanted to send her hearts, so I was looking for Jessica's name, but I had to scroll down endlessly going, "Aigoo, where is Jessica?"
Jessica: Then teach me, everyone.
Sunny: Okay, I will teach you how to carry on combos
Tiffany: Fighting
Taeyeon: We will teach you that at home. If we take a look at the next question: what goes through your head when you finish a full performance?
Yuri: What I think of is when that moment, right when you finish long-distance running at the gym. Like when as soon as you step off after running like crazy, and you taste blood in your throat.
Hyoyeon: That's totally right
Seohyun: And your chest hurts
Yuri: You get really out of breath because we dance so powerfully.
Hyoyeon: That means we worked that hard
Tiffany: I'm proud
Sooyoung: (next question) Acrostic with So-Nyeo-Shi-Dae
Yoona: …will be skipped
Sooyoung: Should we skip it?
(can't her her well, but Sunny mentions how they did it the other day (on Mnet Wide), and that they're probably going to say 'So Jisub' again))
Sooyoung: No, I'll try one.
All: So-
Sooyoung: So-meori guk bab (cow head soup)
Taeyeon: My god
All: Nyeo-
Sooyoung: Yeo gi hana chu ga yo (one more order here)
All: Shi-
Sooyoung: Shigan eopsseu nikkan (because I have no time)
All: Dae-
Sooyoung: Daechoong joo sae yo (give me it however)
Sunny: As expected, shiksin
Seohyun: As expected, something about food
Taeyeon: You did good
Sooyoung: I did, right?
Taeyeon: You're really good
Sooyoung: I guess we should have skipped it
Taeyeon: This is live right now, right?
Sooyoung: Yes, people are leaving us questions through comments
Taeyeon: This is the first time we're using cellphones like this during a broadcast. There are a lot of comments posted. You can see it, right? Read something for us
Yoona: Do I have to read the ID, too?
Taeyeon: You can read it
Yoona: Kkokkoah-nim said: Unnies, do you know you're really pretty and cute~?
All: We know~
Taeyeon: And, IHE-something-something wrote: ㅋㅋ/keke. Yes…
Seohyun: They just laughed?
Taeyeon: They laughed. It means they're enjoying this time with us
Hyoyeon: You're hilarious. She said they're enjoying this time
Taeyeon: Because it's really funny
Sooyoung: Express your current mood in 5 words.
Tiffany: Not me.
Hyoyeon: King wang jjang jo ah (basically saying she really likes it)
(either Tiffany or Sooyoung): Jessica!
Hyoyeon: Not 'pigu wang' (dodgeball king-- old cartoon), 'king wang jjang'
Tiffany: Jessica, 5 words, go.
Jessica: Heol, dae-bak sa-gun.
Yoona: You can't say it like that
Taeyeon: Show us properly
(someone): Do it over
Jessica: Do it with me
Hyoyeon-Jessica: Heol. Daebak sagun
Hyoyeon: You're good at it
Sooyoung: Someone asked which member is most behind in generations. For instance, not being good at using gadgets or something.
Tiffany: She's (Sooyoung) good at using technology.
Taeyeon: Really? Sooyoung is?
Yoona: She makes videos, too
Seohyun: That's right
Hyoyeon: Someone who's, surprisingly, a bit technology stupid is Yuri.
Tiffany: She's sitting deep in her seat
Hyoyeon: Yuri's good at photoshop and stuff, though
Jessica: I was looking elsewhere (to avoid the subject)
Tiffany: Jessica's also a bit..
Yuri (at Jessica): Completely technology stupid. Completely.
Hyoyeon: Totally.
Jessica: I acknowledge this.
Yuri: She's totally bad at games, too
Jessica: i completely acknowledge it.
Taeyeon: Lee Daeong-nim asked: what's a trending phrase that Girls' Generation is pushing these days?
All: Heol! Daebak sagun.
Tiffany: I wish we'd stop saying that.
Taeyeon: A member is stop it
Jessica: Taeyeon, you have something you're pushing.
Taeyeon: I do?
Tiffany: That's right
Yoona: That's right, re-al?
Sooyoung: What is it?
Taeyeon: Re~al?
Sooyoung: Oh, 're-al'?
Taeyeon: There honestly are too many comments right now. There are a lot. How about we pick one person and give them a gift.
Sooyoung: We have to give them an autographed album
Taeyeon: We will give them one.
Hyoyeon: Should we hurry and pick one?
Taeyeon: Let's pick one
Sooyoung: Taengkko-nim asked: Tiffany unnie, why don't you like 'heol daebak sagun'?
Tiffany: It's not that I dislike the phrase 'heol daebak sagun', but our members kind of…
Taeyeon: Does we sound too much like little boys?
Tiffany: They say it in a choding boy's voice
Hyoyeon: You're really good at it
Tiffany: I think I've become like this because I heard it so much
Sooyoung: What's wrong with elementary school boys?
Tiffany: Nothing, but our girls are dressed really pretty, but all of a sudden, they go 'heol daebak sagun'.
Hyoyeon: You do it the best
Yoona: Then we'll do it like, "Heol~ daebak sagun~"
Tiffany: Softly, in a legato manner
Sooyoung: Show us how to do it so it's a desirable 'heol daebak sagun'
Yoona: Heol~ daebak sagun~
Yuri: Aw, it's no fun
Yoona: Heol! Daebak sagun!
Sunny: You're good
Hyoyeon: Let's end daebak sagun here and pick one (winner of the autographed album)
Taeyeon/Sooyoung: Is there a question you remember in particular?
Taeyeon: There are so many, how do we pick just one person? It's impossible. I want to give it to them all
Hyoyeon: That 'ㅋㅋ' person was funny earlier, too. The person who was enjoying this time
Taeyeon: Oh, ㅋㅋ! The person who was enjoying this
Hyoyeon: I think they really were having fun… No?
Taeyeon: How much fun were they having [to write] ㅋㅋ
Yuri: What the heck
Sooyoung: What happened? There was a person who wrote ㅋㅋㅋ extensively? Are we giving that person the autographed CD then?
Taeyeon: That's right!

Part 4
Taeyeon: We will give that person an autographed CD
Hyoyeon: The person who is enjoying this broadcast
Sooyoung: But, can we do that? We said we'd give it to the person who asked a question.
Hyoyeon: Who was there that asked a [memorable] question?
(someone): This, in itself, is heol, daebak sagun.
Taeyeon: Really…
Sooyoung: Either way, it's someone who is enjoying this broadcast.
Taeyeon: Of course
Sooyoung: So we will give it to them. We will send it to them after confirmation
Taeyeon: This isn't LTE, so it's not fast.
Tiffany: It wasn't?
Sooyoung: LTE is the truth.
Taeyeon: We've talked about the second topic now. Should we try to speed things up a bit? The third topic was a really fun one. Girls' Generation's unseen photos, behind stories
Hyoyeon: Sounds like fun
Taeyeon: The thing we've been waiting for is now here.
Yoona: What is that?
Sooyoung: This is a segment prepared for all the people around the world who are watching us right now. Are the pictures ready? We'll talk while looking at the photos.
Taeyeon: It's the first photo
Seohyun: This one's not bad
Yoona: During our music video shoot, it's a photo where we were wearing military look.
Jessica: Next
(picture change)
Taeyeon: Everyone looks like cool unnies (referring to previous picture)
Sooyoung: This photo concept was an 'overdoer'. We said let's take it looking really cool
Tiffany: It's like Girls' Generation's normal, real apperance.
Hyoyeon: I think we take pictures like this often
Tiffany: Yeah, but we never got to reveal it. So I'm happy that we revealed this for the first time.
Taeyeon: For those watching at home, if you like the picture, you can just screencap it.
Hyoyeon: Next
Taeyeon: Next photo?
(picture change)
Hyoyeon: Who is that?
Taeyeon: Hyoyeon and Jessica
Sunny: Hyoyeon looks good. [Your charms] are exploding
Hyoyeon: Are my charms exploding?
Jessica: Were these during streeet?
Hyoyeon: Yes, they were. It's pretty
Sooyoung: Both of you came out really pretty
Hyoyeon: Thank you
Taeyeon: Such kitschy unnies.
(picture change)
Taeyeon: Oh my
Hyoyeon: Sunny, and--
Sunny: There's a little kid there
Hyoyeon: Jessica and Seohyun… Sooyoung, Sooyoung.
Jessica: Sooyoung
Seohyun: That's not me
Tiffany: There's a little kid on the right
Sunny: I really look like a little kid from a neighborhood.
Taeyeon: That hair color is very unique
Sooyoung: Was that hari color self-dyed, too?
Sunny: That one wasn't. That one--
Taeyeon: Was touched by a specialist?
Sunny: Yes. I'm kind of like Einstein, right?
Jessica: It's pretty. It suits you
Sunny: I'm kind of like a cabbage worm, too
(picture change)
Jessica: Who is that in front? Is that you?
Seohyun: This was taken close to the end of our shoot
Yoona: Sooyoung unnie's just lying there.
Hyoyeon: We were trying to take a picture posing stylishly. You can seen Taeyeon, and Sooyoung is lying down cooly
Tiffany: Only I wasn't there
Sooyoung: How about you tell about how you were feeling at this moment? We were so tired that we were trying to do anything to get the mood up, so we decided to try to take a funny picture.
Seohyun: On the 4th, last day
(picture change)
(someone): Pretty
Yuri: This was also the day I had the stye on my eye. We had to shoot, so I just covered it with my hair
Seohyun/Sunny: You can't tell at all
Yuri: I succeeded.
(picture change)
Sooyoung: The picture came out looking really pretty. (referring to Yuri's picture)
Taeyeon: What is this?
(someone): This was in the waiting room
Hyoyeon: I can't tell who is who
Jessica: I really can't tell who is who either
Tiffany: This was on the first day, where we all wore the same coats and wigs. Because all our hair was the same, nobody could tell who was who.
Seohyun: Our manager oppas were confused
Tiffany: The situation seemed funny and cute, so we asked them to take it
Hyoyeon: One side is eating, while the other side is chatting. This is how we usually are in the waiting room
Jessica: The waiting room is quite (something - can't make out what she said)
Hyoyeon: Oh, is that so?
(picture change)
Jessica: What is this one?
Hyoyeon: Who is it?
Yuri: Seohyun and Yuri
Seohyun: It's Yuri unnie.
Jessica: Both? Both photos?
Seohyun: We were 9 twins/nonuplets(?)
Sooyoung: I think you could film something like Women in Black or something.
Seohyun: Sounds good
(picture change)
Yuri: Ah, cute
Hyoyeon: Jessica and--
Seohyun: Fresh fresh
Taeyeon: But that one…
Tiffany: The one on the left
Seohyun: Us three aren't fresh
Yoona: Is that a rock and roll picture?
Taeyeon: A recent trend, rock
Tiffany: I think it was really early/dawn
Yoona: I think we were tired then
Taeyeon: In order to bring the mood up,
Tiffany: You took another funny picture
Taeyeon: Like how you say 'hwaiting!', there are times where we say this-- rock.
(picture change)
Hyoyeon: Tiffany
Yuri: Tiffany and, isn't it Ari?
Tiffany: Yes, Seo Ari. It's a cute dog. It's not a photo that I sent, but thank you
Taeyeon: It's our stylist's dog
Hyoyeon: The one next to it is from when we went to eat
Tiffany: It was Christmas Eve
Jessica: A Christmas party
(someone): In Japan
Sooyoung: I couldn't go that time, because I was sick. [I was at] A hospital in Hokkaido. I was really jealous, was the food good?
(picture change)
Seohyun: It's out-
Tiffany: Not too long ago--
Hyoyeon: Article photo
Tiffany: We were having a pretty news article photoshoot. We were actually the second team, but the first team did really model-like poses, so we were jealous and tried it out.
Seohyun: It's high fashion
Yoona: I think it got shot really well
Seohyun: It looks like a photoshoot
Yoona: The way my hair is flowing
Sooyoung: We said we wanted to take it like models in a funny way.
Taeyeon: High fashion
Sooyoung: We wanted to imitate high fashion, but Yoona looks like something that could be in a magazine
Tiffany: She really succeeded
Seohyun: But I don't think anyone would know it's you, unnie
Yoona: I don't think they'd know that it's me
Sunny: I was still sick then, but didn't I shoot it well. The title (of her pose) was 'If I Was Taller'.
Sooyoung: Sunny's 'If I Was Taller'
Taeyeon: It's lethal
(picture change)
Tiffany: This is what an example of a team that did well looks like
Taeyeon: You really look hungry
Hyoyeon: There's one more other than this
(picture change)
Hyoyeon: Yuri is really High Cut
Sooyoung: We were really taking article photos, and thought we were taking them a bit boringly, so we decided to try to be funny. This is the result of deciding to take model
Hyoyeon: It's stylish
Yoona: There are a lot of these kinds of pictures
Seohyun: There are a lot
Tiffany: We couldn't reveal them, but give them love (or something like that)
Hyoyeon: I want to zoom in on Yuri's face
Yoona: It's going to be zoomed in as a capture
Yuri: Stop it~!
(picture change)
Yoona: 'I'm not a human' (imitating a character, Gyaru San, from Gag Concert)
Sooyoung: Choco Boy (crackers)
Taeyeon: If you look at the jacket photo for this album, and it's here on this cushion, too.
Tiffany: Young prince
Yoona: It's cute
Seohyun: It was a transformation
Taeyeon: It's a bowl-cut
Seohyun: Gold bowl cut?
Hyoyeon: It's not easy for anyone to pull off.
Yoona: You went around imitating Gyaru San all day
(picture change)
Taeyeon: It's Seohyun
Hyoyeon: Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Sunny
Yoona: Cute
Hyoyeon: It's cute
Taeyeon: When was this?
Sunny: At the music video filming set
Seohyun: I was practicing by myself (guitar picture)
(picture change)
Tiffany: So pretty
Hyoyeon: It's a group shot
Seohyun: This one was…
Jessica/Sooyoung/Tiffany: This was also at the music video set
Jessica: This was when we were preparing for the album, right?
Taeyeon: We take lots of pictures in our spare time.
Seohyun: We take a lot
(picture change)
(someone): Look at the glasses
Tiffany: You look cool
Seohyun: The sunglasses are pretty
Sooyoung: I think anything suits you well, Taeyeon.
Taeyeon: I was thinking of shaving my head
All: No no no
Yuri: Don't do that
Sooyoung: You musn't
Taeyeon: I've never seen this side of my members (I think?)
Sooyoung: Did your feelings get hurt?
(picture change)
Hyoyeon: It's cute
Taeyeon: Yuri, it's Yuri
Yoona: You have to reveal a different photo
Tiffany: Let's be satisfied with this
Sunny: This is enough
Yuri: Let's go to the next one
(picture change)
Sooyoung: Ah, this one is--
Yuri: Look at her facial expression
Sooyoung: This was when we went to the Burberry event in Hong Kong, I was getting off the escalator to get on the red carpet, but my heel got stuck in the escalator
Taeyeon: You only hear about things like that
Sooyoung: So Yuri was walking towards the red carpet, and my heel fell out, and I got flustered. I walked somehow and got to the red carpet. I didn't think it would be noticeable, but it was posted on the front page of a portal site the next day.
Tiffany: But it feels like we earned the great Burberry coats in our music video, so thank you.
Sooyoung: That day, with Christopher Bailey, CB, we made a deal saying, 'Give us Burberry coats.'
Seohyun: Really?
Sooyoung: 'Just 9 coats.'
(picture change)
Hyoyeon: I really don't take selcas. This was my first time taking it in about 30 or so years.
(I think Seohyun): How old are you?
Hyoyeon: I'm not sure
Sunny: What am I going to do with you
Hyoyeon: I took it with macarons. I took it with that person (Macaron, lol)
(picture change)
Yoona: I took it during the music video shoot
Hyoyeon: Gwiyomi
Sooyoung: What do you think when you look in the mirror, Yoona?
Yoona: Uhm…
Taeyeon: "I'm so pretty"?
Yoona: No, I just look at myself
Tiffany: He's so pretty I could die~ (IGAB lyrics)
Yoona: I really don't. There are times where I look weird, and others where I look pretty.
(picture change)
Sooyoung (to Yoona): That's enough. Thank you
Tiffany: This was taken together on Christmas Eve
Hyoyeon: Who sent this in? I came out looking really ugly
(picture change)
Taeyeon: This is also lethal
Sooyoung: Who is that person that's sprawled out?
Taeyeon: Hyoyeon
Tiffany: She's doing a great pose, stretching
Sooyoung: As expected, she's charming
(picture change)
Tiffany: This was also a fun cut
Taeyeon: It would have been so much nicer if the pictures were a bit more organized. A concept that showed up earlier is coming out again now
Yuri: Another another
(picture change)
Sooyoung: Now, starting here…
Hyoyeon: Which is this?
Taeyeon: This is from our first broadcast
Hyoyeon: You're right
Taeyeon: Just yesterday
Hyoyeon: Taeyeon is… the crown of my head
Tiffany: I'm sad that I couldn't send any pictures now because my phone's been acting up. I had a lot that I had taken.
Yuri: There should be a lot of chances
Tiffany: I will [send some] on our next opportunity
(picture change)
Sooyoung: Now, makeup-less faces!
Sunny: Who sent this in?!
Jessica; This was Yoona
Yoona: The person said they were curious, so I showed them makeup-less faces
(someone): Of course you can't
Sunny: Just because you came out pretty
Taeyeon: You can't just pass over this
Seohyun: Turn back time
Taeyeon: What is that white thing?
Sooyoung: This day was Yuri's birthday
Tiffany: But the star of the night was Seohyun
Sooyoung: Seohyun appeared carrying the cake, wearing a facial mask. I remember everyone got scared thinking it was Casper
Seohyun: I really didn't expect this to be revealed.
Taeyeon: A lot of photos just got revealed, and they were all photos we took during our spare time while preparing for our album. So, we thought it could become of some enjoyment for you all
Sunny: We wanted to share it with everyone
Taeyeon: Yes, so we revealed them. Now… Sooyoung?
Sooyoung: Yes, now…
Taeyeon: This is awkard
Sooyoung: I know. It feels like we need an official MC
Taeyeon: It's been so long since I stopped DJing.
Sooyoung: Aw our, chinhan chingoo (/best friend)! I miss Taeng DJ. It's something I always feel, but time really flies when we spend it with you guys. What time is it now?
Yoona: 9pm
Sooyoung 9pm. It's already time for Girls' Generation's viewable radio to end
Tiffany: Already?
Taeyeon: Then, before we close out, since it is January, let's name things Girls' Generation members wish for this year.
Hyoyeon: Then starting from Jessica?
Jessica: New year wish? I always say it, but having a solo concert in Korea.
Hyoyeon: If you want a solo concert, you have to be healthy. I wish soshi is healthy.
Yuri: For me, since they named a solo concert and health, I want to go overseas with Girls' Generation for a photoshoot or just to vacation.
Yoona: This is hard. If we want to have a photoshoot and go on vacation, we need to earn money. No, I want have some composure and wish that things we want all work out.
Taeyeon: If you want to have a concert, be healthy, go on vacation, and have things work out well, it doesn't work with just us. I hope all our staff, family, friends, and fans are all healthy.
Sooyoung: If you want to have a solo concert, go on an overseas vacation, have some composure, be healthy, and people around you to be happy, you need to be able to work for a living. CFs. For the year, I wish many advertising deals would come in
Tiffany: (same thing, naming everything said before, I don't wanna type it out again D;) Girls' Generation's IGAB needs to become a hit. I wish IGAB becomes the representative song of 2013.
Sunny: I wish there will be more meetings where we can see our fans from up-close like this
Seohyun: For me…
Hyoyeon: Did you memorize it all?
Seohyun: I wish all my unnies' wishes come true
Sooyoung: Our Seohyun is a genie
Sunny: Our maknae, our maknae (while patting her head)
Sooyoung: Seohyun is our genie in a magic lamp
Seohyun: Is that so?
Sooyoung: The time we prepared today ends here. Girls' Generation's V Concert in light of the release of IGAB. Thank you very much to all our fans and citizens who came all the way out here today despite the cold weather. And, the reason why this meeting was possible was because of the cooperation with the Gangnamgu office, so thank you once again.
Taeyeon: GIve Girls' Generation's I Got A Boy lots of love, and we will work hard to show you good appearances. Everyone, give us lots of love.
All: Right now is, Girls' Generation. From now on, Girls' Generation. Forever, Girls' Generation 

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