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Thursday, January 24, 2013

130124 [Tweet/Fan Account] Seohyun & Guitar : SNSD Fan Signing

Fan Account 

 Tweet & trans by someday ‏@_taedork
  • Seohyun watched a lot of musical recently, Fan asked what musical Seohyun wants to try, she answered Broadway 42nd street.
  • She said she enjoyed the musical and it has a tap dance which she already has learned and she said she wanna try (act) on it...

  • wow Seohyun talked to a japanese fan in japanese and chinese fans in chinese... ppl who heard that wanted to go "oooooh~" lol

Tweet by ihope999
Q. ←이 복근 언제 또볼수있어요? 1) 곧 2) 조만간 3)빠른 시일 안에 4) ? /4번에동그라미 / 왜 물음표? / 궁금해하세요~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Trans by ch0sshi
fan asked seohyun 'when can we see these abs again? (from her concept photo)', 1) soon, 2) near future, 3) shortly, 4) ?. seohyun put a circle around the 4) ?. when asked why the question mark, seohyun replied, "keep on wondering~"

Tweet by Yurui912

서현 양에게 포스트잇으로 한국 콘서트 계획 물어보니 '비밀'에 체크ㅋ

Trans by ch0sshi

when seohyun was asked about plans for a korea concert on a post-it, she checked 'secret'

[Trans] Fanacc by NEF_con
Trans by SY3SNSD (@SYLoveTY)

When it's almost at the end, Seo and Sunny kept on playing and fighting arond. At last, sunny moved her chair slowly toward Yuri and this shocked Yuri. She moved her chair back after Yuri glanced at her. And at the last, Seo played with Sunny's hair and Sunny kept on made faces at there.

After Yuri drew the dog, i almost laughed since it's too funny. But then Yuri said that it's cute. 

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