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Thursday, January 24, 2013

130124 [Video] CNBLUE comment at A-Kaigishitsu (WMJ youtube program)


Cr : burningnatsu

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YH: Hello, everyone watching A-Kaigishitsu
All: We are CNBLUE.
JH: Looking back on 2012, each of us appeared in drama, and we released albums and held tour. It was a fruitful year.
YH: There was Arena Tour, too!
JH: Yes~
YH: As our first Arena tour, we felt nervous to perform at such big venues, but we were impressed that so many people came to see!
YH: On 19 December, "Robot" was released! (clap)
JH: The lead track "Robot" is a song that cynically describes people nowadays' trouble that they can't realize their dream in spite of their own lives.
YH: Although my body is only one, I..
(MH: Have to)
YH: ..Have to do many things.. a robot..
(JH: am I)
YH: am I a robot? with this thought, I wrote the song.
JH: Yes.
YH: In 2013, what we personally want to do is.. I want to go traveling. I want to do snowboarding in Hokkaido.
JH: I'm very impressed by hot spring/spa in Niigata that we went on the last tour, so I want to go again~.
MH: It is still about my work, but I want to improve drums more!
YH: In 2013, too, we'd like to do many live concerts and make opportunities to see you!
JH: In 2013 too, Yoroshiku onegai shimasu (let's keep good relationship each other/ we hope for your continuous love and support)
All: This has been CNBLUE! Thank you.


 CNBLUE - 6 min and above

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