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Thursday, January 24, 2013

130124 [News] CNBLUE revealed their honest feelings about Girls' Generation's 'I Got a Boy'

CNBLUE revealed their honest feelings about Girls' Generation's 'I Got a Boy'.

CN Blue members expressed their different opinions about Girls Generation's 4th album 'I Got a Boy' during the press conference for 'Re: Blue' at FNC’s headquarters at Cheongdam-dong on January 21.

Jung Yong Hwa expressed, "It is my personal opinion but, I really like SNSD's song. I think only SNSD can pull off that song. And it is, as they are SNSD, they can challenge new stuff. That sort of music is something you can't make even if you want to."

Jung Yong Hwa explains, "As a composer myself, I felt that it is really new. I think because it is a dramatic song, there are some people who experience difficulties (or who think it is a difficult song), but I think, it is really something they can do as they are SNSD."

Lee Jung Shin also mentioned, "Billboard picked SNSD's I Got a Boy as the most progressed pop [song]. I thought, 'If it is not SNSD, then who can challenge that song?' We also got to think about this and that. It is a unique song."

But Lee Jong Hyun gave a somewhat different opinion. He explains, "The first time when I heard that song, I was like, 'What is it?' But after I watched their stage performance, I felt like 'Oh, these people are really different."

On this Jung Yong Hwa added, "I felt like when every one has black hair, SNSD alone has mint hair."

Meanwhile, CNBLUE released on 14th January their mini-album, 'Re: Blue'. The title song 'I'm Sorry' from CN Blue has an where you can hear intense and powerful rock sound.

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  1. thank you so much for the translation. i love CNSD!! Hope they can collaborate on making a song together..that would be DAEBAK! :)