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Thursday, January 24, 2013

130124 [Video] SNSD : MBC Radio Star

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 130123 MBC Radio Star Full Show SNSD by J magnet:?xt=urn:btih:ABC9CB8A0D360C43BD6BFE5F488177EF72C0E7EF

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Cr : bug fany

Partial transcript
From @ch0sshi live tweet

yoon jongshin sings ‘girls’ generation’/kyuhyun: stop singing it in such an old manner(?);;;

[trans] yoon jongshin said they didn't think sooyoung would come on (this was when the scandal first broke out)/sooyoung: I went through a lot of hardships... didn't i lose some weight?/kyuhyun: you look the same as you did 7 years ago.

(...) yoon jongshin: wonbin's management company handled it wrongly. they said that wonbin doesn't even know who snsd is

(...) sooyoung said some of the negative comments online consisted of like, 'why would a god (wonbin) date a mortal'

[trans] yuri said she named wonbin as her ideal type, but the next morning she saw sooyoung-wonbin and asked her if it's real //they sald to make gifs of wonbin cleaning a window so it's 'yuri-wonbin'.. wonbin with a ring so it's 'tiffany-wonbin' (her brighter than gems thing).. kyuhyun: have wonbin with a calm expression, and it's taeyeon-wonbin (tae yeon also means calm in korean)

[trans] kyuhyun: i’ve never dated before/jessica: that’s a problem/there’s something wrong with you

[trans] keep saying how kyuhyun named seohyun as his ideal type...mentioned how they did a duet together in concert //sunny: i had a kiss and bed scene with you [kyuhyun], but you two were going out -seohyun denying everything-/hyoyeon: do you hate him that much, seohyun?

so kyuhyun really did have a couple drinks, was asked who his ideal type is, and he said if he had to choose, seohyun is closest

apparently sooyoung has her mom set as ‘jo insung’ in her phone.. taeyeon said it’s so your heart flutters whenever you get a call;;

[trans] mc: taeyeon bursts out laughing whenever yoo seyoon says something/yoo seyoon: does she feel sorry for me?/taeyeon said she cries a lot when she laughs/mc: you're not sad about anything lately are you?/taeyeon: no

[trans] MCs said kyuhyun and seohyun are the only ones who are awkward rn.. jessica: seohyun and kyuhyun are just awkward people/kyuhyun: you don’t even know me, jessica

sooyoung leaving for another schedule. apparently all her questions are on the back of the cue cards/syoung said she’ll come back another time if she doesn’t get to answer them all

[trans] MC said hyoyeon goes to all events without any complaints. asking if it's for the money?
hyoyeon said she enjoys the ride going to the events, no matter how far. she likes going to the rest stops and the scenery

[trans] MC commented that they should really date
yoona: i/we really want to.
hyoyeon said they talk a lot about who they want to date and whatnot... but that she doesn't know how much she should talk about it since they're idols. if they say too much they might get caught and whatnot.
MC: does the company stop you from dating?
jessica: they don't, but it's not like just because we see suju all the time, that we're going to date them. right, kyuhyun?
kyuhyun: right.. (while dropping his pen, lol)

they said if a member were to get married like sunye is, they would still be a member. there wouldn't be any leaving of members.

[trans] mc asked what they think of dating openly (revealing it). they said they prefer hiding their relationships //yoon jongshin: you're hiding it rn already, right?

[trans] they said jessica has her own kind of 'restrained aegyo' //jessica said it only does it when she's in a really good mood.

MC: were you satisfied that you beat yoona [in drama ratings]?/MC: i heard yoona punched the mirror. rofl;;

[trans] MC: yuri beat yoona in ratings and kiss scenes… yoona: are you happy? lol;;

talking about public baths… MCs trying to compare it from men’s public baths and women’s;;;

talk of public baths was brought up bc of something yoona said it the past about wanting to go the men’s public bath if she were invisible

[trans] jessica said that if she were invisible, she wants to go where there are a lot of people.
sunny said she wants to go on a date if she were invisible//MC: the boyfriend will be looking around for you... she'll be wrinkling her nose not knowing she's invisible/MC: her boyfriend would have to touch her nose to know that she's doing it

[trans] yoona said she's auditioned about 100 times for CFs and such... she said she went to an audition once, and as soon as she went in, they told her to just act like she's shopping...

MCs are adding in little things to go along with that now. first was like 'loathe the dress you were checking'

yuri said she went in for an audition and they told her to act like she is washing her hair

yoona: i had to act like i was eating ramen before, too./yoo seyoon: can you loathe the ramen you're eating once? and then act sexy

[trans] mc: jessica was in a soccer club/team?/jessica: this is so new (sarcastically)/MCs said this is the first time hearing a tone like this from a guest //jessica said talk about this came about when they first debuted, and the company told her to stop bc she might get hurt/injure her face

mc: so why are you so bad at pitching then? //jessica said she was nervous and the ball slipped

[trans] jessica said when she was in 45th in 2011, she was just like, 'that's interesting', but when she was in 5th last year, she was like, "huh?"

yuri was chosen as the best body amongst foreigners/tiffany: yuri's good at all exercises //yuri said she does weight training and yoga the most -shows it once-/jessica: that's incredible/you're good //yoo seyoon picked on how she said it. it was so like, robotic(?)/jessica said she was being sincere bc she lacks in flexibility

soonkyu’s nickname=soolkyu (sool=alcohol)

kyuhyun said he honestly thinks sunny can drink/handle ~3 bottles of soju. she said she likes somaek (soju+beer mixed)

[trans] yoo seyoon: who do you think lacks the most in singing? (+kyuhyun looks at hyoyeon)
hyoyeon: why are you looking at me for? i practiced a lot/yoona: she's good at singing
hyoyeon said she thought like, since she doesn't sing a lot she thought she's bad at singing. and she thought like, am i not supposed to sing? (she talked really fast)
yoo seyoon: are you Outsider?

[trans] the thing that tiffany like, hates(?) doing is ordering room service for her members when they go overseas.. kyuhyun: how bad are your members at speaking english?/hyoyeon: it's not that, but tiffany orders really good food/mc asked if hyoyeon does any ordering of room service/hyoyeon: i tell them to do it themselves.

[trans] apparently seohyun’s been “blacklisted” at the airport bc of cherry tomatoes she had.. she originally brought some to eat at the airport, so she told the bag check she had no food. she fell asleep/forgot about the tomatoes, and a dog smelled it in her carrier. so they questioned why she lied about it earlier, etc. and so she's basically been "blacklisted" and they ask if she has food/whatever

[trans] hyoyeon said the other members, like yoona, is close with lee jongseok, too.. mc: lee jongseok said he wants to get close with jessica though/hyoyeon: i don’t care if he does or not

[trans] talking about how taeyeon gets piercings to rid herself of stress… girls said Radio Star is good at cg, so they wanted them to put piercings on her face and stuff. (caption said they tried it, but it didn't look that great so they got rid of it)

taeyeon said she gets more stressed out when resting, bc it's like having more time to think and whatnot

seohyun said she wants to grid down her elbows (so they aren't so 'sharp') bc she keeps hitting her members;;;

[trans] MCs said seohyun drives her members crazy.. jessica: there are a lot of times, how exactly (are you talking about)? //she mentioned how seohyun sings a lot in the car, like the song they have to sing that day. how she constantly sings the same thing. hyoyeon said she sometimes feels like seohyun doesn't even know she exists as her roommate;;;

MCs mentioned how lee teuk cares for seohyun a lot. taeyeon said even their managers praise the maknae

MCs brought up how eunhyuk said it was uber awkward being at seohyun's birthday party... kyuhyun said he got a text from seohyun asking 'are you free tomorrow'? and he said he was thinking of letting her down easy... but changmin asked him f he was going to her birthday party, too. turns out all suju members got the text //seohyun said she wasn't close with eunhyuk at the time, but he was the first one who showed up. he asked her, "i'm here. you're going to pay for my valet parking, right?", but nobody else showed up for 30 min;;;

[trans] hyoyeon said they usually have their hair fixated before getting on stage. but for this promo, jessica wouldn't shake her head a lot... //jessica: hyoyeon, i had a headache then/hyoyeon said she thinks it would look cool/good if jessica were to do it enthusiastically

jessica told sunny to stop drinking so much. and that they should think about their health now

sunny said she wants taeyeon to stop like, doing things like listening to sad music when she's sad/despressed. she said to come to her when she feels sad... have a drink, lol. sunny said she'll act cute for her and stuff

taeyeon told yoona to stop blaming herself and stuff

yoona to yuri.... mc: stop doing dramas //yoona said she wants yuri like, stop trying to a perfectionist? (i didn't hear it well)

yuri to tiffany... tiffany: bbuing bbuing~/yuri: don't do that

(didn't really hear yuri-tiffany/tiffany-seohyun)

seohyun said there's nothing she wants hyoyeon to fix, and that she learns a lot from her. 

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