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Friday, January 25, 2013

130125 [Video/Photo] CNSD At KBS Music Bank

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Family Interview ^^

By justjyh
 YH: Now we're the greenroom MCs, let's meet another nominee, SNSD!
You're nominated this week again, as last week, now please let us--
TF: No no no.
YH: No?
YA: We can't. We SNSD will win just a little bit more then hand it over to CNBLUE, so please take it afterwards.
~Talk about ceremonies~
YH: Yes, we'll be looking forward to it. SNSD, who attempt to win for the third week in a row,
TY: And a poweful contender CNBLUE! Who will take the first place?
Together: Don't miss it!

By justjyh
SY: For today's green room interview, we're meeting with our rival, CNBLUE!
CNBLUE: Hello, we're CNBLUE!
YR: Hello. I heard you'll be performing I"m sorry plugged in, so does that mean we can hear it live?
MH: That's right. We prepared a lot for this cool live stage, so please anticipate it!
SY: Yonghwa ssi, it should feel especially great since your self-composition is nominated for the 1st place.
YH: Yes.
SY: I heard even TVXQ's YNYH wanted to receive your song, is there any singer that you want to give your song to?
YH: I can give it to anyone if they ask.
SY: Won't you give us one, then?
YH: Oh, really? Here you go.
YR: YH, I read an article that you highly praised SNSD's song. Thank you...but it's still a competition, so please say your "declaration of war" to us.
JH: No way, a declaration of war? We're SNSD's fans.
JS: With such lovely SNSD sunbaes,
SY: and CNBLUE's all-live stage that will enrich your ears,
ALL: Just wait a moment~

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  1. Whoa.... The MuBank PD must be a goguma too
    I'm so happy for Yongseo and Jongyoon moment <3

  2. Happpppyyyy to the maxxx. thanks so much MUBANK... Yes i love this 2 couple. YongSeo & JongYoon couple so cute.........

  3. yongseo wave is daebak.!!
    i also love minhyuk big wave to his twin.. :D cute..